Joe Biden’s LIES About Involvement In Civil Rights Movement
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Joe Biden’s LIES About Involvement In Civil Rights Movement

February 2, 2020

>>Joe Biden has made all sorts of statements
about his activism in the Civil Rights movement. Now, in the beginning of his career, he made
similar statements that he’s making today on the campaign trail, and then he got caught
lying. And for a huge chunk of his political career,
he stopped telling those lies. However, Shaun King, who is a wonderful journalist
and activist, has done an extensive piece that looks into what he lied about before
and what he’s currently lying about. And he provided specific examples in the form
of video evidence. And I think it’s important to point these
things out because if someone hasn’t actually been active or a huge part of the Civil Rights
movement and uses it for their own political gain while campaigning, that’s a huge problem. And it does pose a giant weakness should Biden
make it to the general election. So let’s start off with what Shaun King finds. First, he kinda summarizes his findings through
his investigative reporting. He says I’ve counted at least 31 different
lies Biden has told about being an activist, organizer, sit-in demonstrator, boycott leader,
voter registration volunteer, black church trainee, and more in the Civil Rights Movement. But every single time I dig, I actually find
more interviews, more lies, more fabrications, and more tales he told to voters, reporters,
historians, and more. Let’s stop for a minute. I have no doubt that in simply covering this
story, which I think is an important story to cover, we’ll get backlash from Democrats
who believe that the most important thing to do is to beat Donald Trump. And so, you’re not allowed to do any critique
or any criticism of any of the candidates. If you’re interested in a show that’s gonna
lie to viewers about the reality of these candidates, then you shouldn’t watch this
show. We need to be honest, and we need to point
to the weaknesses of these candidates to ensure that we elect the right person in this primary
to go head to head against Donald Trump. So if you genuinely care about beating Donald
Trump, you would look at these weaknesses and understand that Biden ain’t it, okay? He’s not the one who’s gonna beat him. Let me give you more details. In repeated interviews, campaign events, and
national keynote speeches at the Democratic Conventions of both Maine and California,
Biden told wild tales of how he marched, sat-in, and boycotted during the Civil Rights Movement. And even went so far as to suggest that he
had traveled to Selma and Birmingham with such actions. But with his campaign in tatters, he finally
said they were all lies in September of 1987. So in 1987 he gets caught. He’s telling all these lies about his activism,
he gets caught, and he finally admits that he actually wasn’t that active. So on two very important occasions, Shaun
King writes, Joe Biden actually told the entire truth about his involvement in the Civil Rights
Movement. Nearly everything else has been a lie. So what was his first truth? This is a direct quote from Joe Biden from
September of 1987. Here’s what he said. During the 1960s, I was in fact very concerned
about the Civil Rights Movement. I was not an activist. I worked at an all-black swimming pool in
the east side of Wilmington, Delaware. I was involved in what they were thinking,
what they were feeling, but I was not out marching, I was not down in Selma. I was not anywhere else. I was a suburbanite kid who got a dose of
exposure to what was happening to black Americans. Now, the second truth we learned about Joe
Biden goes as follows. This is another statement from Joe Biden. I worked there, a swimming pool, back in the
early sixties, when freedom rides, sit-ins, and Bull Connor’s dogs and fire hoses were
starting to get people’s attention. Like everybody in America in those years,
I was getting dramatic lessons about segregation and civil rights from newspapers and television. So this shows that Joe Biden was like most
other white Americans at the time. He was learning about the civil rights movement
through media coverage, but he wasn’t actually involved in the activism. Now, unfortunately, he has decided to revive
these lies for his 2020 campaign. And so, we’re gonna talk about that in just
a minute. But John, I wanted to give you an opportunity
to jump in.>>Yeah, those two portrayals, especially
if at the time he’s not, he’s a super young but he’s not an older guy. Okay, like yeah, would have been better if
he had gotten involved. Some people did, including some candidates. But it’s totally fine to learn about these
things. You were insulated from the realities of the
world. That was what many of these communities were
designed to do. And then, you suddenly start to realize what’s
actually going. That would be perfectly fine. You would expect better positions in that
time later on as the ages on things like bussing and stuff like that. If he really was learning about all of this
at the time, the lessons didn’t seem to kick in for quite a while. But that would be one thing. It’s then to say, well, that’s not exciting
enough, that’s not interesting enough. I need to win a particular election, and that
history just doesn’t do anything for me, so I’m gonna craft one. And the thing that surprises me was that it
was discovered to be lies at all. Because we’re talking the very beginning of
the internet. It’s much more difficult to track down information
in this way. But thankfully, at that time, they did.>>Exactly, so let’s talk about what’s happening
today. Because I think that’s where you find the
weaknesses in Joe Biden as a candidate, and what Trump is gonna use against him if he
goes head to head with Biden. So according to what Shaun King wrote, from
1987 until 2014, Joe Biden appeared to refrain from telling any lies about his role in the
Civil Rights Movement. But suddenly, while giving a speech at a King
Day breakfast in January of 2014 for the National Action Network, he resorted back to the same
old debunked lies, and also added one brand new one that had never been told in his entire
life, saying he was regularly trained for the Civil Rights Movement in 1960 on Sunday
mornings in black churches. Here’s that video. Take a look.>>I got involved in desegregated movie theaters
and helping, you may remember Reverend Moyer in Delaware and Herman Holloway organized
voter registration drives. Come out of black churches on Sunday figuring
how we’re gonna move.>>So he just decided to flat out lie. I mean, by his own admission in 1987, he didn’t
get involved in any of that activism. But in 2014, while giving that speech, he
talks about how he was active in the Civil Rights Movement.>>Yeah, I don’t wanna go crazy with speculation,
I guess, but I almost wonder if at one point decades ago he crafted all these lies and
then eventually was forced to own up to the fact that it wasn’t true. And we understand what his actual situation
back then actually was. As he gets older, I wonder to what extent
the lies that he used to told start to be a reality in his mind. Not to say that he’s not lying, clearly he
is. But I’m saying if he’s been telling these
lies, whether publicly or privately for literally decades, at some point do you start to believe
some of what you’ve been saying? Every time you exaggerate a little bit more,
you add new details, all of that. We see it with Trump all the time.>>Yeah, that’s a good point. And we do know that people oftentimes when
they wanna justify something to themselves, they’ll tell themselves something until they
actually believe it, right? And so, that is something that does happen
to people. But what I do find interesting is that for
a giant chunk of his political career, from 1987 to 2014, he completely stopped in telling
these Civil Rights Movement lies.>>At least in public.>>At least in public. And any type of fact-checked material, including
his personal autobiography, right? It’s fact-checked, meaning that you can’t
just lie about what you’ve been involved in in those types of mediums, whether it’s books
or fact-checked articles, those types of things. And so, nothing about his so-called Civil
Rights activism is included in his autobiography. So look, I don’t know. I mean, the point that you’re making is interesting
because he does seem to have these weird moments where I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know if this is something having to
do with his age. I don’t know, and I don’t wanna speculate. What I do know is here’s the evidence, here’s
what the record says, and here’s what Joe Biden is currently campaigning on. And when he’s up against Donald Trump, Donald
Trump isn’t gonna be like well, I was thinking about attacking Joe Biden on the campaign
trail. But I decided not to because, who knows, maybe
he told himself these lies for so long that’s he actually begun to believe them. No, and by the way, that’s a weak defense
anyway.>>I don’t think it’s a defense at all.>>Yeah.>>I’m just saying, based on what I have read
about the brain and memory and how it works, when you tell a story it is to some extent
dangerous in terms of your memory. Because if a thing happens and I recount it
to someone, I’m not going to talk about all of the details of what happened, I’m gonna
talk about some of the details. The next time I recount that story, you’re
not going back to the original source memory fresh. You’re going back to the memory also of you
telling the story.>>Right.>>Which means some things start to get reinforced
in your mind. And some things, if they’re exaggerated when
you tell later on, and this is actually possible true of Elizabeth Warren when she was recounting
conversations with Bernie Sanders. If you exaggerate a bit when you describe
something, and then you describe it again in that way, and then again, you start to
believe the exaggerated version. Now, apparently, there was actually nothing
to what Biden’s actually saying. But the biggest issues isn’t just that he
is trying to make his past more impressive. Politicians do that literally all the time. But think about what it represents in this
Primary. That specifically, as he enters into the first
four states where it doesn’t look like he’s gonna do very well, and his whole strategy
is hold the line until Super Tuesday when Southern states can give me back the delegates
I’m not getting elsewhere. Well then, demographically, to tell a lie
that crafts this sort of identity as being a Civil Rights activist is really, I mean,
that’s disgusting.>>It is disgusting, yeah.>>If your strategy is to stimulate black
votes for yourself in the South, then that really deserves the fact-checking that Shaun
King is providing there.>>Well, there’s more. I mean, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And to be quite honest with you guys, we don’t
have enough time on the show to focus solely on everything that was unearthed by Shaun
King, which is why you should read his full piece. We’ll include a link in the description box
below. But with that said, let’s go to more of what
he found out. These are the highlights of what came across
in my reading of Shaun King’s work. In Waterloo, Iowa, on this past December 5th,
2019, Biden began telling falsehoods again about being an activist and organizer, and
then added new color the lie from 2014 that he was being trained as an activist in black
churches on Sunday mornings. Here’s that video.>>Because when I was about the age of the
guy standing over there, I got involved in the Civil Rights Movement. My state is a state that was segregated by
law. And we have the eighth largest black population
in the United States of America as a percent of population. And my passion was ignited when I saw what
was happening, when we moved down from this place called Scranton, Pennsylvania, with
very few minorities in that city. But I moved down to Delaware when I was in
third grade, a little town called Claymont. And what I found out was that there was a
significant African-American population. But guess what? They weren’t able to go to school, the places
that that we went to school. And I remember asking my mom what was that
all about? When she explained to me I thought how can
that be? And so, I got engaged. I never planned on running for public office. I love reading biographies of me now about
how I knew I was gonna run for the United States Senate. I knew I was gonna run for president. Didn’t know that at all. But I got my education, Reverend Doc, in the
black church, not a joke. Because when we used to get organized on Sundays
to go out and desegregate movie theaters and things like that, we’d do it through the black
church.>>So Shaun King shed some light in explaining
why that particular claim is ridiculous and easy to spot as a lie. So he writes, in 1960, during the Civil Rights
Movement, even in the Deep South, even in churches pastored by Dr King himself, Sunday
morning was not at all like a Monday night planning meeting or strategy session. Sunday mornings were sacred religious moments
of prayer, song, praise, offering, sermon, and invitation. Even during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Sunday
morning services were almost exclusively religious in nature.>>Yeah.>>And so, for anyone who knows that history,
you can you can spot that lie from a mile away. And I do wanna offer one other specific example
of Biden campaigning on his Civil Rights activism that didn’t actually happen. So on January 20, so this is very recent,
this year, Biden repeated his lies again at a special service at Bethlehem Baptist Church
in Columbia, South Carolina. Take a look.>>When I was a teenager in Delaware, for
real, I got involved in the Civil Rights Movement. We have the eighth largest black population
in America, most people don’t know that. And I’d go to eight o’clock Mass, then I’d
go to Reverend Herring’s church where we’d meet in order to organize and figure where
we were gonna go. Whether we’re gonna desegregate The Rialto
movie theater, what we were gonna do.>>And just to give you more detailed information
into the context and the reality, Shaun King writes the Herring he speaks of his the late
legendary Reverend Otis Herring of union Baptist Church in Wilmington. Other times this year, when Biden tells this
story, he says he’d leave Mass and go to the late Reverend Maurice Moyer’s church. I spoke to former members of their churches
as well as people close to both families, neither stories are true. Joe Biden met both of these men much later
in life and only learned about their great work in retrospect. Look, politics aside, the campaign aside,
you’re right. I mean, to brag about yourself and lie about
what you’ve done when it comes to something as serious ass the Civil Rights Movement is
just gross. Even if he weren’t a politician. Let’s say he’s a professor and he used that
to his advantage to get his tenured position at some university. It’s gross, it’s gross because there are people
who lost their lives. They put their lives on the line for that
movement. And many of those people have been forgotten,
many of those people never got the opportunity to see the outcome of that movement.>>And here’s Joe Biden, he brags about how
much support he has from the African-American community. I honestly get super uncomfortable with the
way the horse race is talked about and how demographics are talked about because it feels
like everyone is just an object, right? Each group is an object, and what am I gonna
do to win that object? And I don’t think it’s the right way to talk
about politics, but it happens all the time. I don’t know, this is, I think, a giant weakness. But more importantly, I think this is very
revealing about Biden’s character, and it really bothers me.>>Yeah, and to go back to what you said at
the very beginning about how could you talk about this, it’s gonna hurt him and that could
eventually, he could be the nominee. Well, wouldn’t you prefer it comes out now
rather than Trump? Cuz I got news for you, Trump he’ll use everything
that’s possible. He’ll make up a bunch of other stuff, but
he’ll also everything that’s possible. Maybe we should find out about it now during
a Primary election where you’re totally allowed to differentiate between the different candidates
through their positions, their statements, but also their histories, both real and imagined. And with Biden, the thing that bothered me
the most is, we can take all of what we’re learning now, the stories he’s telling and
the reality, the stories he’s told back then. But we can also put it in context of what
we know about the things he was saying along the way. He told a story three videos ago about having
a conversation with his mother where he came to understand that African-American kids couldn’t
go to school in certain areas. And that was a big learning moment for him. But then, 15 years later, when he’s giving
speeches about busing and he wants to show himself to be the right sort of white politician,
he demonizes busing programs.>>Right.>>So which is it? Is it just a total lie, which apparently it
was, that you had that conversation with your mom? Or did you actually have that revelation,
but when it was convenient for you, you really wanted to appeal the racist white people so
you talked about busing as this societal evil that needed to be stopped or at least slowed
down?>>So there was a lot of outrage over Joe
Rogan’s quasi endorsement of Bernie Sanders. The reason why I’m bringing that up is because
people, I think rightfully so, have been uncomfortable with things that Joe Rogan has said in the
past, right? And they have taken Joe Rogan’s statements
and used it to attack Bernie Sanders. That was a huge story. It dominated news feeds for an entire day,
and a little bit over the weekend as well. This story, I’m not seeing a lot of backlash
about this, and that’s what’s amazing to me. Because here, you have the candidate himself
lying about his own record and his own involvement in the Civil Rights Movement for political
gain. And that is far more offensive than Bernie
Sanders getting endorsed by someone you don’t like.>>Yeah, and in particular, any candidate
who’s being shown to be persistently lying for decades, literally, that should be an
issue. But if the identity that you have set yourself
up as, the person you are is the no malarkey guy, literally, like the sign no malarkey
tour was in some of those videos where he’s lying.>>I know.>>Well then, that should be even a bigger
issue. You’re saying the advantage you have is straight
talking honesty. When you have a multi-decade long history
of lying about this particular area. And look, we got a debate coming up next week. There’s time for those moderators to look
into this and to ask some tough questions.>>Yeah, I’m sure they’ll ask.>>Yeah, I kinda doubt it.>>Yeah, same.

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