Jerrold Nadler On Holding Barr In Contempt: We Are In A ‘Constitutional Crisis’ | Deadline | MSNBC
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Jerrold Nadler On Holding Barr In Contempt: We Are In A ‘Constitutional Crisis’ | Deadline | MSNBC

October 18, 2019

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  1. Nadler is delusional. Mueller didn’t go the way they wanted, so they go nuclear.

    Well, we’ll call their bluff.

  2. Leftists: So what if Obama used executive privilege to seal documents related to Fast and Furious from Congress? It's no big deal. Nothing to see.

  3. Democrats have all the evidence they need on trump it's time to move forward without delay on Impeaching him and hold his team accountable for all the chaos since early 2016. Vote out all republicnas in line with criminal mobster trump. He is no longer considered a president but a mobster boss.

  4. Nadler is, I suspect, a socialist Deep State agent seeking to fulfill his job by destroying America and the freedoms of every American. He should be tried for treason!

  5. Nadler CANNOT GO AND READ THE Mueller Report … because IF Nadler DID read the report and FOUND there was NOTHING IN IT to convict Trump, Nadler would be under scrutiny for instigating false accusations against Barr. Jerry Nadler is nothing but a despicable ambulance chaser. The stereotype of a corrupt lawyer.

  6. That's black mail. Isn't that a crime? Have the c b I are set them.don't let them get away with this. Show them tucker who's boss. Terri

  7. Are you so blinded by your bios that you cannot move past this?? Geeze — our system is held on its nose because these asshats can't move on!!

  8. How to figure out what a Democrat stands for:

    Just Listen to what they accuse others of.

    There. You find out what they truly stand for.

  9. Dems have lost their minds. you have clear signing off on unverified document to fisa by Rosenstein…he and comey SHOULD ROT IN PRISON>…but no they'll get cover for their dirty deeds as was assured to them of course…

  10. The Democrats and the media Have to go all out to Get Barr out of there before he exposes how the whole "russia, russia, russia" stuff started. My Guess is you will begin to see Big Gov. Establishment Republicans Flip and begin attacking Barr.

  11. Hillary and Barry Sotero will hang well. 😊 💕 finally thanks to our real president.

  12. This was a good start. At least the Dems are starting to show some spine. Though what it would amount to ultimately, still remains to be seen.

  13. Don't visit Nevada until they do something about Nellis Air Force Base up ducting and using people in experiments MK Ultra mind control

  14. This is disgusting, sore losers democrats, what is the point of the Mueller investigation, they should have just investigated themselves in the first place, what is the point of the Report when they only expect one result, otherwise, it is all fake, obstruction, they have already made up their tiny little minds and small hearts. Everything is just an excuse at this point to get rid of Trump. Sore losers, BOOOO….

  15. @ Congress members will not make laws, and do their regular jobs. They think they are the US Dept of Justice now. There is no constitutional crisis. It is just fake news reported by Congress members . It was the mind set of Congress to impeached President Trump since Nov. 2016 or keep opposing anyone working with President Trump.

  16. Lol Dems talking about constitution they trample it daily this stunt is going to backfire !!! This party needs to be held accountable for treason and coup attempt !

  17. Not anything like he said back in the Holder impeachment… funny…shows it is only political for sure

  18. 5:30 "Executive Privilege is not a blanket bar." Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that under extraordinary circumstances . . . 6:00 '… and the Supreme Court ruled 8 to nothing that the interests of the public in justice and in an accountability outweighed the interests of the prêt of the president in privacy and ordered those (Nixon secret White House) tapes revealed…"

  19. I weak up every morning with high OPTIMISTIC FEELINGS about this country. I can only imagine how terribly painful should be for Democrats and DEMS voters weaking up each morning deeply knowing that their party has done nothing to make this country safer and economically prosperous…It's got to be terrible!

  20. Time for voters to MCaliforniaGA by letting go of their foolish power mad reps like Pelosi and Jerrold Nadler. Their political party has been totally corrupted. See their complete support of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Their agenda lies only with their personal political aspirations of status, power and money. Mean spirited and spiteful they offer nothing to anyone who loves America, it's citizens or the US republic as a whole.

  21. Holy cow Nadler is insane. The American people know what's going on. The democratic party is slowly going down the drain. I mean look at the turn out at the Trump rallies, huge crowds.

  22. constitutional crisis, hold on, Didnt a Dem say about abolishing the constitution? and arent the 1 st and 2nd constantly assaulted? hmmm

  23. It strikes me as particularly hilarious to have Nadler talk about congressional committee subpoenas. The Obama administration ignored subpoenas routinely concerning Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, Hillary Clinton's espionage – you name it, they ignored subpoenas on it. Now, it appears that those chickens have come home to roost. I don't remember Nadler or Pelosi ever having a problem with the Obama administration ignoring subpoenas.

  24. Democrats are demanding William Barr break the law. A.G. Barr released what he could according to the law and he did it in short order. The unreacted version of the Mueller report is available for those on the committee to read but only two Democrats have bothered and they have nothing to say – why? Because the unreacted version does nothing more to change the outcome of the "investigation" than the redacted version does. This circus sideshow is nothing more than a PR stunt to keep the "Russian collusion" hoax alive in the press after the coup attempt failed. If you're the mafia and the A.G. of New York or New Jersey is going to use the RICO statutes to bring you down – you're trapped like a s#ithouse rat except you have better than 85% of the media in this country willing to promote anything you say, this is exactly what you do. You work to discredit the people who are eventually going to put you in jail. Northing screams "guilty as sin" more loudly than the behavior of the Democrat Party right now.

  25. Ha Ha.. we know what is going on. No one believes demicrat misinformation campaigns anymore. Higher stakes? Correct we are talking about American intelligence under the Obama administration trying to rig an election and trying to remove the peoples/States right to choose our President. It is against the law just like Barr releasing grand jury information is against the law. Democrats have gotten way too comfortable ignoring laws and taking peoples constitutional rights. It is time to show them why the law should be respected and why the bill of rights and the constitution is the best form of governance in the world.

  26. They’re scared that Barr will find out what this group of friggin pompous weirdos have been up to. That’s what this is all about.

  27. Nader holds Barr in contempt for not providing documents that any American can get from their IPhone thru amazon or walk into a barnes&noble and the only part not available is because of democrat controlled congress

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder

  28. A 'Constitutional Crisis lol this is how they try to keep Trump from winning 2020 and BS lies and its the same ones who back him lol.
    CNN and MSNBC what a joke. Trumps win is going to be so great in 2020. This is great!


    Disclosure of materials covered by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) may be made without a court order "to an attorney for the government for use in the performance of such attorney's duty." See Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e)(3)(A)(i). "Attorney for the government" is defined in Fed. R. Crim. P. 1(b).
    Rule 6(e)(3)(A)(i) does not authorize disclosure to attorneys for other Federal government agencies. SeeUnited States v. Bates, 627 F.2d 349, 351 (D.C.Cir. 1980). Nor is disclosure permitted under this section to attorneys for States or local governments. In re Holovachka, 317 F.2d 834 (7th Cir. 1963); Corona Construction Co. v. Ampress Brick Co., Inc., 376 F. Supp. 598 (N.D.Ill. 1974).
    Rule 6(e)(2), Fed.R.Crim.P., prohibits "an attorney for the government" from disclosing matters occurring before a grand jury, except as otherwise provided in the rules. Rule 1(b), Fed.R.Crim.P., defines "attorney for the government" to include as the Attorney General, an authorized assistant of the Attorney General, a United States Attorney, an authorized assistant of a United States Attorney, and certain other persons in cases arising under the laws of Guam. In United States v. Forman, 71 F.3d 1214 (6th Cir. 1995), the court of appeals held that an attorney employed in the Tax Division of the Department of Justice who had gained access to grand jury materials but had not been assigned to review the materials or to participate in the grand jury proceedings was not "an attorney for the government" because he was not an "authorized" assistant to the Attorney General with respect to the grand jury materials that he disclosed to the target of the investigation.

  30. Democrats are in the midst of a mental health crisis brought on by Trump derangement syndrome. There is no constitutional crisis. This whole thing is one long partisan stunt that started with a hoax. Nadler’s not talking about impeachment because it has zero chance of success in the senate.

  31. Little Jerry Nadler is corrupt. Ask him why he would not investigate ACORN. This why citizens of America are tired of the swamp. One day it will be proven Obama was and is so corrupt. That is why the Democrats are lying. They are afraid the truth will come out.

  32. The Mueller Report is out for all to see. Relatively small bits of it are redacted. The unredacted report is avail to members of Congress that possess the necessary security clearances. -Why don't we see complaints from Nadler and other Democrats about SPECIFIC sentences that are redacted?* The answer is that being that specific will reveal the good reasons that portions are redacted. If Nadler remains unspecific. he can try to paint Barr as being dishonorable. I think Nadler is sure that parts of the Mueller report should remain secret due to good reasons of national security, or due to being justly protected Grand Jury evidence. Nadler knows that Barr won't release an unredacted form to the public. However Nadler also knows that by simply asking for a unredacted report, he can probably damage his political opponent. Nadler is playing dirty pool.

  33. Absolutely ridiculous that we pay the salary of someone like Jerrold Nadler, an arrogant, ill informed who works against we, the people, rather than upholding the Constitution of these United States and doing the work we sent him to do in Washington and that is to work for us, on our issues, on our roads, on making America great again!

  34. Ah constitutional crisis,,, (me and you)which laws or violations do you mean?,,, (reporter), how dare you, you racist…


  36. The American people voted for Trump, the only tyrannical is Nadler and his corrupted democrats; the law is indeed one-sided, your sided. Obama was the worst America ever had with you puppets

  37. To all here especially Democrats 1st off Muller’s report was for the AG Barr only His job was to summarize it for the final report. Yet AG Barr gave ALL the Dems a chance to read the WHOLE report and NONE DID!!! Barr ONLY blanked out 1 paragraph and 2 sentences Meaning Dems got 99.99% of the report to read Dems did NOT want to read the report because they couldn’t do what they are doing now. Trying to make this go on until 2020 elections to cover up Treason committed by Comney, Obama, Hillary, Biden and All were apart of this coup

  38. It’s all about politics for Nadler nothing about the law, just a show to keep the public distracted. Lying sack of s**t; New Yorkers should be ashamed for voting this weasel into office.

  39. What a FAT HACK.
    This is Presidential harassment which is becoming a Constitutional Crisis. FAT BOY nadler will need to be removed from his position.

  40. Nadler is so stupid he doesn't realize we had video cameras back when Holder was charged with contempt.

  41. Chipmunk we just pay35 million go get Mueller to give you the papers !!you corrupt s

  42. Jerrold “RodeoClownWhoCouldn’tFitInBarrel” Nadler) is like a Gnat only much, much, much bigger.

  43. Why doesn't New York get rid of this Jerk? Take that "Toad" in the blue dress and Ted Lieu with him when he goes, please.

  44. I am ashamed of the Democratic party. How obvious can it get that all they want to do is find something, anything, anything at all negative in their desperate sickness and hate toward Donald Trump. I'm not sure I could ever vote Democratic again. At least not for congress, senate or President. Jerrald Nadler is so full of hate and desperation that he will stop at nothing to attack President Trump. News Flash: America likes low taxes, a great economy, dignity in the job market, higer wages, the veterans finally getting taken care of, taking control of the immigration problem, addressing the balance of trade with China, bringing North Korea to negociations, etc., etc.
    Stop with the LIES!!! Nobody put immigrants in cages!! Trump won. NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION! Get over your hate Jerrald Nadler or get out of the way.

  45. Let’s ask Nadler some questions, Shall We?
    Why has Nadler paid a Foreign Agent $1000 a month for the last 16 years?
    Why hasn’t Nadler recused himself since his son is part of a Law firm Suing President Trump?
     Why hasn’t Nadler and his son been disbarred and incarcerated for their crimes, cover-up, & misconduct
    in a federal racketeering federal ticket scam case with Judge Robert Katzman?

  46. Demo🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂….pulling everything out of Jerry Nabler's colon to bring down a duly elected president! Yes Nabler, you need more constitutional fiber w/c you are lacking!

  47. It's worse than that. The magical DEMS are in a Constitutional Crisis because of their High Crimes. TREASON = DEATH
    Just listen how they spew on anyone who opposes them. The Congress first approved William Barr at 100% vote before Trump ran for office. Now listen to them. They are relentless before their withering party… and these few still cling to every DEM word. Some just don't realize that Social Media has been paid to stack the political deck. Facebook and Twitter will be charged with obstructing justice of our First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech. Maybe Youtube as well. I'm not sure what they have done. But, a lot of folks are complaining about missing posts and uploaded videos.

    TRUTH: The Corrupt DEMS have learned to rig just about everything, almost meticulously. The DEM's polls are lies too.

    92k+Indictments is why HELLIONS blame Trump "FOR EVERY THING" while Trump CLEANS NWO SWAMP.

    #TrumpRalliesBrokeTheWorldsRecord FOR ANY CANDIDATE. No, MSM will not report it, as they are owned by the Global Cabal.

    THERE IS MORE EVIDENCE in the Trump Rally Videos that Corrupt DEMS hope that you will never see.

    $40M & 2+YRS SPYING = NOTHING!! DEMS paid top bucks to the world's best investigators. THINK ABOUT THAT & they found NOTHING to charge POTUS. They only say that they have 'something', but NEVER produce filing anything. #WakeUP!! THESE EVIL ONES ARE DUPING YOU!!!


  48. nadler, what a useless, pathetic tired old man. and its old heels like this that are making decision that effect our lives? I hope he goes back to eating himself to death. term limits.

  49. Once upon a time I was a proud Dem. Even voted blue in 2016 even tho wasn't a Hillary fan. But this circus on the left had pushed me away. All is see is time and money wasted, doom and gloom with not one of them telling me what they wanna do for me in the future. Trump's economy is doing well. I'm black and my family has gotten two good paying jobs on the last two years. Sorry but it's time to walk away I'm on the Trump train in 2020

  50. The Dems claim that it is their Constitutional authority to engage in checks an balances on the Executive Branch. And it is. It is also the Peoples Constitutional authority to engage in checks and balances on all three Branches of Government backed by the 2nd Amendment. So the Left should have no issues with 2A…..

  51. This from a political party that has thrown the U.S. Constitution out the window. Shame Shame Socialists, you are un American as it gets.

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