Jeep Liberty CRD EGR Coolant bypass
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Jeep Liberty CRD EGR Coolant bypass

December 9, 2019

welcome back to git it garage this is the
newest edition to our fleet of vehicles here. its a 2005 jeep liberty crd. its a 4 cylinder
with an automatic transmission. not too stoked about the automatic part but
hey i like the turbo diesel so we went with it. this thing is probably gonna be mostly used
for like camping and offroad so you might not see me driving it too too much but right
now its the newest edition and we are gonna do some pretty cool videos with it, some upgrades
right now we actually have to do the rear brakes on it, so we picked some brakes up
off of ebay, these are a $50 set believe it or not which is pretty cheep its got massive
torque with the small 2.8 litre you would not believe it pulls like a v8. it is gonna
need a little bit of engine work too. so far its been great we’ve been driving it
for about a month and we gotta fix a couple little things on it but we will be making
some videos of this thing coming up in the future. what were doing today is working on the jeep
and were removing the EGR system and we got the uh i don’t even know what call this i
think its the egr or part of the EGR system because u can actually remove this whole part
it looks like a throttle body but this is a diesel so its not but that is caked with
soot and oil basically the oil and the soot mix together and it cakes up like that and
it blocks your airflow. Also this is turbo its already got hot air
going into it you don’t want anymore hot gasses from the exhaust coming into the intake so
that gonna probably give us a little bit of an increase in power when the egr is supposed
to activate and it doesn’t we’ll have cold air instead of hot air so that cool. we got some hoses to remove we also took off
the actual EGR pipe here and were gonna make a little block off plate for right here out
of some sheet metal so when we put it all back together we don’t get any accidental
gasses back up there in the intake, next thing that were looking at is gonna be both of those
two hoses are the the coolant supply and coolant return for the EGR cooler right now its leaking
right here that’s the EGR valve right there so its leaking at the EGR valve has some coolant
going into it looks like as well that is broken and leaking so were gonna bypass all of this
and not use the EGR anymore sorry EPA so what we did was there was actually a Y fitting
located right here in between these two right now we just took the y fitting out and we
put a straight piece in there so there is no Y anymore the leg of the Y was going to
the EGR cooler this was the Y that was in there and you can see this is made out of
steel that’s what the oem part was i ordered a kit from ID PARTS. com and they sent me this little piece of
plastic like that wouldn’t have even reached to span the distance of the two pipes that
i had to you know put in there if i would of used this it would of put a kink in the
line so we bought uhh brass fitting from home depot for 4 bucks the whole kit from id parts
i didn’t even use any of the pieces out of it honestly i should of done my homework and
probably honestly i wouldn’t have bought it but either way live and learn next we have
to put the egr cooler line that’s going back to the uh block actually is this line right
here which we already have off the egr cooler this line right here and were gonna block
that off now id parts also sent me a plug that you can use there’s a way up in here
where you cant see there is actually a fitting that goes into the block you can remove that
and put the plug there but ive heard that people have trouble with it and i saw that
a couple of people just uh blocked off that hose so that’s what were gonna do and the
only other thing we have to do is make a little block off plate for this and were just gonna
trace this out a piece of sheet metal and drill a couple of holes in it and put it all
back together again making moves making movesss …… ominous music …. people are gonna
freak out when they see me with gloves right next to this fkn thing … continues…
so as you can see we got this all straightened out we got a couple of pilot holes drilled
in it something that i was taught is to never try an drill through sheet metal with a large
drill bit because its just gonna mangle it especially when you have to get close to the
edges to use a stepper bit and these are actually designed for wood i guess but were gonna just
step it up here to where the black tape starts and that will be perfect and ready to go back
together ….music….see how close we are to the edge right there if that would of been
on a regular drill bit it would of just tore that to shreds ill just pound that out a little
bit and make it flat again clean that up a little and were gonna be good to go largin
and chargin lookin for chickies back from the store we got some freshies time to clean
this out took it apart too so we can really clean it real good this is how nasty it was
int here though still got a peal that out of there clean it out so that’s what were
gonna do …music …how did they come out? looking pretty good nothing stuck to the walls
anymore no that one looks really clean yah wow you went ham on that one yup kinda have
to so were on day two here of the egr delete
on the jeep last night we worked till like 530 am which was kinda shitty putting uh this
guy back in and obviously deleting the whole line so we got the battery back in got the
uh hoses al hooked back up everything’s air box and everything back in and git it garage
style we gotta fill this sucker up no funnel alright were gonna tune the jeep so we were
kinda debating about what to put on here and there are quite a few different options there’s
free tunes out there that uh that’s what were looking at right now um i didn’t wanna spend
$500 on one i cant find jeep in here where is jeep its crystler oh that’s right i forgot
about that um model would be the in this particular case its gonna be the jeep Cherokee which
is the same as the liberty but in Europe 2.8 liter crd Bosch and we already have the file
downloaded which is just gonna remove the egr and the flow control valve systems open
continue programming ok its doing its thing …music… switch off the key wait 5 seconds
to continue 3 4 5 hit okay switch key on programming completed so this is the first time trying
to start it after the EGR delete tune no leaky sounds pretty good actually so anyway no check
engine lights or anything nope and the egr is deleted we definitely blocked that off
yea so were just gonna go for a little drive warm this sucker up make sure that everything
stays in where its supposed to stay coolant stays in the coolant gasses for the gas exhaust
stay in the exhaust area and not in my intake alright so we got the jeep all back together
again it the next day its actually a couple days later now need to drive it a little bit
more still the brakes were $50 link in the description if you guys are interested um
also the tunes that we used and the cable that we used well put them in the description
too in case you are interested it worked really well there was no flaws on it at all hopefully
we’ll be good to go if you have any questions about the tune that we used or if you have
any questions about the way that we had to go about doing this please leave some comments
we would be happy to help anyone that runs into the same problem because there was not
a lot of information out there for this jeep um but shes back on the road and going good
hopefully we will have some more videos coming up in the soon if you like what were doing
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  1. Interesting, been looking for this for the 2.5 CRD. Can you please update the link for the software tune? It doesn't work right now.

  2. I may be dropping in here in a few weeks. I have a 2006. Bought the Weeks Kit Stage 1 from Sasquatch (via Trying to get my tune situation lined up

  3. Would you guys make a video on which programs to use and how to use it, this would be very helpful for the computer illiterate folks such as myself.

  4. Just for your information, you don't have to buy a delete kit. I made my own. And the plug the goes to the heat exchanger is a 12mm x 1.5, you use a 8mm allen wrench to remove the nipple. I took the heat exchanger, egr, hoses to exchanger all off and as far as the flapper valve I went to my exhaust shop and bought a piece of 2.5" stainless elbow and had the put a bead at the end to hold the hose on. Made a plate on the lathe drilled the holes and welded it together for $60.

  5. Just an FYI if you look on lost jeeps forum you can disable the egr by plugging one vacuum line on 02-05 liberty CRD2.8 no program needed. and you dont even have to do that, just put the tune in and it disables the EGR anyway. but do clean the map sensor on the top of the intake manifold as it will be clogged. only real mod you should do is do the oil separator (easy) and if your gifted clean all the gunk out of the elbow leading to the intake.
    Be warned some of the more aggressive tunes are too much for the gearbox and tail-shaft and you get the shudder rattle from the auto and tailshaft. And be prepared for the sound of your engine to sound more like a diesel. The best tunes they got are the ones for economy but you still get a nice bump in power when you put your foot into it.
    probably gonna have to clean the inter-cooler too

  6. I've been getting errors related to MAF, MAP, and barometric pressure for a long time. No mechanic I took it to had any idea why I kept getting those codes despite having replaced and cleaned sensors (e.g., MAP, MAF, boost solenoid), and there were no tears or leaks anywhere. I finally took it to the dealer and they said I need to clean and/or replace the EGR valve; they quoted me over $1K for replacement this afternoon. I can do minor car jobs, but I don't feel confident to do everything that I saw in your video. What do you think are some good options that won't break the bank for me? Could I just buy an EGR valve and ask my local mechanic to install it for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2006 Jeep Liberty 2.8L Turbo Diesel

  7. I just bought a 2005 Liberty and I'm looking to tune it for the best gas milage possible. How has your gas milage been after tuning this? What software are you using to tune? So stoked I found this!

  8. Somebody please help me …. 4 months ago I bought a 06 Liberty CRD …. check engine light came on …. took to dealer who said the codes are turbo "under boost" and "over boost" they said turbo is bad cost to replace the turbo for $3,000 … what is your opinion …. other issues are white smoke and mis-firing or going into "limp mode" HELP!

  9. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy parts for my crd? I live in Canada and Napa,Lordco And several other big parts stores do not sell any parts. Pls help.

  10. I just bought a 2006 crd with 98,000.00 km. Can someone suggest what preventative maintenance I should do with 60,000 miles

  11. Engine air filter element and boost pressure solenoid. This are everywhere in the maintainance manual online. Can you show how these are replaced. Where to find them. Will you do videos on this simple stuff to?

  12. Can Imenter a code in console settings in obd cardr appI’ll try the software to my WiFi elm device to pc ill buy the cord if I reach any problems

  13. You might need to clean your turbo sensor! They get messed up quickly with the EGR working. You can just unplug the maf sensor on air box to kill EGR. What I did. Anyone looking for a one owner out there looking to get this sold and pick up a new truck.

  14. Need help finding a USA company that will do an egr delete. The biggest diesel repair shop near Vancouver B.C. Will not do it. Any suggestions in Washington State?

  15. It sure what these are worth in USA, but over here in Australia, Tasmania actually, they're $4000-8000 AU , I just picked one up yesterday for $700 with registration, thousands in receipts for new glow plugs, injectors, tyres, sensors, suspension, all sorts really…. But the owner had enough when it wouldn't start one morning ( cranked, but no fire ), I bought it, towed it home (100km) on tilt tray, got her home, and she fired right up!!!! Drive her about 160kms on about 1/8th of a tank of fuel, and so far can't fault a thing, even tho over 300,000kms (186,000 miles)… I'm interested to follow your series and builds and check all this stuff on mine and see if it makes a power difference, etc, great show, subscribed and love it. Much Aussie respect

  16. I done mine on a voyager with 2.8 in the uk it drives about the same but the oil stays a lot cleaner which is a good thing for the engine.

  17. Get It, awesome videos. I’m looking at installing the Weeks kit in my 2005 CRD while I’m in there for a timing belt, water pump, and rocker arms. Which leads me to my next question, would you be available to chat off-line regarding this rocker arm job? I haven’t seen any good videos about how to do it.

  18. Ok so I just got a 05 jeep liberty crd. What are the reasons for doing a egr delete. I appreciate any information. Thanks

  19. Hi guys! Nice video. I am about to reprogram the CPU but I can nnot get access to the "Free Tunes" on Lost Jeep. Amy Ideas where I can get the SW for the EGR delete? Please help

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