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  1. great 
    please how can we compare the intered  user name and password with a user name and password saved in  database, using mysql .
    thank you .

  2. Hello!! Ma'am Rodha Kisakye, I want to say thanks about this Video that i learn so much!! you did it very Nice and clear explanation. thoughtful also .. thank you ma'am!

  3. I want to make a combobox with a button  under the combobox that takes you to a website from what you pick from the combobox. Can you help me with this please?

  4. thank you so much, i only started learning java this year and didnt really know what a class actually is and how they function until now as well as learning how to make a good login system for a school project that will help a lot, although i need to find a way how to set up accounts and save the username and password pairs safely to be used later on.

  5. Very helpful video, for New Peoples Who want to learn Basic Java, Drag n Drop Items etc,
    I highly Appriciate u Rodha Kisakye

  6. You are amazing!!Hope you will be a Java teacher and your students will totally love you!!!that is the best tutorial in the whole YouTube!Thanks so much!!!

  7. it would be more better if you write username.equals() and password.equals() instead of contains
    sometimes if your password or username contains work and you type working it will also show welcome instead of showing wrong password as our password or username is work so better to use .equals() instead of contains()

  8. i followed exactly as this tutorial but even on correct username and password it shows the "else" part, wrong pass message. can anyone help 😐

  9. will this stuff work in net beans 8.2 version also?i am facing an error and not able to resolve it.
    i followed same coding as u instructed in the video ,and the error im facing after compiling is ,ERROR_MESSAGE variable is not used ..can u please help me resolve it.

  10. Rodha Kisakye plz i need your help i m a studiant , and i need in my application a tache to do an authentification so i need the interface LOGIN like your so can i have the source code

  11. i have some problem please related to this…..i have fallow you same instruction but also this type of error are seen
    incompatible types: loginn cannot be converted to Window
    (Alt-Enter shows hints)
    please help me..

  12. Omg! It works, thank u so much and I love how u discussed every functions and what are they.. and gow everything happens.

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