Jason and David Benham – Liberty University Convocation
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Jason and David Benham – Liberty University Convocation

November 20, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Let’s just welcome home,
welcome home Jason and David Benham, everybody. What a great honor and a privilege to have
you brothers back on campus. I know you’re both Liberty grads and man, just to watch
how God has raised you up from people sitting on section whatever you sat on all the way
down to now just having been ->>DAVID BENHAM: 108.>>NASSER: What?>>D. BENHAM: Section 108.>>NASSER: Is that where you were?>>JASON BENHAM: No, no, no, it was ->>NASSER: Where you at Section 108?>>J. BENHAM: I think it was up there.>>NASSER: Where were you sitting?>>J. BENHAM: It was 113.>>NASSER: Wow. They don’t sit all the twins
together? Okay. Man, just to watch like how the Lord has just from those days prepared
you and then raised you into such a public platform of just testimony, such a visible
arrow for His glory. It’s just been amazing. And so, obviously if you’re not – I don’t
know where you’ve been living if you’re not familiar with the Benham brothers, but we’re
talking here to two incredible entrepreneurs, two men who are not just real estate tycoons
but guys who dress well and I think you’ve been working out a little bit, doing a little
CrossFit. I just want you to know, I don’t even have to work out to get what I get.>>J. BENHAM: You got some nice boots.>>NASSER: This is all natural. There’s no
creatine here; this is all natural. Don’t be jealous.>>J. BENHAM: I couldn’t rock those boots.>>NASSER: I know you can’t, buddy.>>J. BANHAM: Those are awesome.>>NASSER: Thank you, buddy. You’re tall,
I got to have, like, platforms just to try to get where you – pray for me. Would you
pray for me?>>J. BENHAM: I would.>>NASSER: Which one are you? Are you Larry
or Bob?>>D. BENHAM: You can direct some of the prayer
warriors up here, this direction.>>NASSER: That’s right.>>D. BENHAM: Right over here.>>NASSER: They told me they were going to
mess with me. I told them I’m an Iranian, and so I’ll mess with you later. I have people.
I have people.>>J. BENHAM: We were just at the Value Voter’s
Summit; there was probably 360 – we have some peeps over here I think that we spent some
time with. There’s about 360 media there, and we came right out of the gate and said,
“We’re dangerous guys. We love Jesus. We have shopped at Hobby Lobby – well maybe he has.
We’ve eaten Chick-fil-A, we watch Duck Dynasty and we graduated from the greatest university
of all time, Liberty University. And ->>NASSER: That is red meat to the conservative
right, bro.>>J. BENHAM: And I said my brother and I
taking this strong stand, it didn’t you know, obviously it was our fear of God, but it was
also our fear that Dr. Falwell’s going to come out of the grave and spank us. We didn’t
want that to happen, so we knew we needed to stand pretty strong on that.>>D. BENHAM: He used to get on us all the
time about shaving and Jason and I were walking out of the – we’re actually staying at the
Montview Mansion; I can’t believe it. I feel so disrespectful, you know, that’s where Dr.
Falwell’s office is, and I walked in there and saw my baseball bat in there. I was shocked.
I gave him my baseball bat 13 years ago and he still had it sitting there on his desk,
so that’s a little dangerous and I ->>J. BENHAM: Let me – I’m going to interrupt
him for one second. You know – DAVID BANHAM: We haven’t shaved, so we’d get
in big trouble.>>J. BENHAM: I look at you guys wearing whatever
you want to Convocation, and I was thinking about that this morning. I got out and I watched
the blood moon. Did you guys see that this morning? Wasn’t that crazy? I tweeted it,
so go check it out. I was watching the blood moon and the thought crossed my mind, all
these students get a chance to wear t-shirts and jeans and whatever they want to class
and I’m not really happy with that, and then the thought hit me: I slept in the Mansion.
And not a single one of you have ever done that. So we got that on you. You can wear
all the t-shirts you want.>>NASSER: You don’t know that, bro. I have.
I’ve slept in the mansion.>>D. BENHAM: You have?>>NASSER: Yes. But, man, like just to watch
you guys just be raised up in that position and not just as business guys but guys who
got, you know, obviously I think you represent well, you’re definitely worth watching as
a life. I mean, goodness, you got like a huge – both of you have like a bunch of kids; you
should be Catholic, I mean you got so many kids. And so obviously HGTV comes your way,
they say, “Let’s develop a show, just a seat into – a window into your life called “Flip
It Forward.” Everything’s going really great, it just feels like, “Wow, God’s about to give
us even more opportunity to really boast on Him.” And then take us through that process,
what that was like, and then how it came to a screeching halt. We’d love to hear a little
bit more, just, like, beyond the headlines what all went on with that.>>D. BENHAM: Well I’ll jump back real quick,
let me go back two years before all of this started. In 2012, Jason and I were at the
height of our business career. We had a hundred offices, 35 states. Dr. Falwell taught when
we were here if it’s Christian, it ought to be better, so we built a real estate company
and we always had that in the back of our head, “If it’s Christian it ought to be better.”
And so in 2012, I don’t know if you remember, but the Democratic National Convention came
to Charlotte, and God laid it on our hearts to host a solemn assembly the night before
in Verizon Wireless Amphitheater of the Church of Charlotte before the convention opens.
Now we didn’t – it wasn’t a real popular thing to do amongst 1,300 churches in our city,
but 150 churches showed up, nine thousand folks, and we got on our faces before God
and we repented of our sins and in the context of that I specifically spoke – my mouth is
the one that got us in trouble – I specifically spoke about the difference between sinners,
which we all are: adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, murderers, you name it, we’re sinners.
And there’s always forgiveness for sinners. But there’s an agenda that is attached to
homosexuality called “The Homosexual Agenda” and so we isolated that off and said, “That
is something that is a place of dominion and authority where Satan has stepped into our
culture and seeks dominion through that agenda in every sphere.” In entertainment, in media,
in higher education, in government, I mean, unless we have our head buried under a rock
we see this. So I spoke to that.>>NASSER: You spoke to that, though, not
in the context of a political rally but in the context of ->>D. BENHAM: A prayer service.>>NASSER: – a posture of prayer and intercession.>>D. BENHAM: We were on our faces before
God and we said, “If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray,
seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their
sin and heal their land.” It was in that context I was speaking, so I was on a radio show and
then two months later a production company reached out to us and said, “You guys want
to be on reality TV?” Jason’s like, “Yeah, I want to be on reality TV!”>>J. BENHAM: The call was more like, “We
like the guy Jason, maybe David could come along as well.>>D. BENHAM: Yeah.>>J. BENHAM: That’s more what it was like.>>D. BENHAM: Until they took the interview
and they realized, “Okay, yeah, we got something with David, but Jason maybe he’ll just tag
along. So we took an interview with them, then they interview our wives and our wives
are over here with our nine little kiddos, Lori is my wife in the blue necklace there
and then Tori, Jason’s wife, and his daughter’s frowning now.>>J. BENHAM: Now I made it all the way through
Liberty without a girlfriend. I did. And I, you know, I thought that there was some little
misfit here for me but there was not and if I could go back 20 years ago and talk to myself
sitting in Section 113 I’d say, “Hey, that’s your wife,” and I would say, “Thank you, God.
Thank you.”>>D. BENHAM: So then they came to us – production
company came to us. Let me get us back on track here; let’s focus. So they came to us,
production company says to us, “We’d like to interview.” They did a series of interviews,
they said, “Okay, what we want to do is do a sizzle clip.” It was a three-minute clip,
we didn’t know what a sizzle was. They took it to Los Angeles, five networks wanted it.
So A&E was interested, Spike, MTV, TLC. TLC made us our first offer – and then HG came
in and made us an unprecedented offer. They said, “We’re bypassing a pilot, we’re taking
you straight to series because we see something in you. We see that you guys, you love your
wives, you got kids, you live on the same street, and there’s this faith element,” and
if you look in America right now, we just got contacted by a major network last week
that said, “Will you please come on our show?” Now of course we saw the show, we were like,
“We’re not going on that show,” but they said they want a moral compass. And it’s really
interesting that there’s a desire there and it’s up to the church to be salt and light.
So anyway, let me get back to the story. So HGTV then goes and does a background check
on us and they saw some of the articles that were written on us by Right Wing Watch, and
Right Wing Watch basically, I mean they didn’t really provide any analysis, they just simply
said what I said and I said, “Amen, I stand by it 100 percent.” And HG said, “You know
what, you guys aren’t haters, and we’re going to go ahead and sign you to the contract.”
So then we signed the contract, so we signed after everything had happened. Fast-forward
six or seven months. We’re in pre-production now, we’re setting to air six one-hour episodes,
we’re in the middle of production, they start airing commercials now. Buddies of ours are,
you know, shooting us pictures from the television. They’re airing commercials and then they said,
“We’re going to announce your show at New York City, a thing called the Upfronts, where
you see the Duck Dynasty guys where they’re there with all the banners in the back. Those
are up-fronts where they’re kind of showing off their talent trying to get advertisers
to come and advertise for shows. Well GLAAD, Gays and Lesbians Against Anti-Defamation,
was at the New York City up-fronts. They found out the Benham brothers were going to be on
HGTV, so GLAAD called HGTV and basically said, “We’re going to inform you of what kind of
men these are.”>>J. BENHAM: I think they said, “No you didn’t.”
That’s what they said.>>D. BENHAM: Yeah, they were really upset
about that, so HG calls us and says, “Listen, guys, we’ve got a few months before the show
is supposed to air and we’re getting a lot of heat from GLAAD.” So we had a series of
conversations – this is about three weeks before we got fired – a series of conversations
and the ultimate conversation came. We were sitting at a steak house, at Fleming’s,
in Charlotte, North Carolina about a week before we got fired and – yeah, Fleming’s
is fantastic – and Jason and I are sitting there, and our show, our producer says to
us, “guys, we’re following your Twitter account, we’re following Facebook now and we noticed
that you’re Christians and you talk about your faith and that’s fine. But you talk about
controversial issues, specifically gay marriage and abortion.” And they said, “We’re just
asking if you guys would just kind of stop, you know. Just don’t say anything right there.”
And it was that point where Jason leans in and he says, “Okay, let me ask you this question.
If I take my Bible and open to 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9, 10, and 11” – which is
a great verse of hope because it’s a fantastic verse that gives us all hope, but it also
outlines, you know, “do you not know that the unrighteous, the unholy, the sexually
immoral” – fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, thieves – “will not inherit the Kingdom of
God? But such were some of you.” Jason said, “Can I read that and not offer any opinion
and actually close my Bible and will that be okay with you?” And the producer just sits
there and he just leans back in his seat and he just goes – . And we knew at that point,
“All right, the battle is on. what are we going to do?” We were sitting there with an
opportunity. Then the general manager called us and we’re sitting there with the opportunity
to basically back off or stand strong and we’re going to tell you a little bit in a
minute of the Scriptures that helped us stand strong, but it was at that moment Jason then
leaned in and said, “We’re not bowing to any agenda. We are going to speak the truth of
God. We’re going to do it in love because if we don’t do it in love then we should not
even be speaking.” And so, but we are not going to back off where we feel that Satan
has dominion in our nation today. And it was at that point we knew it was just a matter
of time before we got fired, we just didn’t know how it was going to happen.>>NASSER: Sure, you knew it was going to
play out. But it sounds like well before that moment, well before that crossroad moment
that there were some principles, there was some Scripture so that the circumstances only
brought you to the point where – that the pillars that you had founded your life on
were then just going to get to get leaned on, right? And so you built a house ready
for a storm one day even though it might be sunny today, you build it. You guys are contractors,
I think you know a little bit about that because you know the storm will come. You know the
persecution will come. Can you tell – give us a little insight on personally for you
men, I mean, some pillars that you live by that all of a sudden come forefront when something
like this comes down.>>J. BENHAM: Sure. We came to Liberty from
Dallas, Texas. I don’t know if we got any Texans in here. We didn’t study business;
we studied history. Our goal was to get drafted into professional baseball, which we both
were, and then to play and be Hall of Famers and all of these things. Well, a man plans
his course; God directs his steps. But the one commitment that we made as 18-year-olds
coming to Liberty University was we’re going to read through the Scripture, cover to cover
every year. And so we’re now 21, and we’ve done it three times – just kidding. We’re
38, about to be 39, we’ve done it 21 times now, cover to cover and I want to tell you
some things that we learned through this. When we got done with playing professional
baseball, we got out – we had families and we got out and we started mowing lawns, we
were painting walls, we were going and we helped lay a driveway, we were doing whatever
we could to make money for our family. And through that we ended up getting our real
estate licenses and we got out into real estate. Well, as Dr. Falwell always said, “if it’s
Christian it ought to be better.” So we simply – we didn’t know exactly what to do
in business but we had biblical paradigms from reading the Scripture continually. We
simply went into the business world as salty Christians, and a salt influences wherever
it goes. And so there were some principles that were engrained in us that when we got
out into business, it just gravitated success to us. One of them was to be faithful in little.
It’s not the speck of sand in your shoe that stops you from running a sprint, but in a
marathon it will destroy you. So it’s paying attention to those really little things in
your life. You can’t let those things go unchecked. The second is to be a fountain and not a drain.
This is so incredibly important. These are the principles we built our business on and
now we go speak all over and people are like, “What are your business principles?” and I
think we’re going to share some of that, some more of them with some classes later. But
to be a fountain and not a drain. If you think of a water fountain, a fountain is constantly
giving, it’s constantly providing nourishment for other people. All it has to do is be plugged
into the source. Now what about a drain? A drain wants to be plugged into a fountain.
A drain is someone who’s constantly taking, constantly taking and we said to ourselves,
“We’re going to be fountains. We’re not going to be drains.” And then, of course, as you
see, profit and success just chased after us. The third is to give more in value than
you take in pay. If you show up to a lawn and you’ve bid $35 for that lawn but it’s
a $75 job, your responsibility is to work according to your ability and not according
to the pay. You’re going to give more in value than you receive in pay, and when you do that
you are going to be so incredibly profitable it’s not even funny. Apply that to a marriage
relationship and, my wife can tell you, the beautiful one over here, and she could –>>D. BENHAM: Both of you are beautiful.>>J. BENHAM: – if I give more to her ->>D. BENHAM: I had to put that in there.>>J. BENHAM: I love my wife too.>>D. BENHAM: Jason has gotten me in more
trouble saying comments like that ->>J. BENHAM: Hey, we got twelve minutes.
Don’t interrupt me, man.>>NASSER: These two principles down, he’s
got one more to go.>>D. BENHAM: I just want to see us go right
here.>>J. BENHAM: But I was about to say something
because every single one of you in are in the position in life where one day soon you’re
going to have a relationship with somebody, and I can say this; here’s one piece of advice
about that and then I’m going to finish my other principle. So this is my squirrel moment,
so I got a little squirrel. So, okay, don’t go and try to find Mister or Mrs. Right, okay?
Here’s the thing. Hold on. Just be the type of person that would attract Mister or Mrs.
Right, maybe not “and” but “or.” Well we could get our show back. But just be that person,
and the right person will come to you, and, okay, I’m almost done with my other principle
and then you can go on to the next question. It was given more value than you take in pay.
So in my relationship with my wife, if my concern is to give more to her and not concern
myself with what I’m receiving from her, than I want to tell you that is going to be a very,
very profitable relationship. You take that into business, you take that into your church
work, you take that into school, it does not matter. We got some good secrets on how you
can go from a C to an A but we might want to keep that on the down low.>>NASSER: So that’s three, right? Being faithful
in the little things, just ->>J. BENHAM: We have several more but I don’t
want to give them all away and we got to hurry.>>NASSER: Yeah. You want to do the fourth
one, cause you guys got four Bs, right?>>D. BENHAM: What is the fourth one?>>J. BENHAM: It was to breathe life. Wherever
you go, you breathe life. So, the question is when someone calls you on your phone and
you look at that person, how do you feel? Is that the call you want to answer or is
it the one you’re looking at like, you know, if it’s David Nasser and you’re like, “Oh
boy, not this again.” So there’s a difference. So, you want to be the person that wherever
you go, life follows you, that life comes up from the dead, that anywhere you go and
whatever, it’s a classroom or it’s in the inner cities like our brother over here. Wherever
you go, you bring dead things to life because that’s the Christ inside of you.>>D. BENHAM: Let me wrap a little ->>NASSER: Resurrection power.>>D. BENHAM: Let me get some theology for
our brother back here in case you’re going to challenge us Scripturally after it’s all
over with. The Bible says in John chapter 7, “He who has the Holy Spirit out of his
belly will flow rivers of living water.” Cross that over to Ezekiel chapter 47, where the
prophet Ezekiel saw the water flowing out from the temple, not in. Generally we come
to services and we come to church and we always want in, but God wants it out, and it said
that trees were along its bank rich with fruit. You ever see a tree eat its own fruit? No.
Trees produce fruit for others, so it’s always out. You’re like, “Yeah, I lived in Iran.”>>J. BENHAM: You’re weird.>>D. BENHAM: He lived in Iran, he’s seen
everything.>>NASSER: We don’t have, like, cannibal trees,
bro. Like ->>D. BENHAM: That’s the point! That’s the
point of the Scripture. Then it says that men are fishing out of the river and where
the water goes the salty areas become fresh. Wherever you go, the salty areas should become
fresh, and that was what was exciting when HG came to us. They said, “It’s really refreshing
to have you guys” Now of course they had already met our families and our wives and they, you
know, they said, “It’s really refreshing.” And so we said, “That’s just part of the breathe
life principle that we’ve been living for years.”>>NASSER: So can I just go back to the breathe
life principle there? I noticed you bring your Bible up. I notice when you talk about
these principles, you keep grounding them in Scripture. I noticed that you’re telling
us that one of the foundational things that this school gave you was just a biblical grounding
where you aren’t emotionally driven or circumstantially driven, you’re biblically centered, you’re
Christ-centered, you thought beyond the moment. That’s applying in your marriage; that’s applying
to when the test comes, all of those different things. And so, not everybody here’s going
to get an HGTV TV offer. I mean, you know, a reality show offer. How is this – what are
some handles on how some of the things that God is doing in your life through your life
can apply? Is there a challenge that you would give to our students in whatever they – because
at the end of the day, I think what we see in you guys is that the hunch was right. If
you raise up a child in the way that it should go hoping that it will not depart from it.
And so you get it ready for the day when that day does come, cause it’s never “if” but “when.”
And so I think what we saw is that you were not wiling to give up your convictions, you
were not willing to give up your personal, you know, pillars of just what you’re founded
in based on whether it was going to be popular or not, based on the vote or based on a conversation
with somebody who’s going to go, “I can shut down a TV show.” And so, people wonder if
you’re going to be legit until the moment comes when it comes to a test. People wonder
if all these are just Bible verses and Chris Tomlin songs until the cancer shows up, until
the moment of test shows up. So what is that take away for us in that for our students?
What is the challenge that you would say?>>D. BENHAM: Okay, I just want to challenge
you very quickly on something as Jason and I, we were 18, we committed to reading through
the Scriptures every single year, and one of the stories that continually came back
to my brother and I during this whole situation was the story of Daniel. And you look at Daniel,
and it said, okay, so here’s Daniel, he’s a Jew, and he lives in Jerusalem yet he’s
deported over to Babylon, like the most pagan culture you can imagine. Yet it was excellent.
And the king noticed him, along with his buddies, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and Daniel,
it says in Daniel chapter 1, that he purposed in his heart. Another translation says that
he made up his mind not to defile himself with the king’s food. There’s something right
now at the age. Now Daniel was a young man, more than likely he was around your age, but
he made up his mind, he purposed in his heart, that he was not going to be defiled by the
Babylonian culture. He knew he was a Jew and a man of God. “I made up my mind,” Daniel
says. He purposed in his heart. So right now, you can purpose in your heart. Twenty years
ago we purposed in our hearts, “We are not going to defile ourselves with the culture.”
Now, Daniel did something else and you’ll see what happened. When you purpose in your
heart, what happened to Daniel’s life? It says multiple times, “the favor of the Lord
was upon him. The favor of the Lord was upon him.” And he began to be elevated in a pagan
culture. And so God we’ve began to see is the – began to just shine His favor on our
business and favor on our lives we had purposed in our heart. But there will come a time when
your convictions and your conscious will conflict with the culture. Now it says in the Scripture
that Daniel, after having interpreted a couple of dreams, now he’s one of the top guys. Now
there’s a new king, Darius, and the King Darius had a bunch of his boys, his minions, we’ll
just call them politicians, and all the politicians get together and they have one target: Daniel.
Why? Because Daniel represented something that they hated, that they could not handle.
And so they couldn’t deal with Daniel’s ways, you remember? It says they couldn’t find anything
about him, and that’s what we said to Bill Mahr and the others on HBO, “You can’t handle
our ways. You can’t talk about our company; you can’t talk about the momentum that God
has given us. You can’t stop what the Holy Spirit puts in motion, but you can deal with
the words of our mouths. And so what did they do? They created an ordinance and an injunction
that basically said you can only pray to the king. Now, Daniel had a choice. What’s he
supposed to do? Now all of a sudden, here’s the culture hot button, here’s the cultural
moment. Everyone’s bowing, what are you going to do? Daniel said – Daniel goes up into his
room. You remember what he did? He opens the doors to Jerusalem where his windows were
already open, and he knelt to pray. The Bible says he read the edict first, then he went
up, and here’s the point, “and he prayed as was his custom.” He didn’t change. We tell
people when HG fired us we didn’t change. We had built in disciplines into our lives.
You know what? We purposed in our hearts when we were eighteen to read through the Scripture,
and as we read through the Scripture we began to order our lives according to this book
and build customs or build disciplines. Guess what happens? When you begin to build customs
according to God, those customs will conflict with culture. So what are you supposed to
do when you know you’re going to get thrown into a lion’s den? Open up the windows and
say, “What up? I’m not changing.” And so, that’s the challenge, is that – is right now,
the take away today, purpose in your heart. You need to purpose in your heart. “Choose
you this day who you will serve.” You cannot serve God and man. Right now this gospel,
small “g,” is an irrelevant gospel, it’s not applicable to culture in the least, it’s just
a happy go-lucky gospel. Now, we find joy in the Lord and that’s our strength, but today
is the day for you to purpose in your heart and to choose who you’re going to serve because
guess what? It will come in conflict with the culture.>>J. BENHAM: Okay, because you guys are at
the custom building stage in your life, this is why I said right from the get-go when we
got here we made the commitment to get through the Bible. Because it is a – we start so many
of our little talks when we go to the places where there’s all the media and we tell them,
“Hey, I got a really good sound bite for you. You guys want to go ahead and get your pens
out and you can start writing it ‘cause there’s so much media there. And I say, “It’s
a fun thing to follow Jesus,” and then the Christians are like, “Yeah! Yeah, it’s a fun
thing to follow Jesus.” And then we say, “Until you find out where He’s going. Because He’s
going to a cross, and He’s bidding you to follow Him. And so when God takes you to that
cross and every day you’re bearing that cross on your back, you need customs in your life
and your need purpose in your life. And I want to tell you guys, this is what David
and I want to leave you with and I’m going to actually ask you to make a commitment,
that every single person in this room ought not make a commitment to read through this
book every year of your life until the day you die. The reason why, look, I don’t understand
everything about the Bible ->>D. BENHAM: You said, “ought not.” You mean,
“ought.”>>J. BENHAM: Did I say, “Ought not?”>>D. BENHAM: You did. You mean, “Ought to
make a commitment.”>>J. BENHAM: Ought to make a commitment.
Why didn’t you interrupt me?>>NASSER: I’m just ->>J. BENHAM: I thought for sure you’d interrupt
me.>>NASSER: I feel like the triplet.>>J. BENHAM: You are our brother from another
mother.>>D. BENHAM: You know, that’s probably the
best compliment we’ve ever been given.>>NASSER: Why can’t we all just get along?>>J. BENHAM: Man crush.>>NASSER: But we ought, we ought – ?>>J. BENHAM: We ought to make that commitment.
Now listen, here’s the thing: you don’t have to worry if you don’t understand the Scripture,
okay. Don’t worry about that. I don’t understand how a black cow can eat green grass under
a blue sky and produce white milk, but I am not putting water in my Lucky Charms. So they
have Lucky Charms in the Rot?>>NASSER: In Iraq?>>J. BENHAM: In the Rot?>>NASSER: Yeah, they do.>>J. BENHAM: They have that? Okay. Hey, by
the way, Dorm 22, where’s dorm 22? Represent! I told you it was 113! You thought it was
over there.>>D. BENHAM: We sat in 108 at one time.>>J. BENHAM: We’re Dorm 22.>>D. BENHAM: All right, get focused.>>J. BENHAM: Sorry about that. That was another
squirrel moment.>>NASSER: We ought ->>J. BENHAM: I apologize.>>NASSER: Not ->>J. BENHAM: We ought to ->>NASSER: We ought to challenge us to ->>J. BENHAM: Get into the Word every single
day. Now listen, okay. Who’s going to do that? Who’s going to make that commitment today?
To get into the Scripture because when the poop hit the fan for us, I want to tell you,
what came out of us was what was out into us right here. I literally got off of Megyn
Kelly’s show and I’m like, “I don’t even know what I said,” and I looked back and I was
like, “That actually made sense.” It was the Holy Spirit doing all the work. So if you’re
going to make that commitment today, I want you to stand up. If you’re going to make a
commitment or you have already made the commitment to read through the Bible every single day,
I want you to stand up. Okay, now I’m going to take a picture and I’m going to tweet it
so that you guys know who’s standing. Hey, you tweet a picture real quick. Take a picture
and tweet it. Okay, see I’m seeing this. Okay, if you’re sitting down, I’m not mad at you
or anything. This is awesome. But – this is great. Okay. You’re going to have to close
us out.>>D. BENHAM: I got it.>>J. BENHAM: You’re going to close us. But
let’s get this picture. By the way, this is the iPhone 6, ladies and gentlemen, and it
is not bent. It is not bent. Okay, you finish this up.>>NASSER: While they’re standing, our students
are standing, hopefully, I just want us to make sure that we take this serious. First
of all, God’s not going to give you a big syringe full of “I want to read my Bible”
serum. You will not be able to – what you just stood for, you will not be able to do
it every day. There’s going to be a morning you’re going to wake up and you’re going to
wake up because the phone rang at three in the morning, and you’re not going to be able
to go, “Well, I got to read my Bible, I got to get in Leviticus before I get in there
and go see my best friend in the hospital” or “go bail him out of jail.” But this is
not about dogmatic, this is not about legalistic commitment, this is about becoming someone
who says, “I’ve hidden the Word of God in my heart so that I will not sin against Him.
I’m going to become a student of God’s Word.” And that’s what these brothers are saying.
So I want to make sure that we take this seriously, that we don’t just take God’s Name in vain,
we don’t make a promise because the guy beside us stood up, and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
desperate that God would give us this as the trend of our lives, the trajectory of our
lives, man would you bless and pray over this.>>D. BENHAM: I will. I’m going to read a
Scripture as we close and then I’m going to pray. But, remember this moment, and Daniel
was serious, even in the face of the lion’s den, and his buddies, even in the face of
the fiery furnace. Twenty years ago, it was all going to be baseball and business for
my brother and I. We had no idea what the culture was going to look like twenty years
later. I’m telling you guys, if you’re making this commitment, be ready to pick up your
cross in this nation. Be ready to pick it up. But I want to give you some encouragement.
We know that this was a blood moon this morning, and God is in charge of the moon and the stars
and the sun and I just want to read something out of Luke chapter 21 verse 35 through 28:
“There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations,
in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves. Men fainting from fear and the
expectations of the things which are coming upon the world for the powers of the heavens
will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great
glory. But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads,
because your redemption is drawing near.” Let’s straighten up, let’s lift up our heads,
because our redemption draws near. These are great times for an awakening in this nation
and I pray it in Jesus’ Name. Lord, thank You for these kids, thank You for Liberty
University, thank You Lord Jesus for the leaders and the champions for Christ that have come
out of this school that are now piercing the structures of culture. Lord, I pray for entertainers,
I pray for those in the media, I pray for those to go into the government, Lord I pray
for those in the arts, I pray for those in the judicial system, Lord, I pray for marketplace
leaders and athletes, I pray for pastors and church leaders, I pray Lord Jesus that out
of this building that these students would purpose in their heart today not to defile
themselves with the culture. I pray, Lord, that they would build customs into their lives
and if those customs come in conflict with the culture, they would stand strong no matter
what. Lord, we love you, we bless You, Jesus we confess that you are King. There is no
other God but You. Bless each and every student here as they leave for Fall Break. Lord, let
them go home with a rejuvenated spirit and a renewed thirst and hunger for you. In Jesus’
mighty Name we pray, amen.>>NASSER: Amen.

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