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John Bercow – Parliamentary Studies module at the University of Birmingham

December 3, 2019

I think it will be great because I think
that alongside people acquiring knowledge of political parties, political
leaders, policy, the operation of the civil service, the interaction with the
media etc etc, students here if they’re interested will get the chance to learn
about how Parliament works. How does the legislature operate? How do the different
component parts of it – House of Commons and the House of Lords – interact? By what
means is legislation put on the statute book? What’s the power relationship
between, say, ministers who sit in Parliament and those who are not part of
the government and that’s a much larger number. So, there’s plenty of material
there and personally I think it’s fascinating obviously I’m consumed by it
because I’ve been practicing politics for over two decades and I just think
it’s rather a good thing for the students. It’s also a good thing for
Parliament if I’m really honest about it – universities matter as Parliament
does – they are seats of learning where there’s great teaching most
certainly here and great research and the idea that Parliament has a presence
in a significant sprinkling of respected institutions of higher education around
the country seems to me not only to be good for you but to be good for us.

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