Johnson suspended parliament to stop MPs blocking his policies, supreme court told
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Johnson suspended parliament to stop MPs blocking his policies, supreme court told

November 28, 2019

This five week prorogation
has prevented parliament from carrying out its scrutiny
functions over the executive for a period of exceptional length,
longer than any prorogation in the past 40 years,
for no rational reason and at a time when the constitutional
principle of the executive being answerable to parliament
is of vital importance. All of this conflicts,
and I’m coming on to the law, with the constitutional law
principle that the executive is subject to parliamentary scrutiny.

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  1. Boris can Prorogue Parliament straight away after the verdict under National Emergency Legislation and stick two fingers up to the subversive Anti-Democratic Parliament

  2. Personally I hope have a civil war to get rid of all the cowards on the remain side let’s see if they are willing to fight for Europe

  3. Parliament is an instrument of power through which the executive wields power. If you dont understand that as it seems a majority in Parliament dont then you are for a pointless talking shop. The rule of Lawyers is not the rule of law.

  4. The reality is it will take a long time for the country to be more united no matter the outcome. Can of worms was opened in 2016, and a confirmatory vote 3.5 years could heal some wounds around the impasse and broken promises.. but time will tell

  5. Just because she has MONEY! she thinks she can override the majority of voters who voted for a CLEAN break Brexit and there was no mention of having to do a so called 'deal' with the Ba…rds…….WE VOTED TO LEAVE THE F…..G EU!!!!! gina miller you really stink of corruption.

  6. This guy always gets it wrong – compared to the last 40 yrs, all Johnson did was add on another 5 days, but it sounds worse if they say 5 weeks oc.

  7. 46 seconds from one side of the long and complex (and unnecessary) case… Thanks Guardian. Can't wait until this waste of time and money is chucked out of court so that I can bathe in remainer tears.

  8. What the public don't realise, is the case has already been decided behind close doors. This bluster is merely theatre for the media. It's how the establishment works. Its also why the Eu doesn't like referendums. It gives people a direct say on their policies. In England we the 'common people' can change policies through our vote. Something that can't be done in the Eu. On the continent the state has power over you. In England it's the opposite. The voter has power over the state.

  9. Major was the last time,parliament was closed..why,because he gave away powers he had no right mandate nothing…it's not leave anymore it's crash out. Why because that scares you..better have another referendum ,,3 in Ireland ,who still don't want same sex Union which is unfortunate,but btw, ,but that's life ,everybody doesn't always get what they want…what one does behind closed doors fine ,just keep from my face..can't go into a bank with a hoody or motorbike helmet ,but you can go in dressed with just your eyes showing …you can marinate that one….Hungary no voting rights and Italy basically shut out..why?this is europe at its most wicked when it doesn't get what it wants..they cost us a billion (British )1000million .net per month….

  10. I’m glad parliament has been suspended. Time wasters. They’ve had years and have done nothing to help brexit. What are they going to do it the last few weeks besides mess it up?

  11. Brexiteers wanted parliamentary sovereignty. Now they seem to be pleased that parliament has been shut down because it is ‘full of useless people that cannot make a decision’. So, what they really want is a dictatorship? I’m no expert, but this doesn’t seem wise.

  12. Nah, parliamentarians are not carrying out the will of the people, therefore there’s little need for it. To not be doing their job properly sounds like they need a break anyway, they should be thankful as they’re clearly incompetent.

  13. To all the dimwitted brexit supporters, I hope your brain clicks on when you realize that your days of sitting on an easy chair, drinking beer and swearing at the TV are going to be over once a hard brexit is implemented. HAH!

  14. Rubbish. Nadira Singh is a phoney. Just wants to get her ugly face in the news and saw a chance in this along with the hypocrite Major. Boris did it for the right reasons whereas Major did it for a cover up. Pity she wasn't around then, Major wouldn't have encouraged her thats for certain.

  15. BIGGEST mistake made in recent times ….. Televising Parliament ….So we we ALL get a constant feed of the endless bitterness , hatred , and mis-trust that controls and dominates our society.

  16. All I see is boomers in this comment section that think suspending parliament is pro democracy when it’s the opposite 😂😂 honestly hurry up and die off

  17. Parliament has been blocking the people's vote for over 3 years now. They have been the epitome of anti-democratic throughout this whole process and their shady and underhanded tactics have achieved nothing but make Britain look weak and cost us billions of pounds doing it. The people voted leave now just shut up and deliver already.

  18. To stop Corbyn & Co from undemocratically snuffing out a democratic vote made by more than half of the country, is the transparent reason. Wouldn't be needed if half the MPs cared about democracy, instead of issuing the guise of "no deal" as a means to implement their own agenda they've had from the start.

  19. whats your problem, we are sick of giving to the eu and nothing coming back, all the money is going to other countries but our own, the quicker we are out the better

  20. So its not a FACT as the title suggests, its something someone said. Typical loony left lying by omission or just…..lying.

  21. Invoked prorougation 4-5 days early. They were gonna split up for 3 weeks anyway.
    Its the remainer MPs that will scupper Brexit when the rest of the country voted in favour of it! I welcome PM Johnson's action.

  22. I don't fully support Johnson but at least he is doing what the British people voted for, if we leave without a deal we will innovate and adapt it is the human way

  23. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. Johnson suspended parliament to stop MPs blocking the democratic wishes of the electorate. Those same MP's will suffer the consequences of their betrayal at the next election. They will probably refuse to accept that result too.

  25. " Johnson suspended parliament to stop MPs blocking his policies" " Johnsons reasons for suspension cannot be true"  but what is not being said is the words "in my opinion". And this is their total evidence, it is only in their opinion. The court is only interested in facts and cannot consider personal opinions.

  26. Boris suspended parliament in order to have the wishes of the majority of people who voted leave carried out*
    WE VOTED LEAVE. Maybe next time dont try and frustrate the process and you wont need to cry about prorogation

  27. Liberal Demoprats and the Scottish Nobody Party will have 0 MPs in parliament after the next election and Albert Steptoe won’t be Prime Minister either

  28. They've had 3 years to try reach a settlement. But they stood their ground, paralyzed the government and prevented it carrying out the referendum result. Now they have been outwitted they go cry in the courts and pretend they want to find a solution. The only solution they want is to stop Brexit at any cost. Bunch of whining losers and liars.

  29. Another “because feelings/outrage” piece. You present your side of the argument and present it as fact and as news.

  30. This is a political, not a legal matter; and the attempt to bring the 'Supreme Court' into it, rather than the High Court of Parliament, once it re-assembles; endangers judicial independence and impartiality, together with the separation of powers, which lies at the heart of our constitution of government. Parliament will have the opportunity to hold the Government to account after the fact: and that is all that is required.

  31. Or you could just stop trying to block and delay Brexit and let the government actually deliver the people’s demand

  32. I predict that if the judges find against the Prime Minister it will be the final straw for our democracy, parliament will go into meltdown. one of the lawyers said it would open a can of worms, more likely to light the touch paper to civil unrest like we have not seen since the poll tax. the London bubble is so far removed from the rest of the country, lets hope the judgement is one where common sense prevails

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