Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet setup

February 14, 2020

To set up Jaxx mobile wallet you have to download
it from the app store or google play. Just type Jaxx into the search field. Choose Jaxx
liberty, and install the application. When it is finished open the app. The application
looks similar to the desktop version. When it opens up you will see this dashboard. In this video, we won’t cover all the details
and settings of the Jaxx wallet, we’ll just focus on the fundamental items:
Where you can find your receive address, how to send coins and how to back up of the
wallet, which is the most important part if you want to keep your coins secure and not
lose access to your funds You can find your receive address in the wallet
menu page. Here you can see the most common coins and your balances.
Since you haven’t bought any coins yet all the balances are zero.
As an example, If you want to find your address for receiving Bitcoin, just click on Bitcoin
and then click on the receive button. Here you can see your current Bitcoin receive
address. To copy your receive address simply click
on this copy address button. Now you can open the BitPrime website, then
on the bitcoin product page enter your receive address here.
Since you copied your address from the Jaxx wallet you can just click on the address field
and then tap and hold so you can paste the address.
Just to be sure, check that the pasted address is correct. Don’t forget that your receive address is
different for different coins. Therefore if you want to find your litecoin receive address.
You can find it under the litecoin option. If you want to send coins the process is quite
similar, on the coin page you just press the send button.
You insert the recipient’s address here. Once again, Please double check that the address
is correct because if you send coins to the wrong address you won’t be able to stop
the transaction or get it back in any way. Let just assume that you have received a sell
quote from Bitprime and you have to insert our address. Copy the address from the received
quotation and paste it here. Check that the address is correct, Enter the
quantity and increase it by the relevant transaction fee then Press the send button. To keep your coins safe and secure you should
back up your wallet and protect it with a password. You can set up a password and back
up your wallet in the menu which you can open from the dashboard. Just click on the button with
three lines in the top right corner. For details, we suggest visiting the Jaxx support
page. In short, when the password is set you will
need it for sending your assets from the specific device that you are on.
But before you set up your password you should get the passphrase for your wallet. A passphrase
represents a set of 12 words which you need if you want to access your wallet from
a different device or in the event of you losing access to your wallet for some reason. You can download the Jaxx wallet on a new
device and by entering your passphrase it will restore access to your old wallet. Then you should
set a new password for sending coins for a new device.
When the passphrases are shown write them down. Type them into fields on the confirmation
page and press confirm. Now your wallet is backed up. You can set your password which
will be needed for sending coins from your current device. We would like to stress out that you should
set your password and keep it as well as passphrase in a safe and secure place. If you want to learn about exodus desktop
wallet, please click on a video in the top right corner. If you would like to see a video
for Jaxx desktop wallet please click on a video in a bottom right corner. Finally, the video in the
bottom left corner will help you with ledger nano s hardware wallet.

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