John Bercow: idea that parliament could be sidelined in Brexit debate is ‘for the birds’
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John Bercow: idea that parliament could be sidelined in Brexit debate is ‘for the birds’

December 10, 2019

The House will want
to have its say and the idea that the
House won’t have its say you know, is just
for the birds. Parliament is a big
player in this and whatever view
it takes, whether parliament votes one way
or one particular proposition or for a directly contrary
proposition, or for another proposition
somewhere in the middle remains to be seen,
but the idea that parliament is going to be – it may in
due course for reasons of restoration and refurbishment
be physically evacuated – but the idea that parliament
is going to be evacuated from the centre stage of debate
on brexit is unimaginable. It is simply unimaginable.

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  1. It isn't up to MPs whether we remain in the EU. We are currently only members under an extension granted by the EU, and the EU will decide whether it continues or expires in October, and nor is it for the Legislature to usurp the role of the Executive in making new Treaties or even asking for a further Extension. If MPs don't like what the Executive is doing, they can hold a No Confidence Vote and force a General Election, but they cannot force the Government in any other way…

  2. Parliament is sovereign. That is how British democracy works – people elect MPs to make decisions in their interests. The fact that some people think the government should be able to impose their idea of Brexit on us without support of parliament is absurd and undermines our democracy

  3. there might soon be no government in england anymore. parliament is broken, and scottland and whales want out

  4. Parliament is not gingerbread, you can hardly eat parliament during five-o'clock tea. Parliament is the power of tradition and the engine onto the future.

  5. Bercow is a British national treasure, he's made following all the petty bickering in your Parliament worth it.

  6. Parliament is acting upon it's own will rather than the will of the people whom it is there to serve. It is no longer a democracy. It is going to get very messy. John Bercow is forcing his personal 'metropolitan elitist' agenda.

  7. Hey mister big, you and your type are blocking the will of the people and are effectively fascists active in blocking democracy. This usually ends badly.

  8. He thinks he knows better than the people he should have been sacked over the scandals he's had against him people getting sacked for less stuff surely he should be sacked bullying sexual harassment. This man is highly strung on power

  9. John Bercow quite clearly 110% wants to stop brexit he is an enemy of the people the same as the Labour Party

  10. I believe on Halloween if they do not deliver the brexit No Deal we all to steam parliament and Number 10 and takeover a people's takeover of government

  11. Speakers are meant to be impartial, so are the BBC but the far left like him (although he’s in the wrong party that’s what he is) are using public office to spread their doctrine.

  12. The Remainer Parliament refusing to obey the will of the majority is the problem, not the solution. We will vote you all out for this treachery.

  13. Bercow should go as Speaker over bullying inquiry, says Miller. Read more ►

  14. The idea – that a jumped-up little Poison Dwarf can rob the British People of our democratic entitlement to Leave the rotten EU – is for the birds!

  15. Parliament should be made to vote WTO deal or Prime minsters Deal, don't listen to lying people who just want to remain.

  16. Prorogue Parliament.  Make no mistake in presuming UK Parliamentarians support democracy, most do not.  The majority of MPs support technocratic dictatorship, only a minority still support democratic government.  Therefore Parliament is not a democracy and does not represent the people.  To reassert democratic government vote for The Brexit Party.

  17. House will want to have its say actually means :

    I want to be able to control the debate and use the house as my means by abusing my position as nutural arbitor and persuing a partisan agenda (hopefully no one will notice and will be too taken in with my flamboyant behaviour and flowery rhetoric).
    Total con man- remainers know it too, but happily go along with it as he is pushing their agenda.

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