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  1. IN a constitutional republic based on natural rights, the right to LIFE is a fundamental, unalienable right. IF the right to life means anything it means being able to use reasonable tools in defense of such life. Thus, the 2nd amendment is the same as the right to life – a right I have everywhere I go and therefore a right anywhere I am which means I should be allowed to carry my self-defense tools with me where ever I am. Unalienable rights are not up to a vote of the majority. Just like one's Liberty is not up to a popular vote which means 99% of the people can not vote to make 1% of the people slaves. Same for the right to Life which is inherent in the second amendment.

    Restated, a democracy is three wolves and a lamb voting on what/who to eat for dinner. Under a constitutional republic, the three wolves do not have the right to vote on who to eat for dinner and the lamb and wolves have a right to life and the lamb has a right to have and carry the tools needed to keep the wolves honest.

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