Joe Biden Comes Out in Support of Impeaching President Trump
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Joe Biden Comes Out in Support of Impeaching President Trump

October 10, 2019

-Let’s get to the news. The White House sent a letter to
House leaders yesterday saying that it will
not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry
into President Trump. And I’ve got to say,
he is the last person I ever expected to say,
“No means no.” “The Washington Post”
published an article today about a Republican group
in Pennsylvania that is working to get the Amish community to
vote for President Trump. And if there’s anybody you might
be able to convince, it’s people without
TVs or Twitter. [ Cheers and applause ] “Hey, I mean —
Yeah, from the picture, he looks like a good guy.” Former Vice President Joe Biden,
today, publicly came out in support of impeaching
President Trump. Thank you for
finally joining us. I mean, Biden’s like that friend
who doesn’t go to the party but keeps calling to find out
who is there. “Yeah, a lot of people?
Is Elizabeth there? What about Kamala?
Yeah, alright, maybe I’ll come.” First Lady Melania Trump held a
ceremony at The White House yesterday to break ground
on a new tennis pavilion. That’s just how far
she’s willing to go to hear someone say
the word “love.” [ Audience “awws” ] Aww-aww-aww! Aw! She chose him. So, you know… “People” magazine
has released its list of the 25 Women Changing the World, as well as the list
of 25 men stopping them. Nestlé is launching
a partnership with Disney to sell cookie dough
and baking items based on the movie “Frozen 2.” Though, if you ask me,
Kristoff is already a snack. [ Cheers and applause ] In Oklahoma,
a woman is recovering after she was
accidentally shot in the leg when her dog stepped on
a loaded handgun. “Ugh! She lived?”,
said the cat who loaded it. I never should have trusted
that stupid dog!” Prince Harry released a
promotional video on Instagram for a new project he’s doing
with singer Ed Sheeran. I’m guessing they’re doing,
like, a before-and-after thing? I don’t know. A company in Brooklyn
has started selling a line of special-edition
Nike sneakers which they are calling
Jesus Shoes. They’re currently out of stock, but they should be back
in three days. [ Light laughter, applause ] Yeah, well… You can choose between
the two here, ’cause we’re telling
another one. That’s right — a company
in Brooklyn is selling special-edition Nike sneakers, which they are calling
Jesus Shoes. “They don’t work,”
said a guy drowning. [ Laughter ] There we go. Number two. Okay.
Just text your vote. Text which one you like to
latenight…whatever. And, finally, health officials
are warning that passengers on a recent American Airlines
flight may have been exposed to hepatitis “A,”
while passengers on the subway may have been exposed to
hepatitis “B” through “Z.”

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  1. Oh come on, you know why Joe Biden couldn’t lead the charge on impeachment. It’s going to look personal rather than presidential because Trump is making his crimes about *Biden*. Think people, Joe can’t lead the charge in calling for the impeachment of his political rival when the impeachment is centering around activities related to him.

    He also gave a very clear speech worth listening to if your not just paying attention to sound bites.

  2. I was still rolling my eyes at the first Jesus sneakers joke when Seth dropped the second joke… I was not prepared for that!! Laughed way too much!! 😂😂

  3. You sure about this Joe you and your son will be subpoenaed and cross examined under oath! Oh and there’s absolutely nothing impeachable here!

  4. Or maybe, just maybe, Biden is trying to stay on message and not seem that he is looking to have Trump impeached because he can not beat him. After all, that is what is being said about EW and KH. But I guess that makes too much sense and wouldn't be funny. Either way it doesn't matter to me because I am avoiding the democrats like the plague. Too much identity politics and anti constitutional rights rhetoric for me.

  5. interesting that joe biden was about to be forgotten as he was loosing support everywhere amongst the dems, then came the trump ukraine scandal – and now ppl seem to like mr alzheimer biden more and more…

    exchanging a lunatic baby with a geriatric alzheimer patient is not evolution

  6. Omg the amish I grew up near would die of they heard of his behavior. 3 wives, porn stars, boasting about your dick size and making lewd comments about women's private parts kind of goes against their beliefs…not that they're saints and don't hide their own failings of a similar nature (plenty of drug, prostitution rings and child abuse stories floating about in their culture too) but there's a expectation of how you should behave in public and he would offend every sensibility and rule of decorum that they claim adhere to and as their strict shunning practices prove, they have no problem cutting off those they deem unworthy or less. So good luck "english" chatting them up. Many dont want you on their property to begin with.

  7. I know the Second Amendment says the people have a right to arm bears, but I still think dogs shouldn’t be allowed to use firearms.

  8. It might sound like a joke but propaganda actually works especially on people who only went to school until 8th grade. Here in northern Indiana many of the Amish that I know seem to like him. When speaking to them their reasons are the same as the rest of his base. By which I mean they are stupid reasons.

  9. (Joe wrenching 'n pulling up on his pants!) ✊🏼😠💭" YOU'VE MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY THIS TIME … TRUMPZILLA ! WHY.. I , OUGHT'A …..

  10. Seth's eyes showing his lack of pity for Melania as he responds to the audience's "awww"s with the words "She chose him." I don't think I'll ever be able to forget it.

    It may be my favorite moment ever, at least until the dumpster fire she calls "husband" is impeached. And dragged out of the White House (I can't imagine that shameless idiot resigning) after Congress votes to remove him from office. And arrested for any of the numerous crimes he committed before and during his presidency. And sentenced to prison (I'd prefer no less than for life, though I'm now incapable of hope; not the death sentence only because I don't want to see death sentence protesters have to defend the life of this vile narcissist).

  11. they tore up Michelle's vegetable garden, which was a great idea to have fresh vegie's for dinner at the white house, but NO a tennis court is better than food these people don't have the brains of even a billy goat

  12. There's two reasons why women like Melina marry old millionaires and it ain't for their sex appeal, it's for their money and the luxury lifestyle.

  13. I really don't get the "poor Melania" Thing. She's a willing participant in this vile episode of our history. She's gross.

  14. And het not a single motion of why Biden action over Ukraine to be discussed, you cover the lies of corrupted politicians, only pathetic jokes about President of the United states in

  15. Why are only White countries expected to be multiracial and multicultural?
    Why are only White people expected to become minorities in the countries that their ancestors founded?
    Why is "diversity" only being promoted in White countries?
    The promoters of diversity and multiculturalism claim that they are anti-racist, but what they actually are is anti-White.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  16. So they’re going to actively fool the Amish?! If they weren’t going to hell before, that’s it. It’s over for them.

  17. Melania? I always hear of this Melania but only ever see Caitlin Jenner pictures and video…I didn’t even know she supported Donald Dump

  18. Wow Joe so brave, the Squad proposed this a year ago. I proposed this when he obstructed justice on live television in 2016. Corporate media loves corporate Dems. Even though they’re all weak old and pathetic like Joe Biden

  19. all jokes aside, joe biden & his son are guilty of illegal business deals w ukrainian officials. joe biden is a scared rat. now, that's hilarious!

  20. A house is on fire. Trump is running around with a can of gasoline and matches.
    And the GOP wants to know, "Who called the fire department"?

  21. Fox News Poll: 51% of voters want to impeach and remove Trump. BRAVO. We'll throw a huge party once Atgolf Twitler is thrown out.

  22. As long as we're questioning whether the children of candidates and their parents are corrupt, why doesn't anyone question how Ivanka and Jared made $82M in 2017 while working in the White House (Washington Post, 6/11/18)? Bloomberg (7/24/18) reports that Ivanka's clothing line was shut down during that time, and the Washington Post article identifies the actual source of "only" $11M of that $82M income. So where's all that income coming from? Trump's family is working IN the White House and unlike every other president in recent history, Trump never put his assets in a blind trust, meaning Ivanka, Jared, and Daddy all know EXACTLY what official actions will benefit the Trump family. At most, Hunter Biden was getting $600K a year. The apparent corruption in the Trump family is apparently 15 times greater and it's happening RIGHT NOW. If it's worth investigating how Hunter Biden got that money, it's more important to investigate where Ivanka and Jared suddenly got 136 times more of it.

  23. You guys never worry about yourselves do you? lol. A Narcisist is someone (who's not the president ha ha) that Is always pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves. But when terrible things to our country happen that's also when a Narcisist goes and runs and hides leaving us to fend for ourselves. While yon guys are on TV bashing Trump he is talking to young. African American graduation. The person you guys call racist lol lol. We don't even have to put yourselves down you do the work for us!! Lol

  24. just a matter of time President trip is getting arrested 💁 love gma 👵 he thinks he's mafia "😄😂😂😄✌

  25. Beijing just handed over the financial transactions from hunters 1.5billion dollar payment.

    The media is trying to spin it as political favors but we all know hunters is fucked

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