Joe: There’s A Reason Donald Trump Fears Mueller In Front Of TV Cameras | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Joe: There’s A Reason Donald Trump Fears Mueller In Front Of TV Cameras | Morning Joe | MSNBC

August 26, 2019

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  1. Mueller has to realize that having the average Trump supporter hear him (Mueller) say that there is evidence of foreign influence (Russian) in our election, that Trump's obstruction actions were undeniable, and Trump's campaign knew it was benefitting from the things Russians were doing, – hearing him say things that are FAR from 'no collusion, no obstruction', – for instance, that Trump "cannot [be] exonerated", will be very relevant to many Trumpies, especially once it's meaning has been discussed.

  2. There is no reason why the President would fear Mueller in front of tv cameras, he is not at liberty to lie about anything he is not willing to testify to in court. He is accountable to everything he says in public and in some instances private. Whereas, this administration have nothing to fear of any reports he may have generated, so long as it was not fabricated like the collusion story..

  3. Lol ! Mueller does not want to do this . He will be answering to the nothing BURGER REPORT !! This should be good .

  4. The American people are the stupidest most ignorant voters on the planet! ……And prove it time and again….

  5. President Trump does not fear Mueller,stop listening to these idiots and do your own research,best economy in history,the rest of the world are praising him,you are being brainwashed here

  6. Trump and his lawyers fear nothing of Mueller unless Mueller resigns prior to July 17.
    If Mueller does not resign before July 17 then you will know that his BF Barr is still his BFF .
    Mueller will do his version of the Rod Rosenstien thousand yard stare as he is questioned by Congress that day . July 17 will be the most awkward and shameful walk back in history.
    July 17 Mueller will hand Trump 2020 on a silver platter.
    Unless you see Mueller resign between now and july17 be prepared to to feel your stomach in your throat and your head hang low as you endure trumps supporters celebrating in the streets and laughing in your face.

  7. Their using this to invest everyone to cover-ups of their roles with racketeering fluent through nations like with psychology greatly bridge to it, note, effectively recorded having kept branches of government criminally foreign influenced, delusions wrought, worse, and exploited that way originally, and still. Re-legion; fill….

  8. Only one question needed to be asked from Mueller. "If Trump was not a President and an ordinary citizen, Would you of indicted him".? "Yes or No". ? "Thank you Sir that is all".

  9. Ask Mueller: Was the 2016 $election of FAKEPOTUS Spanzky the result of computer VOTE fraud, where less than 80,000 votes in three states, traditionally Democratic, made the Electoral College into Trump University?

  10. Pay Sam Elliott to read the report, record it and sell it as an audio book. Everyone will listen to that.

    Be real. The only thing coming out of Mull's testimony is a DeNiro SNL sketch. It'll be another boring-going-nowhere dry meeting with Trump smacking it all down simultaneously via Twitter.

    I hope I am wrong.

  11. Republicans better open their eyes to doing their JOBS. SHAME on everyone who chooses to continue to turn a blind eye

  12. Mueller has already provided the groundwork for impeachment.

    The Democrats do not have the courage and the Republicans have already proven themselves to be aiding and abetting a criminal and a madman.

  13. Y’all been saying he gonna get locked up
    Lies lies
    He still running country
    Keep it up he will win again

  14. Unfortunately for Dems the Republicans are gonna ask Mueller questions and you're gonna regret having Mueller testify.

  15. I'm sorry but I don;t believe it anymore. I think the man is a criminal. But nothing is done. Nothing is happening. He will never be impeached. He will never have to answer. I've actually become very disillusioned in the entire political system by this. And republicans; the worst thing anyone can be called.

  16. I will admit that I am one of the people who have not read the report. The reason being that there is so much redacted in it, I wasn't sure it would make sense. And I was sure that the Supreme Court was going to have everything undredacted that wasn't a part of the ongoing investigation. I was completely wrong and will be reading it shortly. However, I also knew that I wasn't to believe any characterization coming out of the Whitehouse.

  17. What kind of a world wide distraction can Traitor Trump invent to prevent all eyes and ears on Mueller ?

  18. Please. Trump is not worried about Meuller. Why and how did the witch hunt get started? Lies by the left and corruption in FBI and Justice dept. Joe and Mika, you are idiots. Who the heck cares what you think

  19. Donnie Deutsh is dead wrong about people already knowing about the instances of obstruction. Joe is correct that people are just WAY too busy to watch that much. I know because I get frustrated when friends and family don't keep up and I can't have these discussions with them because they aren't aware. I watch this stuff EVERY DAY like a minor political junkie and I STILL am not sure all 10 of the instances of obstruction (although I totally believe that they do exist and Trump needs to be in PRISON). So yeah, we DEFINITELY need to hear Mueller testify in public. The people need that opportunity.

  20. more drivel from the king of drivel, Joe Scarboro. Better to shut up & be thought a fool than to speak out, & remove all doubt.

  21. Mueller has more integrity than Barr. He won't speak beyond the report. If he does Trump and his cronies will claim the investigation was political, which is exactly why Mueller handed this over to Congress and the American people to decide. We do need his testimony though.

  22. Racism is a trained and purposed disease that festers over time and generation…it is as deep within, as it is hidden without…most racist dont see them selves as such…

  23. Trump still has nightmares and wakes up in cold sweats dreaming he and his family as well as his lawyers are behind bars for life. Any time he sees the name "Mueller" or sees a picture of him Trump has flashbacks like shellshock from the War. Well we'll see if Mueller come July 17th has that ace up his sleeve than will put the entire Trump family behind bars were they belong.

  24. I made a JibJab video with Juliana, lol. TRUMP AND THE DEPLORABLES NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE

  25. Dear MSNBC: PLEASE stop starting every single clip with the SAME awful promo for Lester Holt's show, showing all the people with amputations. EVERY FREAKING TIME???? I'm way beyond sick of it.

  26. You better believe 'something' is going to happen between now and July 17th. Trump has got to find something to distract the American public.

  27. Why didnt you giys indict George W for beung partners with Bin Landens bro in law in Excon When he was president You people are scum Trump2020 There will be a civil war if you try to stop Trump

  28. But wr fckn indigos not old peopke that watched olivet We dont give a fk We know wat we want and its gone be you ducks first I promise

  29. Out number military 30 to one and 2 3rds of them are w us Keep playing ya games You gone start something you can't finish

  30. Why not just comw to the truth under terms. This america is a criminal enterprise that need to be shut down.

  31. The presodent probably does not even know what obatruction of justice is. So he would not know if he commuted a crime


  33. There are also those who have a disability when it comes to reading I my self have one ,so the oral testemoney will be help all

  34. Trump understands the power of t.v. He knows that MUELLER will have the ear of AMERICANS. Not to mention seeing him on the screen speaking TRUTHFULLY to the AMERICAN citizens.

  35. There will likely be a new Mitch the gopher tortoise Senate rule that there can be no impeachment in the last year and a half of a president's term.

  36. If Mueller stands by his word and does not give any information beyond what his report shows then there will be a lot of democrats such as Pelosi, Schiff, and Nader heading for home holding their behinds. They will have to put up with trump who, with glee, will shove their words down their throats. And after that we will have to put up with DERANGED DONALD UNTIL 2024.
    that's what I believe will happen if Mueller sticks with his only statement about his 2 years of work.

  37. Joe you're right that's the problem but the all the Republicans between the Senators and some of the congressman they are still lying they still don't see nothing there in the Mueller report that says obstruction or even a conspiracy to work with a foreign government to get dirt on a candidate for this country and the government is an enemy of this government so now that's the problem that we have people are afraid to read Mueller report but they are people who already read it the first page itself tells you everything the conspiracy between him and Russia and all his secret meetings he's taking what Putin all chimed in together and he's meeting now with Putin in the summit claim it all well you know he's joking with no you can't sit there and interfere in the elections again this time around he's full of bull he wants you to help him win again I don't think it's going to happen he's going to end up with somebody that's putting up a fight and that's going to want America back on track he didn't make America great again never did never will with the Tariff she's put on China he screwed every American person over in this country that's paying taxes and that's paying for goods from these foreign countries and he screwed over the farmers to so now the farmers have to vote in a different way

  38. Are we going to get from the Republicans is that molar is bias against the president but they don't seem to realize it was a war hero Mueller is a republican he doesn't consider himself that as and special counsel lawyer he just considers himself a lawyer a prosecutor he's founding but he cannot prosecute because he can indict a sitting president and that's what it states in the doj so we got to get this thing closed and we've got to get this man out of office along with his boyfriend Pence we don't need neither. Neither one of them to be president because your boat illegitimate president President's Day will both help by Russia no matter how you put it no matter how you say it they were helped by Russia to win the election and there is a video that Putin was asked did he help Donald Trump win and did he want Donald Trump to win and he said yes I did yes I did CNN has that video and it's out there somewhere I just got to find it

  39. 11:39 Donny Deutsch clearly does not understand the majority of the people he shares a country with.

    Donny (Pot): How is it possible, Americans not know or understand the summary points of the Muller Report given the amount of redundant exposure it has had over a variety of platforms?

    Americans ( Kettles alleged black by Donny Deutsch): How is it possible, Donny Deutsch, political operative and liberal talking head, is completely oblivious to a video clip (which has gone viral) of a Trump voter leaving Republican Congressional MemberJustin Amash's town hall meeting expressing the exact sentiment toward the Muller report he so incredulously dismisses with the same level of probability as big foot. Yet, she exists and she is not alone. Her thoughts,
    "I was surprised to hear there was anything negative in the Mueller report at all about President Trump. I hadn't heard that before," she said. "I've mainly listened to conservative news and I hadn't heard anything negative about that report and President Trump has been exonerated." are representative of about 90% of the Republican Party and 30-40% of the electorate at large. No one who cares about democracy can continue to be blind or ambivalent to the reality represented by her thoughts.

  40. An unearthed story killed by Newsweek revealed that Trump's medical records indicate Trump is addicted to drugs. Trump is addicted to Amphetamines.
    He crushes and snorts adderall.
    No wonder he's obsessed with Twitter at all hours of the night.
    DC Tribune
    His mind is racing all the time and it's no wonder people can't get through to him. By now he's probably paranoid hallucinating. This could also be the reason he doesn't read; his vision has been affected (cloudy) by the stimulants. Congress must order an examination for both mental and physical stability asap as a condition for his continuing on to 2020. A psychiatrist warns that Trump's mental health is now a public safety issue.
    We must ensure that Trump is drug free when he's speaks with foreign leaders, campaigning, and interacting with democrats. We must ensure that he is always drug free for our nation's security. We need a sober president.

  41. How stupid are you people. From the very start of the Russian collision announcement, nobody worked out that it was the biggest hoax in our history. So here are the facts that you stupid people and the fake media need to ask yourselves.
    1. How come nobody mentioned a word about Russia interference in the Trump and Hillary election until 2 days after Trump won?
    2. Then we were told that the Russian's were interfering with our election during Trump and Hillary's campaign.
    3. If they knew all this was going on then why didn't they stop the election and investigate this.
    4. Now we were told that Obama and his staff knew all about the Russian's but didn't stop the election to another time.
    5. If Obama knew then Hillary also had to know but they did nothing.
    6. Now it gets better here. We were told that Trump and not Hillary had colluded with the Russian's in the Hillary and Trump election.
    7. So if Obama and Hillary and the FBI had the proof on Trump during their campaign, why didn't they come forward with the evidence and stop us from wasting our time to vote.
    8. This evidence would have locked up Trump well and truly before we even voted for him. Am I right?
    9. Now here's a simple one for the simple minded people out there. If Hillary knew all this was going on with Trump and the Russian's during her campaign, why didn't she report it and totally destroy Trump and every other Republican from ever getting voted.
    10. This is the easiest one to think about but the hardest to answer. Why did Hillary and Obama, who were still running the White House at this time, believe that Hillary was going to win the 2016 election with all this information on Trump and his campaign?
    11. Go back to question 1.

  42. i think a lot more people have a lot more context on the mueller report than maybe other investigative reports in the past simply because this one has been packaged and presented to the public in so many different ways. recently, a bunch of actors did a table reading presentation of certain portions of the report depicting the ten acts of obstruction. people who wouldn't have read the report have had so many opportunities to hear it read by now. heck, you can stop reading this comment and put "mueller report full reading" into the search bar up there right now and hear it. some people at nowthis did it. some congresspeople did it. a bunch of people did it.

    btw and ot, but john lithgow needs to play Old, Demented Trump in the biopic. his trump is the perfect balance of hilarious and terrifying.

  43. What the USA needs is a hero. I dont understand why Nancy Pelosi is not that hero. Someone though is going to surprise everyone. Someone highly unexpected.

  44. The dems will regret Muellers testimony The Repulicans will drag him threw the mudd Trump 2020

  45. Muller is going to take cnn the FBI the CIA and all the demo- rats down !!! Can't wait for when he testifies !!!!! This will be as good as the landing on the moon

  46. July the 18th all of these idiots will be crying again on national tv !!! Get on the trump train chew chew !!! Trump 2020

  47. Let's face it I am not ok with Mueller's report, it is not a perfect job, he is a gud man
    Don't get me wrong, his report caused more problems than solve the problem . I know he strictly adheres to doj rules but the issue at stake does not only concern doj it concerns the united states, the constitution, it concerns the american people, so for Mueller not to make decisions based on his findings causes more difficulties, this is not a normal scenario. Trump is
    President that's looking for every opportunity to claim victory and any loophole of indecision will help him to
    Take advantage, he doesn't
    Care about any rule or constitution.

  48. More delusional thinking of the Left. What really irritates these people is that Trump isn't fearful of any of them. Mueller isn't going to contradict the succinct, written finding in his report: There was no collusion and no grounds for any claim of obstruction. These idiots are going to blush, when Mueller is asked about why he didn't look at the only collusion with foreign elements… by the Hillary Clinton, DNC and their Agency anti-American operatives.

  49. Trump and his clan represent the principles of thug government. Read about the history of Fascism. Its pattern is very consistent. It's new to America in terms of grabbing power in the federal government, so we're slow to acknowledge it, especially when the power grab is incremental, as Trump step-by-step plants stooges in the Supreme Court and other high offices. This is all being orchestrated by the corporations, who seek to dismantle our democratic ability to regulate them. That's what this is ultimately about. The goal of achieving an oligarchy. But we know the problems unfettered, unchecked capitalism causes, from 19th and early 20th century history. The lessons are there if we just look. For all the lip service they give our constitution, corporate oligarchs revile democracy.. They want absolute control on the electorate, as is the case in Russia, and they're close to getting it.

  50. Republicans are terrified of Robert Mueller. He knows that the GOP is a corrupt treasonous transnational money laundering crime syndicate.

  51. Rudi needs to just STFU he is so stupid and he makes so sense and he's not America's Mayor he's a horrible person just like trump Crooked, Lying, thieving wannabe Thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Trump is laughing that mueller is so stupid to testify under oath in congress. Because Trump knows when Mueller testifies under oath in front of a judge and jury his story will be 100% different.

  53. Braindead joe should know that Barr asked mueller three times in front of several witnesses if the ruling was the reason he did file charges on Trump. One of those witnesses was Rosenstien and the rest DOJ personnel. One of the 10 points was a phone voicemail from Trump's lawyer. The mueller report lied or edited the recording to make the call look guilty. The full recording shows there was nothing that was the least bit wrong or illegal.

  54. Donald Trump should fear Robert Mueller not because he was the special counsel but because he walks in political holiness similar to John McCain . A man that even God bows his head softly and says "what a creation". standing for your country working and fighting for your country and standing up for consumers juditionally, Mueller is "political holiness" and he can't be touched.

  55. Mueller must understand that we are not investigators, and we need answers for questions we can't understand. I agree, Trump shouldn't have been President. When we, the people, had over 3 million votes cast for Hillary, more than Trump, how did he get the office. When the Russians attacked our voting, and it went unchecked by the majority, Republicans, how could it be a fair election!

  56. I read War and Peace in a weekend, so buckle up people, you can take the time to read possible the most important piece you may ever read! Trouble is, some of it is law, in which we don't quite understand. That's why we need clarity. We all need some clarity.

  57. There are @least 10 Acts of Obstruction Trump will be called out on.
    Collusion? The jury is still out on that one.
    Democrats, begin Impeachment Hearing proceedings, after Muller's testimony.

  58. Dear Donny Deutsche= As Adlai Stevenson found it necessary to tell one of his adoring fawning matrons: My dear, I will need a majority of all the people , not just the smart & well-educated. =x= 0v0

  59. So, I'm seeing that watch parties are being organized for the July 24th Congressional hearings.

    5 am is too early for me so I'm setting the DVR.

    With any luck, Mueller's testimony will cause most Fox News viewers to suffer brain aneurisms that put them into comas for a few years.

  60. Question from Representative Gonad Muncher from Alabama: Mister Mueller can you please inform this investigative body about the oranges of your report?

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