Joshua Lyons Monologue/Mark Kreslins Commentary 011610 (Guard the Constitution)
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Joshua Lyons Monologue/Mark Kreslins Commentary 011610 (Guard the Constitution)

September 11, 2019

it is imperative to the long-term survival of our Republic that we vigorously guard our Constitution for we the people have regrettably become complacent over the past many decades maybe even a century we have not acted properly as designed as the forth some may say fifth branch of government and the other three branches have taken notice we must recognize that our Constitution is not a self enforcing document over time if one or more of the branches neglects its responsibilities of being guardians of the Constitution we find ourselves in a perpetual breaking down of the limitations defined in our charter document this situation it’s the root of the problem the root of the problem that results in almost insurmountable challenges that we face today as we get into our show today we’ll focus on addressing one area of these challenges as mentioned which is the unbelievably broken entitlement programs and we’ll also discuss how this hits us at a local level with decreasing state revenues resulting in needs to cut programs and in the local school systems but it’s important to understand the nature of how we’ve gotten here we as a people our educational system the court system and our elected officials have all justified extra constitutional legislation little by little over the years and in many cases we’ve outright redefined the meaning and purpose of sections of the Constitution and even the document as a whole it is our responsibility we the people it is our responsibility to demand that our elected officials stay true to the oath taken in which they solemnly swore to support and defend the Constitution regardless of the situation it is our elected officials responsibility whether on the floor of the senator house or at a campaign event to not just talk about supporting the Constitution but for he or she to vote only on legislation which the Constitution provides them the authority to do so because that authority is all that we the people have consented to in our Constitution not one bit less and not one bit more the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the States respectively or to the people but when an elected official chooses to not stay principled and instead take a pragmatic approach it means that he or she however small is partaking in the chipping away at our constitutional republic at the end of the day the Constitution is what sets us apart from so many other nations that have come and gone over the years when a politician makes the choice to take part in eroding of it take part in the eroding of our most important framework he or she has positioned themselves on a very slippery slope furthermore they have been compromised themselves where they can no longer take a principled position to fight for our liberties and Freedoms without being tainted by their contradictory votes for when Congress once begins to stretch its power beyond the limits of the Constitution there is no limit to it and no security for the people simply stated we either stand for the Constitution or we don’t remember that everyone in the military also swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution let me ask you let me ask you what if we were to ask military officers to uphold their oath let’s say 9 out of every 10 times and as long as they did that we’d look the other way that tenth time and simply justify it that they’re good officers for the most part would you’ll be okay with that well I sure wouldn’t the importance of holding the officers to their oath is just as important as it is with our elected officials as the proverb goes as iron sharpens iron one man sharpens another it would be inaccurate to think our goal is to weaken candidates or our elected officials it is our civic duty and must be our mission as guardians of the Constitution to make sure these men and women keep their oath as their primary purpose for service is to protect our freedoms and liberties granted to us by our Creator not by our government as Samuel Adams said so many years ago it does not require a majority to prevail but rather an irate tireless minority came to set brush fires in people’s minds it’s our part to do this now I’d like to speak directly to all of our elected officials humbly on behalf of all citizens determined to do our part in supporting and defending the Constitution to our elected officials we will respectfully afford you the very same opportunity as it goes in the story you may play the role of Colonel Davey Crockett and we are the simple Horatio bunts if you acknowledge your past extra-constitutional votes and give your word to never again stray from the Constitution as the founders intended which are you which you are very familiar with we will not only vote for you but we will gather in large groups for you to address we will become your most ardent supporters and no one will hear us talk about politics without mentioning your courage and your fortitude and that you vigorously support the United States Constitution at all times this is the fight we’re in the Constitution is the document that limits the power of our federal government and it also shares with us through the amendment 9th and 10th specifically what powers are left to the states the sovereign states and their people it would be wise of us to no longer be complete complacent to stand up for our rights our rights that are self-evident given to us by our Creator not our government and to push back on the federal government that is usurping authority and centralizing power that they don’t have and we the people didn’t consent to it yeah this is a good reminder as you went through this this morning this afternoon Joshua that our real battle isn’t over these particular policies though they get expressed in these some of these policies that are out there namely right now health care but fundamentally the issue as we’ve talked about many times on the air before is whether or not we are a country governed by the Constitution or we are we a country that is governed by case law now one has self-evident truth attached to it the Constitution as it folded out from the Declaration of Independence the other one are really arbitrary laws that are a pined upon by nine judges in some cases different numbers of judges and so what what type of country do we want to become do we want to become a country that is largely governed by the rule of men ie the nine justices on the Supreme Court or do we want to be a country that is governed by our founding documents the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States they flow from one another many of the same people that were involved in the declaration independent or as involved in the Constitution so it’s hard to divorce that they didn’t still hold those ideas when they got to the Kahn Dushan just because it was written many years after the Declaration of Independence nevertheless we have to wear at this critical juncture in our country where are we going to be governed by those documents or are we going to be judged and governed by men my fear is because we have not been a good fourth and fifth estate fit fourth or fifth estate we’ve not done our job as a citizens to push back on these guys we’ve not asked the tough questions of our of our legislatures instead we say oh they’re generally okay they’re generally good guys and so we’re not going to ask the tough questions well folks that time has got to come to an end because if it doesn’t come to an end these guys have marched us to the precipice and the the cliff we’re staring over right now is a pretty big fall and I don’t think we’re all coming to grips of this still even after all the calamitous events of 2009 at the end of 2008 we all want to get back to normal and I understand that desire but things have changed everything has changed and we’re going to talk about some of that in the next segment when we gets into entitlement programs both at the state and a federal level and how gloomy the future looks there but right now folks we are marching they are marching us to the cliff we the people have got to take a stand at this point we the people have got to start asking our legislators the tough questions and say exactly this Joshua was just describing in his monologue are you going to be 100% for the Constitution as it was written by the founders in 1787 and amended through the Bill of Rights are you going to be that person or are you going to be the person that says well you know most of the time I’ll do that but every now and then I’m gonna vote extra constitutionally we cannot survive that way folks that’s why we are in the incredible mess we’re in now

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