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Journal Collection // Composition Notebooks

October 24, 2019

orientation is locked alive so I’m just
gonna keep recording let’s just do that hello fellow okay welcome to another
live show today I’m gonna try hopefully if this works out to share all my
composition notebooks in my collection because we did mole skins and so now I
want your composition notebooks and I have a lot more than I’m holding I just
I can’t hold them all so they’re there in several stacks behind me and I’m also
gonna include the moleskin Chi ace because they are single signature and I
didn’t include them in my mole skin collection so I’m having some technical
issues I will be recording from my phone so feel free to hop in the chat just
forgive me if if I cannot see your message because of reasons so anyway
alright so let’s get started in no particular order what do I love about
the composition notebooks well they’re super cheap they’re relatively good
quality you can get a very sturdy one achieve cost they’re really nice size
really big pages even if the paper quality isn’t spectacular and they’re
sewn so the bindings tend to be really strong and if they’re not you can tie
them up you can just go to the center of the signature and I would I used a
shoelace here you can use satin ribbons or really anything trying to find the
shoelace you should be easier to find than this
you see so there you go so versatile affordable lightweight you can use them
for anything easy to alter so let’s just get into it okay your bullet journaling
art journaling daily journaling is this going just running whatever it is that
you’re doing let me make sure that this is working because
gee-whiz come on YouTube why you why you gotta be like that okay it’s fine
all right so no particular order these are lesson plans that I used my
first job kind of job wasn’t even really a job at first it was like contracting
work but I was teaching so I gave lectures a lot like this about
journaling a lot of times to young kids and we would talk about like how to use
journaling as therapy and stuff like that and this was back before I’d say a
lot of things changed in the last five years with regards to journaling and
mental health it’s pretty common practice now but wasn’t so common even
just a few years ago was not something that people did so I brought this idea
to my local community centers and libraries and I got the teaching it was
really really cool so what do we have in here that might be interesting I made my
first envelope so and that’s actually not even that hard to figure out it’s
pretty easy to make a template and you can make them out of design paper or
whatever you want and this is I don’t know what this is
AHA that for me okay so that’s a great way to add interest you can make
envelopes and I didn’t even have that much supplies you can use you know
acrylic paint is even cheaper now than it used to be I would write little
stories in here just for fun oh very Stewie window pages mixed-media this Mod
Podge Mod Podge guys it’s a liquid glue you use it on your pages and they stick
together forever so more like pieces of fiction that I would just step in and I
think the reason why this worked for me a lot is because writers are usually
like if you’re a writer you’re you’re probably actually a very sensory person
very visual but your your sensory functions are not as
developed because your in your head a lot and so taking you know concept ideas
verbal you know word stuff and then engaging with them in a sensory a
sensory way can actually help you organize your thoughts for me I’ve
always had to do that so it’s kind of like giving myself a Montessori
education doing everything by hand quill writing that stuff I like stuff I like
to write about which is different than things that I like that’s an important
distinction I always wanted to tell my writing students the things you like and
the things you like to write about do not have to be the same and so instead
of writing a list openly you can staple your pages together and put those things
in between the two pages so nobody has to see this is a collage I made out of
tissue paper see I’m a little worried that this is not actually like it says
the orientation is locked but I don’t know if I can rotate it let me try try
or not this might not work out this might be a mess maybe I shouldn’t be
doing oh there we go well now you can’t see nothing okay
we’ll get there we’ll get there just just just look at Paddington until we
get there oh no no no no you can tell that I have a background in
cinematography you can see that film major is really going to work here as I
struggle with a basic very basic light kit okay there we go
oh so talented so talented I can’t even screw this thing okay okay you know this
is actually this is not terrible maybe it’s kind of bad okay okay it’s not there it’s a little more
vertical but so are the bookcases tissue paper more lesson plans and then
paintings you know layered pages you can write secrets self-portrait layers of
tape I’ve read some seashells in there and this is all in a cheapie cheapy
inexpensive composition notebook that can take a lot so just saying it can’t
okay and then here this one’s a little bit later this is dated I wish I could
put these in order but there’s too many of them nine years ago January 2010
actually started at January 1st so 2010 nine years ago I have my collage on the
front you know just easy simple keep it simple ladies your favorite things
antlers men two of my favorite things at the time on the cover there you go right
so I really love this I cannot physically open this window I don’t know
why I love that so much but I really do and I can’t remember where I found it
you know in the earlier days of consumer internet you you wouldn’t dumb now
there’s like five websites and everything is on the five websites and
the same thing gets recycled over and over because there’s all these
algorithms didn’t used to be that way used to find random stuff you know you
would see content from all kinds of weird people and different perspectives
all the time and you’d run into you know strange things like this with no no name
no way to track it photographs pieces of art that would just stick with you and
you would save them to your desktop you know that’s how it was so I had a lot of
those things and then look at that I’ve got again this is just simple collage
one background piece two more pieces and you have like a whole image a whole
spread and then this is all mostly writing I
crumpled up some of these pages to give him some volume I was really into that
at the time song lyrics chocolate bar wrappers okay you know I was applying to
universities for undergrad and it was super stressful so I had a lists upon
lists all in here that was basically half of what this
journal with what structured my day 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in high school I think
this was right before I graduated just every every minute scheduled to get
these use application I don’t know okay we’re rolling
we’re back online great so if you’re not gonna art you think you’re not good at
art you can take a photograph you like and then you glue it in this is like the
simplest example there could possibly be and then just paint just extend the
lines of the colors and the shapes of the photograph out so this is literally
the simplest example bottom half is dark top half is light draw line I made the
bottom half of the page match the horizon line to the photograph so simple
don’t think of images in terms of what’s there like this is a Manor this is a
flower you want to get good at visual art just look at it in terms of
composition you know objectify it as much as you can
where are the lines where are the shadows where the light parts where the
dark parts that’s basically all of it in a nutshell I’m not that good of an
artist I just learned that in art school which proves anybody can learn it I mean
my art teacher even told me consistently how terrible I was at my line work but
you learn just by looking and matching that’s it easy I found this rock in the
center of a fire and it wasn’t melting so I took it out cuz I was I wanted to
know what it was made of that it was totally flame resistant I still have it
but I don’t know maybe I could meet someone who works in a lab
would tell me I don’t know oh I got a look I was so excited about my first
liter I loved the note I know it’s not the
most popular one but I dig it I dig it a lot so yeah drawings writing again
durable material we have a lot of notebooks to get through I shouldn’t I
should calm it down but again you can paint make pockets tie them tie them
closed or staple them closed nothing fancy staples satin ribbon very cheap
stuff affordable you can get it anywhere you can travel with it okay it was
falling apart so I used a shoelace to tie it now it’s not coming apart those
pages are staying together okay – – down like 40 to go I’ll go faster okay this
is from childhood early childhood and I could tell someone else wrote my name in
there mmm mm – July 4 2002 this is back in 2002 and I used this for my my
science notes you know I was really into science before you know I before I was
beaten down by the you know conditioning of the feminine element and then here we
have a wolf I don’t even know where I got this this is probably back in oh
shucks I don’t know you can see this in the daily journals video Polly 2002 or
1999’s and Lincoln College stickers stickers are cheap you can get them at
your local grocery store for cheap and if you use enough of them
it kind of looks kind of fun it’s kind of colorful so so here’s some 3d
stickers these are great I don’t remember it says f FC Wow
I’d miss reading things a lot lately and I’m a little concerned about FSC and
this is really durable for some reason these are my film notes for my film 101
class before I went to film school and I was trying to study film at the school
that didn’t offer film major they just had film courses so for example
verisimilitude the quality of being internally consistent in historic the
characters behave consistently overlap editing multiple shots of the same
moment at the same over and over again it’s a session critical flicker single
light flickers fast enough to create continuous light obviously that’s
happening right now sure ask you know persistence of vision after image you
know so I was just learning the theory and I wanted to keep all the notes so I
kept dialogue notebook sometimes I get scene ideas but I only have a dialogue I
don’t have everything else so I kept them here this is one my first notebooks
that I used to keep track of scenes for cope syndrome so hello sorry your
message is disappearing hi and welcome I think I’ve seen you before I’m one of my
I think you’ve commented on one of my videos before so welcome thanks for
joining I hope the connections ok in the
playback so here here it’s just dialog you know name dialogue name words that’s
it why is there a rabbit kneel to your door oh man yeah probably didn’t use
that scene okay yeah this dialogues terrible I’m not gonna read any of it no
friends guys I love this one because the tape is like a really really dark blue
almost black nice touch another one from Studio C and this was
random stuff writing practice ambidextrous miss miss miss and then
eventually I have notes for two two theses that I did in school which were
self done I didn’t have to do a thesis this was like freshman year I just
decided to so I had one on archetypes didn’t go that well and then I did
another big project big research project on history of kidnappings in America
wherein the child was later recovered so I studied the earliest recorded ransom
cases of course by now that research should be
dated and then I spent about half the snow book responding to short stories I
read in contemporary literary magazines mostly to find that about 98% of
contemporary short fiction is absolute garbage at least the stuff that’s
getting published and print you literary journals I mean they have no taste like
no offense not to isolate myself in the publishing community as if that hasn’t
sort of happened already once you publish a book yourself you know you
kind of just anyway the point is a lot of terrible stories I think there was
one really good one by a guy who wasn’t even a writer he just wrote that one
book was it called yurt or something no it was stupid beyond the pale a man like
him you can tell just by the titles story was way too long so yeah I would
just write the title of the short story and just it wasn’t critical it was just
an intentional way of learning my craft by just writing my response it doesn’t
have to be an analysis it’s just like did I like the story or not and why and
that’s it so I did that for a while here’s the screenplay okay let me do the
moleskin Tree Hill real quick one of these I got from my school and I did
just some I don’t know attempts at art making in here there’s another one of
those internet painting yeah nothing really just trying to learn how to draw
like I said it’s not my it was not my strength graphic design notes for
history of graphic design history of graphic designs actually a really worthy
really worth your time definitely something to look into it’s really
interesting tells you a lot about the history of printing books advertising
cultural movements propaganda there’s a lot folded into there and then these are
all my maps for what I don’t know art history I had this insanely difficult
art history class so what I would do is I would record the class and then
instead of just taking notes because I couldn’t keep up I would just draw like
these maps of concepts and then listen back to the lectures and
take notes from the from that lecture I probably spent a good like ten hours a
week outside of class just studying just to get like a b-plus it was like a
really hard class but it was so interesting okay more sometimes
composition notebooks have sections subjects like this one it’s got
cardstock in the middle blue sheets this is a really sturdy one now they used to
make them so much better than they make them now they don’t make them no good
anymore. But this one’s not bad. so this is not an original–I mean people have
thought of this, I don’t mind sharing it anymore, I thought it was an original
idea for like a good 15 years but when it when it hit me, when I realized that
there is a collective consciousness among storytellers and characters
together that is especially vibrant and especially alive, I thought about oh I’m
going to tell all these stories about that, about storytellers connecting
psychically with other storytellers and other characters and this sort of thing.
So I kept my notes for that in here and I originally had a story about Alex,
character’s name is Alex, and Julia and I had several novels planned out for them
in here. And now it’s kind of expanded more into my screenplays I’ve kind of
reiterated that concept so I didn’t go anywhere but it was a good place to keep
your notes sometimes I revisit it it’s important to reflect this is falling
apart this was where I kept my list you see back in the day of the early days of
the consumer internet you didn’t have social media accounts where you could
keep track of stuff you liked no Goodreads no Pinterest none of that so
me and a friend of mine decided we each have a notebook for all of our lists
favorite TV shows favorite songs favorite books characters characters who
are most likely to do this or that I left an orange juice in my backpack for
so long that it exploded and it got overlooked all over the bottom of the
notebook I drew the belt of Deltora this is from the year this was at least 15
years ago I don’t see a date in this one yet and this one has actually kind of
fallen out but like I said you get a satin ribbon
shoelace tie it in the middle no problem you’re good this is a very nice shade of
blue I’m better I need to go faster because I have there’s so many I don’t
I’m not gonna be able to get through them all this one I like cuz it’s floppy
flexible this was my first notebook I think that was exclusively for community
direct verbal communication with fictional characters okay that’s that
one done ladies remember back in the day you know you your girlfriend’s you had
your favorite pop star you had your favorite boy band you had
your favorite whatever well you know the rest of us out here you know we weren’t
really into the real blonde boy bad boys we were into the fictional ones so me
and my group believes we all had our journal for our celebrity crush but I
didn’t have a celebrity crush on the crashing Harry Potter so this was my
celebrity crush diary but it’s pretty Potter which is pretty pretty dope cuz I
still dig him a lot um let’s see so drawings oh man this is really like beat
up oh man I know for a fact my other friends who cut these celebrity Diaries
as kids wouldn’t show it ever to anybody but you know my crush was fictional so I
don’t feel so bad about sharing it this was my first behind-the-scenes photo
maybe that I ever saw really early days of internet early early days like you’d
have to go over to your friend’s house and sit and wait for their dad to get
off the computer and you got 20 minutes with it kind of thing that printed this
picture behind the scenes from Chamber of Secrets when they have the slate so
that was exciting to me just to see it this lake we had a pages for if not a
boy band all the characters so Ron has a page
Hermione has her own spread all about her pitchers we didn’t have Mod Podge
packing tape another great way to laminate your images okay it’s a little
crude but it works something things keep falling out of these nope
just stops just falling out Harry Potter Valentine’s this was probably 19 I don’t
have the urine in here but maybe 20 years ago
I drew the marauders map on a piece of paper a paper bag brown paper bag
Marauders map you guys oh my gosh oh man I can’t even I can’t I want to flip
through this but I can’t because it’s falling apart like in my hands it’s
falling apart you know drawings my childhood friend
look she drew she drew me Harry Potter okay this is falling apart so I’m gonna
put this away cuz I can’t even pick it up oh and I just went on about how
durable these notebooks are someone taught about that all right so that’s
that’s my celebrity crush childhood diary first journal ever you’ll see this
in the daily journals video 19 oh no mm entry from mm in here no this isn’t my
first journal is it it’s the first it’s the earliest one that I have I think I
haven’t flour from 20 years ago does it mean anything feathers feathers 20 years
ago these birds are long dead is it creepy
is it weird possibly but in the scale of the internet probably not drawings
playing mash ladies remember mash anybody out here over 25 remember mash
oh my goodness okay all right let’s see how many of you have left with these and these okay this is what’s left let’s
see how quickly I can get three days for it ducks okay letters to montage at
prints I’m writing seven books about psychology very meta series it might
take me a decade or two to even get it really I started writing it when I was
11 and it’s just gonna take a lot he just needs a lot of time so notes my
screen book what does that mean means nothing it means I have no idea what
this is for I’ve been using it on and off for decades I still use it now I
don’t know look there’s ramen packets I don’t know
what it is sometimes I don’t know I don’t know what this notebook is okay
third grade okay remember these attitude notebooks you
can’t tell but this is bright this is a bright orange you know 80s neon sort of
deal 2001 okay these are stuck together alright um my anti public school
thoughts as a child I really very when I say I mean public
I still hate publics I mean I support the idea of people getting an education
but let’s be real it’s not education okay so I wrote several essays about
alternate alternative education this was before I was able to go to school online
this is a lot poems petitions I mean yeah school was walkouts are illegal
basically just like you know rights for students you know because they’re minors
they’re involuntarily forced to go to an institution every day their institution
might be crap you know and then it’s just like they’re just stuck with it so
if you go to the kind of school where your peers are committing violent crime
against you and the authorities don’t do anything about it you’re just kind of
stuck I think we forget as a dull how powerful that is you know what I
mean it’s really just there to beat you down and teach you to not think for
yourself and yeah I got feelings about public school I do you know I think it’s
a the good things about it or that you know keeps track of children it’s a way
of you know as there are a lot of fun healthy homes out there and schools can
be a way to monitor and just ensure that people are like functioning or if
they’re coming from a dysfunctional home you might be able to track that by means
of public school but that’s really the only benefit so yeah just feelings I’m
not gonna go down that road this time okay this was my first attempts at
comedy so I was 11 and I wrote my comedy routines in here that’s all we’re gonna
say okay this entire notebook is is this the one that this is notes on Fight Club
that’s what this is notes on Fight Club and a couple of writing exercises I love
Fight Club this is a journal I used in Chicago
while I was staying in Chicago this is uh actually this one’s recent this is
from this year January 2019 so early this year regular old um Journal just
you know keeping it real keeping it real right we’ve got some some lighthouses
the paper quality is not great one thing I’ll do is now nowadays since
everything is so digital sometimes every like four months I’ll make a page and on
just that page every few months but you know what shows have I been watching
what have I really enjoyed that I discover a new meal or a new drink I
really like just every few months to have like a theme of that season so I
can look back on that page and kind of get a sense of what my life was like it
seems egotistical but I was reading today in Robert Greene’s mastery about
reflection the importance of reflection in medical
the point being thinking about how you think and thinking about how you grow
can actually help you learn it accelerated rates and helps you maintain
a sense of who you are long term so that said obviously you don’t want to get too
attached to anything or any idea who you are but it kind of helps to have a sense
this was a journal where I glued in letters and cards and I was traveling a
lot as a kid so I had a lot of like random packages and I was obsessed with
papers and glue it you’re welcome girl girl or whoever sorry sorry for my
gender assumptions I’m glad you like are me journaling I’m glad I you’re welcome
and honestly I don’t it wasn’t even my idea like no one really was I mean I
probably encountered it somewhere people were mostly talking about bullet
journaling not so much Omni journaling but you know there’s a lot of stuff out
there but I’m glad it’s working for you cuz I love it ooh I love this one this
one was a gift back in the day these Mead composition notebooks used to be
sturdy you can tell that it’s the proper meat composition notebook because the
signature line will be a dark fuchsia pink it no longer is a dark Bishop pink
the quality has since completely degraded I tracked down the serial
number of the specific type of journal and it’s not the same they don’t print
them the same I don’t know what happened but they’re like garbage quality now but
these are amazing and so my friend had like a whole bunch of I’m saving up and
she gave me one cuz they’re no longer in print and I kept it for years and then I
finally used it in 2014 so this is actually like five years old it’s not
that reason but have some silhouettes from bullet journal magazine great
collaging idea you can draw right you can’t really tell as easily here but you
draw a silhouette over the image instead of cutting out the image you want you
cut out with silhouettes this is actually silhouette of them in and then
flip it around you know and then that way you have the image and you have a
silhouette it’s like two images in one if you have three-dimensional glitter or
three-dimensional anything and you want a really cool effect nail polish super
cheap pour some nail polish on top and you
kind of like a glistening 3d pearlescent stuff on your cover so really cool
effect to have I reinforced the mining with some snakeskin duct tape I started
using neon note cards a lot for lists and you can use them as tip pins in your
journal or you can double tape one side and then you have you know flap so
packing tape collaging on the back this is more Omni journaling style this is
when I start started before I called it that this is when I started using it
lots of fountain pens leftover stuff from my calligraphy class I had an
amazing poetry teacher world-renowned calligrapher amazing amazing human being
he really had a formative effect on my life by helping me to remember who I am
and so yeah there it is I’m writing about him right here let’s see he was
referring to the drama of the letter so that in each letter when you have
typography or any design you have two elements basically in essence you boil
it down to your width and your that’s not the technical term but the point is
that the degree of difference between the thickest line and the finish line in
your lettering is the degree of drama in the font so it’s a dichotomy and you can
apply that actually to anything really in life the degree of difference is
where the drama’s experienced the problem with that is Hollywood uses
translates degree of difference as sensory stimulation so in a Hollywood
film for example you might have an explosion but that doesn’t translate
actually to drama so having a moment of quiet before having a moment of
explosion without any real motivation or meaning behind it kind of tears that
down it takes away the truth the truth al the true like that you know the way
or like this end I’m not I say those terms like I really shouldn’t because
I’m not a prime not but as so now the real practitioner of those
things I respect it and so maybe I shouldn’t use those terms I shouldn’t
throw them around as if I fully understand them I don’t but the concept
of the relationship of things being reduced to not reduced but in a
dichotomous this is not this is why you see I’m a writer I’m not I can’t talk
out of my you know just out of nowhere it makes sense but the point is we were
discussing the nuances of typography and thick and thin lines and it had a
profound effect on me that I am unable to explain on YouTube years later that’s
the moral of the story oh there’s more I love this really simple collage to piece
to piece collage this is more Omni journaling this was fun this one is
stuffing it Maps markers and then every month a page every month a spread of
what am i focusing on that month you can use stickers colors to stuff falling out
all over the place goals that month really should be one
goal singular and I had this is when I really started tracking down people in
my industry to try and figure out okay how does this work how does Hollywood
work can I just call a manager how do I get a manager how do I like the the real
concrete part of it again washi tape on the edges I know this is a dream because
of the washi tape on the edge so this is when I started really on me journaling random ideas to be used for short
stories or novels I haven’t written yet okay I guess that’s what that is
dark green attitude notebook from will say early childhood let’s leave it with
that okay this is this is cute what is this
Oh more research into kidnappings okay yeah well at one point in time I was
probably the country’s leading experts on history of ransom cases in America
but I probably forgot all that information right now this is Alan’s
diary so witness event even his handwriting is
different than mine but um you know so fictional characters
have their own journals probably not gonna see any of this in the actual
novel but you know just something another early childhood scrapple I
didn’t have I don’t know I liked collecting things you have so little
agency in your life as a kid you don’t have a car you have money you don’t have
stuff you know so if I had a picture or something that was exciting it was like
a thing that I owned so a lot of that eject these are notes on my my Android
character who I thought you know I wrote about over three years and I stopped
because I didn’t think he was I didn’t think that the story the world was
relevant but now now it actually might be especially with AI and everything I
feel like what I’m absorbing about the world as it is today and AI an
automation might actually have prepared me to write his story so it’s something
I need to think about he does want a graphic novel though which complicates
things marginally he I don’t know I never figured out the gender but I
didn’t know any gender-neutral people at the time so it didn’t occur to me at the
time that they might be Jenner neutral but they might be so that’s something to
think about now that I’m armed with more information and experiences here’s a
really nice journal I called this one linear push and a friend of mine made it
for me I mean she didn’t make the notebook but you’ll see what she did she
covered that she went in all my favorite books and she absolutely covered the
front page with quotes from some of my favorite literature and you can see this
is tiny handwriting and it is packed with quotes so very meaningful gift that
you can you know very easy quotes and a notebook that’s it very meaningful so I
could always turn to the front and just read all these beautiful you know quotes
that now I want to say and read them but yeah it just it was really really nice
to do so and I filled this one pretty quickly nice gift idea dream journal one
of my early dream journals is just full of things that didn’t really happen to
me but kind of did lots of sleep paralysis just like everybody else
everybody out here thinking they’re so unique I saw the show recently where
there’s this traumatic scene where the character has sleep paralysis you know
he like wakes up and you can’t move there’s somebody in the room and it’s
like they make this whole plotline out of it I’m like listen like listen this
is stop we all know this happens to just about everybody and it’s been going on
for centuries why are we pretending like it’s I mean I guess in the moment it
feels intense but if you’re gonna assign meaning to something make it make it
meaningful don’t make it a stand-in for aspects of trauma and a character that
you can’t explain you know I don’t know I’m just very
sensitive about voyeuristic representations of trauma and stories
you know having actually written about their sexual trauma it’s like it’s
always done in such a funk tree like you know trauma manifests differently in
different people and if you don’t know your character well you’re not going to
be able to give an honest representation of trauma there’s no one-size-fits-all anyway so I had a notebook for a notes
on Fight Club and this is my notebook for notes on Rick and Morty and acting
notes and monologues and that’s it got my Rick and Morty notes please tell me
that’s it oh my god okay that’s it thank you so much for watching I’m looking at
the feed now if you want to if you have a question about journaling or these are heavy these are really heavy
for being late notebooks and I’m covered in glitter and random there’s random
stuff in here random stuff and these are just the compositions but now I do some
journaling on my computer not a lot but some so I don’t have to use as many
notebooks I don’t have to use as much paper I love using paper but it does get
to a point where there’s so many that you feel a little encumbered like you
don’t want to rent a storage space right if you don’t have to but I basically at
this point have a closet full and I treasure it but it’s also sometimes it’s
overwhelming so you’re gonna bow thank you hopefully I can be flattered I think
you’re right you I could be wrong but I think you’re a newer subscriber so if
you are a newer then yeah by all means go and watch because there’s a lot of
notebook stuff that you probably haven’t seen especially from well I don’t really
like the earlier videos because they are from over almost a decade ago now but
lots to see and I am thinking about doing more videos about MBTI and
personality types I know it technically doesn’t fit within my booktube
journaling writing vlog thing that i’m doing but the videos i made are really
popular I love MBTI I could talk about it all
day so that’s something you’re interested in
you know feel free to to let me know and I can throw MBTI videos into the mix I
think so my leg hurts now I’m holding them all this is weird this is a lot
this is a lot it makes it makes you think this is what I got oh that I’m
holding there’s more ooh let me see I want to see if I can hold him just for
the screen cap just for the screen cap YouTube see this is why I chose to sit
on the floor because I knew I would fall over if I tried to do this in a chair Oh hold on I got it okay I’m trying to
keep them all on-screen at least a little bit but okay now I can’t see so
now all right there’s only five more and I can’t reach them so there’s these
there’s five more but I’m not gonna reach for him cuz they’ll all fall over
so here it is guys you know 15 percent of my journal collection all my thoughts
and fears and random musings okay this this is stupid
no I’m just being stupid cool thank you so much for watching if you like this
video please consider giving it a thumbs up
we’re sharing it cuz it helps other people find the video too and yeah
really appreciate thank you for watching it’s all connected peace

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  1. So happy the view changed, I almost snapped my neck trying to see the books. XD
    In Germany, we don't have composition notebooks. I know, it must be very shocking to you. I am actually very jealous of all the people, always being like "I just bought a stash of comp books for 30 cents each because of back to school sales.." I have to import them via amazon, which costs me roughly 10 Bucks for one. Imagine this. Of course, Germany has their own types of school supplies, and we have similar things to a composition notebook, but they are usually in an A4 size and much slimmer. (40 to 50 pages only). Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. Oh man! I had a crush on Harry Potter, too, but the fictional one from the books, when the first movie wasn't out yet and I made him up in my fantasy due to the descriptions. I wrote some crazy ass magical fanfictions, being like Hagrids secret little cousin, sneaking into Hogwarts, and having adventures with those kids. What a nice throwback.

  3. Great video thanks for sharing 🙂 You're so lucky to have composition notebooks, they don't really exist where I live. A few years ago I found some in a store with cheap random items (I think the store might be called Flying Tiger in other countries?). Denmark is a total disaster when it comes to notebooks compared to what you US-guys have to choose from. We don't even have that many pretty spiral notebooks for kids, and if then it's mainly "limited edition" for some back to school sale or whatever. Then there's a few highquality brands available, but the selection is ridiculously bad! At least there's Amazon to order from when things get too boring here 😀

  4. Okay, so last night when I was lying in bed, something came to my mind that you mentioned in your video (it was the last thing I watched before going to bed). You said you are worried because you mis-spell words or letters, right? I experience the same thing, and see it in other people as well. I often stumble on staircases and choke on my food or saliva lateley, because it feels like, my brain didn't give my body the right order in time. I was already worried that I might have some degenerative brain illness. I also often switch up letters. Which is new. Like, I never had those problems before. The older I get (I am only 33) the more errors seem to happen. – And you know, I am thinking a lot about Radiation, from our smartphones, router, wireless phones, screens, microwaves, the mobile net (especially the upcoming 5G thing that can supposedly fry our brains)). What if we just get stupid over time, because we are victim to radiation? Something previous Authors didn't have. What if our time is limited? What if you only have 10 years to publish more books because after that you will not be able to anymore? 😅😨 Interesting topic to think about. Peace out!

  5. OMG! The Harry Potter journal I related to so hard. LMAO! Flash backs!!!! You would have absolutely sat at my lunch table. Harry Potter fanfictions and inside jokes tied me and my friends together. <3

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