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John Stossel Interviews Tulsi Gabbard

October 15, 2019

Welcome to the first Democratic debate Of Democrats polling well enough to be in the Presidential debates, one is clearly different: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Where is the conversation about peace? Gabbard served in Iraq, and now she pushes for ending wars. Every time we launch these interventionist regime change wars Every single one of us pays the price. We have to honor our service men and women by only sending them on missions that are worthy of their sacrifice. There’s seldom is a discussion that I’ve heard about what is our mission. Exactly. That’s exactly the problem. What is the clear, achievable goal? So in Afghanistan you would have gotten out when? Go in, defeat Al-Qaeda, get out. Gabbard also says we should talk with our enemies. She met with Syria’s dictator and was criticized for that. You need to acknowledge that Bashar al-Assad is a murderous despot I would think that they would say, we should talk to everybody. Better talk than wage war. You would think that’s what they would say. So what’s going on with your party? Democrats used to the anti-war party. They’re heavily influenced by foreign policy establishment in Washington whose whole power base is built around continuing this status quo. So much so to the point where when I’m calling for an end to these wasteful wars, they’re saying, well, gosh, Tulsi, why are you such an isolationist. As though the only way that we can relate with other countries in the world is by bombing them, or by putting crippling economic sanctions in place. Gabbard would also end another war. As your president, I will end the failed war on drugs. She’d start by legalizing marijuana. I’ve never smoked marijuana. I never will. I’ve never drank alcohol. I’ve chosen not to in my life, but this is about free choice. And if somebody wants to do that, our country should not be making a criminal out of them. So once we’re an adult, we own our own bodies and we ought to be able to poison them if we want? Yes. [laughs] But you haven’t proposed legalizing heroin or cocaine I think that’s the direction that we need to take while still criminalizing those who are traffickers and dealers of these drugs. Isn’t that hypocritical? You can use it, but nobody can sell it to you? Yeah. No, it’s not at all. I think there’s a difference here where you have those who are profiting off of selling substances that are harmful to others, as opposed to those who are making those choices on their own to do what they wish with their bodies. Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record At one debate, she criticized Kamala Harris for being so eager to jail people. She put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. That moment changed the race. She was leading in the betting. Immediately she fell seven points 10 days later, another seven points. You killed her off. I’m for the people, man. I was speaking the truth, and speaking for a lot of people. Good for Gabbard for bringing that up, and for running an ad that at least mentions America’s debt. Our national debt is something that we all need to take seriously. But like most Democrats, Gabbard would spend billions on expensive new programs. I support Medicare for all, and I want to tell you why. Medicare for All. We can’t afford this stuff. The military’s entire budget is $700 Billion. Bernie Sanders admits it will cost $3 trillion. The money that we are going to save by ending these wasteful wars — you’re right, it won’t cover every other thing that we need to accomplish. For example Free College. Don’t you think colleges already waste a lot of money? They do. Absolutely. Why is it costing more and more and more every single year? Just throwing just- Well, look how much more it will cost when it’s free. This is the problem is just throwing more money at it isn’t going to solve it, so we have to deal with the systemic problem here, the root cause of the problem. One of which is, how much administrators of a lot of these colleges are being paid or overpaid. Let’s actually see where these dollars are going. Let’s look at the fact that these universities, many of them don’t have any kind of accountability or transparency. How will you have it, if you make it free? If the student has some skin in the game, his own money. Well, my approach- He might care about how many administrators there are. What we’re working on it and we’ll be releasing this in detail in the course of our campaign. While we wait for that, Gabbard points out that her own education cost much less We had a an education tent in our camp and I did classes in that tent online. Mortar attacks were coming in. I’d have to run out and go into the bunker, but I tested out of probably somewhere between 40 and 60 credits. Cheaper. A lot cheaper. Gabbard also joins other Democrats in demanding that government decide what businesses must pay people. A $15 minimum wage. Yep. How does that not destroy opportunity for a 17 year old in his first job who isn’t worth $15 an hour. I think we’re looking at this as an investment in people You’ve never run a business. You’ve never had to deal with hiring workers and having to pay minimum wage. Let me stop you right there because My parents started a restaurant all five of us kids took turns sweeping floors, wiping tables and serving food, and experienced the challenges and the hardships and also the rewards of a family run business. I apologize for not knowing you had- That’s all right. … a family restaurant. I’m glad we could have a civil argument about some of these areas where we disagree. Few politicians want to do that anymore. It’s unfortunate, isn’t it? Of all the people polling over a percent, you’re the only one, who, so far has come and sat down to talk. Our leaders are increasingly unwilling to sit down with those who may be quote unquote on the other team. I love my country. You love our country. Let’s come together as Americans with appreciation for our constitution, our freedoms, civil liberties and rights, and have this civil discourse and dialogue about how we can move forward together. That would be good. Thank you very much. Thank you. That’s just a fraction of our 45 minute discussion. Later this week, you can watch the whole thing at

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  1. Isn’t the whole point to keep the terrorist over there and not here. we are try to eradicate terrorism here. She doesn’t realized we had to fight the Taliban because they were housing bin laden and wouldn’t turn him over when asked.

  2. Tulsi is the only Democrat I would consider voting for. I wish her well. I think the DNC and the corporate media have been trying to blackball her to keep her exposure away from the American people. If she doesn't get the nomination, (based on the DNC and media suppressing Tulsi). Im casting a protest vote for Trump. the American people will choose the President, not the media or the DNC!

  3. Well I like Tulsi and have even been to some of her meetings here in Hawaii

    But I don't think she will overtake the other dems

  4. Sorry tulsi you are still wayyy to lefty. Too much government oversight, you are calling for more spending for Free healthcare, free college etc More more more. Government should be less less. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. You’re on the WRONG SIDE OF AMERICA~ working at mom and dads restaurant isn’t work experience to RUN A COUNTRY D’uh

  6. Huge hikes and way to high minimum wage is a great way to push automating low skill jobs like flipping and making burgers at a McDonald's or something similar. Gg, another step towards ruining America.

  7. He rationale about drugs is flawed. By her standard alcohol and inhalant manufacturers should be criminally responsible for the poor decisions of their customers. If people know that something is bad for them and they still do it, that's no one else's fault but theirs.

  8. She's kinda hypocritical in regards to the second amendment though. She's all about freedom and free choice unless it's your "free choice" to own a scary black rifle

  9. Tulsi is a CFR member. She even says so on her own website. She knows Hillary will be the DNC nominee, because if she went to their meetings she would have been told so. Tulsi knows since last election cycle, the DNC is a Bill and Hillary political machine, so why is she yapping? Why are you interviewing her? Are you controlled opposition or ignorant? Especially given you ain't rich, what's your angle?

  10. She can’t even say Afghanistan was a mistake. Democrats are worse than cancer. Does she even realize
    Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are NOT the same? These people are just the worse. They claim to hate Trump but agree with the same foreign policy the U.S. has had for the past 60 years. Dems have funded Saudi Arabia as much as Republicans. Two sides of the same coin. The DNC hates Tulsi because she is actually conservative and liberty minded. So she has zero chance of getting the nomination. She would be a great independent candidate in 2024.

  11. The one thing I do like about Gabbard, is that she does interviews like this one. Dave Rubin also had a 1+ hour interview with her which was also excellent, where she presents her side. As calm and frank as I believe her to be, she is still way to far left for my taste. Going full TRUMP. Again.

  12. She is clearly not diff lol. Shes nowhere close to being anti war. U can tell by the way she talks about her military service. ALL anti war veterans are ashamed of their military record

    Working at a family restaurant as a child isnt running a business LOL

  13. Tulsi is not qualified to defend us people in Hawaii from her deep state constituents. She let them Railroad road us all on the failed rail at 10 billion and 20 miles.

  14. Damn… missed an opportunity when she mentioned the family restaurant to ask if her parents were paying all the kids $15 an hour…

  15. She has some good ideas, some not so good. But she's willing to discuss her ideas, not just say 'vote for me and my policies, i'll tell you what they are later', like the others.

  16. People on the left are simply too hard-headed to look at the crystal clear facts and make a decision off of facts and facts only. They don't care about how most all of the liberal candidates are going to send the Nat'l debt into orbit; its already too high now, but they simply don't care what the cost is, as long as YOU end up paying for them, and that's all they care about. That's not a policy, that's bankrupting the citizens of this country. Wake up libs before you make the biggest mistake of your life; vote republican.

  17. Not significantly different from the others; she is a protégé of Bernie Sanders after all. She does have a pleasant measured vocal style that is contrasted to the screechers. She is also very pretty. That seems to be the only reason people (especially men) are fascinated by her. Once you look at her platform she can be written off as just another dangerous stealth socialist.

  18. I feel she is gonna be another Obama. She's married into a group that generally hate the US. I don't care about her history. Just look at Obama.

    Once bitten …

  19. I disagree with almost everything she proposes but this is the way it should be. Most democrats won't sit down and discuss these things because they are afraid of any opposing viewpoint as they don't know how to defend their own beliefs.

  20. LOVE you John!!! Too bad Tulsi is a completely reckless Progressive who hides her disgusting policies behind her military service.

  21. I just figured out what it was about Tulsi Gabbard. She's the only one who's real and actually has thought about and believes the things she says – except for Bernie. All the rest, from Hillary on down, are just vote-getting machines who will switch positions any number of times if it means they win the election. Tulsi is the only one who isn't a total lying piece of shit… Like, I wouldn't trust Corey Booker with my penny collection and Beto is a true idiot. They're psychopaths and so are all the others.

    I'm afraid that Tulsi might come out from under the hateful Democrats and then go on to beat Trump in 2020. I can't for the life of me think of what tactic Donald could use to beat her. He works best when he's up against a total piece of garbage and Tulsi ain't that…

  22. >you can use drugs but it's illegal for someone to sell them to you
    Right, so if you wanted to use drugs you'd still have to seek out and interact with dangerous gangs and criminals, and fund them by buying their drug. Can't buy drugs off a legitimate business that pays taxes, follows the law and is accountable. Ok.

  23. She's the best democrat running. And that's saying something considering she wants to give healthcare to illegals! #Trump2020 #Sane2020

  24. Tulsi says her family had a restraunt and she worked in it. Does she really thing her family could afford to pay each and every one of their kids $15 an hour? And if they didn't they'd be shut down by the government? This kills all buisness that isn't apple or Amazon. And even then it would kill employment, skyrocket homelessness, and make fruits and veggies go from $1 a pound to $10!
    Yet she's still the most sane democrat! Vote Republican! Your life literally depends on it!

  25. We`ve made it legal in America to murder new born babies in the name of "a woman`s individual freedom to choose" "because it`s HER body, HER choice", but WE CANNOT CHOOSE TO SMOKE SOME WEED? That`s the most STUPID and INSANE damn thing I`ve ever heard.

  26. Fredo Cuomo “You need to acknowledge that………….” Who the f..k is he to demand anything of a decorated veteran? He and Don ‘Worse Journalist of the Year’ Lemon are repulsive.

  27. she's nasty nasty mouthed her state of Hawaii has so many homeless people but yet she stands here saying vote me president sorry but not worthy of being president go home fix your state's homelessness

  28. Let’sRed Pill Tulsi. She’d could be a terrific conservative. I can see there’s some common sense buried in her.
    She simply needs to be de-indoctrinated from her liberal educational brainwashing.

  29. I have to admit that I respect Gabbard even when I strongly disagree with her economic philosophy. Haven't looked into her stance on 2A; her affiliation with the DNC makes any consideration for candidacy impossible. Don't care for either major party but I loathe the DNC. I don't think Republicans/Conservatives are really any less socialistic than Progressives (just a different agenda) but at least they tend to be good for the economy.

    This nation will not succeed in fulfilling the Promise until we turn our backs on Progressivism and Conservativism and embrace True Liberalism, as known by our Founding Fathers. 🇺🇸

    #Liberals4Trump 🇺🇸

    Edit: Out of curiosity I googled her stance on 2A. As I suspected I could not in good conscience vote for her.

    I am a hardline Declarationist and a believer in Franklin's vision of America. c.f. His 1784 essay "Remarks Concerning The Savages Of North America."

  30. Every conservative and libertarian seems interested in finding the one reasonable voice in the Demonutzy Party among all of today’s loony toon Demonuts. Tulsi is just cuckoo lite. Do not be fooled by her facade of “reasonableness.” Trump is already in the process of removing us from “endless” wars. He is fighting our true enemies, China, Iran and North Korea with tough diplomacy while keeping our military strong.

    Tulsi’s complaint is properly aimed at Clinton, Bush and Obama who proved to be three of our worst Commander’s-in-Chief. Notice, two of the three are Demonuts who held the office for 16 of the past 24 years before Trump.

    Additionally, her domestic agenda doesn’t do anything but slow down the full-throttled approach toward Marxist-Socialism that all of her other Demonuts are pushing us toward faster than she proposes. Tulsi, as the vast majority of politicians in D.C., is constitutionally illiterate. More importantly, the policies of the Demonuts and most Republicrats, are destroying the character of the average American. Self-reliance, personal responsibility, liberty and freedom, along with family, mother, father, son and daughter, are words which will soon be removed from the dictionary as too vulgar and obscene. Wake up!

  31. was her parents paying the kids 10 bucks an hour to work in the family business? …I think not. The money/banking problem is not one of a minimum wage…its fractional banking and being off the gold/silver standard that has made it impossible to live on current wages. The "petro dollar" changed everything in the early 70's….no one wants to talk about that

  32. Her "platform" isn't much different than those of the other Dem candidates: FREE, FREE, FREE. And her understanding of war, business, and (evidently) just about everything else is at the level of a child.
    She thinks that "sweeping floors, wiping tables and serving food" in her family's restaurant qualifies her to understand the ramifications of a mandatory $15.00 per hour wage and how to run a business. Ms. Gabbard has no idea.

    She's just another Lefty.

  33. Her Parents owned a business, she and her siblings worked there to help out. She doesn't make the connection that if her parents had to hire employees at $15 an hour they would go out of business!? Thank God for child labor! She has a good heart, just short on wisdom.

  34. Shame on you John Stossel for for not mentioning the medicare for all at $3 Trillion would save us $200 Billion a year from our current expenditure.

  35. I really want to like her. She's not a crazy at all. But I just can't get behind a lot of her policy ideas. If I really had to choose a Democrat, she's the one I choose.

  36. I agree we should have dialogues with foreign leaders. But as the saying goes, “You cannot reason with a madman.”

  37. I’m sorry but her platform is full of contradictions and zero real solutions except for the usual socialism espoused by every other lib. She’s on the wrong side. With her background, she should be a republican. She might actually get somewhere.

  38. Health care is not free, unless the Doctors dont take a pay check, unless the lights in the Hospital are donated by the Electric Company, that the Nurses and Ambulances people all donate their time, all of these obvious things cost and somebody, somewhere down the line, has to pay for it, so please stop saying is free… thats just political spin nonsense.

  39. Tulsi is smart enough to know she must be logical to earn the conservative vote, but she will not support the Second Amendment.

  40. First I would like to say..thank you Tulsi for your service. Please stay in office and make a difference.
    I truly feel that the establishment (DEMS) do not like you! I see both parties, as old career players that have been in office for too long. Self serving $$$, corruption has been exposed.
    Lets drain the swamp, demand term limits and continue the fight with voting people in office, that stand for the USA, like Tulsi. I say continue to call both parties out…..DRAIN THE SWAMP !!

  41. I like her, but I can't agree with her. She's peddling fascistic socialism. Her idea is to make government bigger and more powerful. The aim should be to make government smaller and more limited.

  42. There is no moderation in 2020 , nothing but right or left ,
    I’m going to have to go right , a simple moderate idea would be
    Like background checks for all gun transactions but no banning any ar 15
    Platform , is a compromise but everyone is so dug in .

  43. Tulsi is so right and confident in her saying!
    She is the only candidate right choice for President of USA!
    America needs to change and is possible with Tulsi and Tulsi only!
    Truth prevails and eventually WIN!

  44. Why do pols that fight FOR ppl, AGAINST corporate establishment, have to bow & scrape to millionaires paid by billionaires in interviews like this?

    Tulsi, Yang & Bernie should stop subjecting themselves to stuff like this & we need to regulate or abolish corporate media. US media is making the world stupid.

  45. legalizing pot will make things outrageously worse. Consider also that all of the Muslim leaders want to legalize pot. Would be quite easy for ISIS to fight against a bunch of stoners. Not a good idea. She makes a little bit of sense, but doesn't get the big picture, and has no idea how to run a business. Working in your parents business doesn't mean you know anything about it.

  46. Oh stossel found my other favorite candidate

    I love her foreign policy.

    I don't drink much nor do I do drugs and I'm for others doing what they want.

    I may not agree with all her policies but I like her as a person.😉

    Invite andrew yang as well. But I think he's weaker in foreign policy.

    But ubi is far more reasonable than more welfare for special interests.

  47. She's a wolf in sheep's clothing. I think the ones who use the drugs should be punished and it would stop the dealers and the death on the streets by gangs, and overdose. Drugs cannot be legalized.

  48. Excellent interview with an excellent human being. I’m a Stossel fan now. Btw watch the whole interview— it’s worth it

  49. Tulsi is already a member of the CFR. A globalist and part of the the utterly corrupt UN. Also backed by Sheldon Adelson who does NOT have America's best interests at heart. Case closed. What idiot believes anything on network television anymore including John Stossel? Corporate sell outs all of them.

  50. How is a 17 yr old worth $15 per hour? Gabbard “We’re looking at this as an investment in people.” Huh? WTF does that mean? How does that help a business owner pay newbies $15 per hour? Just another clueless politician.

  51. I just don't understand how she can talk about individual liberties and then suggest that we should pay for healthcare for everyone and pay college education for everyone.
    If it's my body to poison, isn't it my money to spend?
    I honestly don't mind paying 20 % income tax or so but all that would require what? 60% maybe 75%.
    That's not liberty.

  52. McCain, even after life, is still having a strong hold on established money backing endless wars. Glad more and more like Trump and Gabbard are forcing the meaningful conversation and meaningful change.

    I totally disagree with her on free stuff.

  53. So the people that run our failed wars should be in charge of our pay rate and our health care ?
    Crazy as all the rest of them but just better at hiding it with a nice smile.

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