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  1. Please!
    These idiots not only deserve to be humiliated but Court Martial ASAP!
    What they've done is outrageous and atrocious! Human Trafficking,
    Drunkenness, Larceny, etc.
    All for good old money!
    The Marine Corps in San Diego, California must be investigated, from top to bottom!
    Give us a royal break!
    How do you think they make us look?
    Humiliated as Americans!
    They have made us the laughing stock of the World!
    That is humiliation!!!
    I don't know what that judge is talking about?
    He must be investigated as well!
    Our President has gone through so much building the Wall, to keep Human Traffickers OUT, and the Marines are themselves bringing them in?
    Court Martial all of them and their Higher Ups.
    They should have know what was going on from the start.
    This is not the first time this happens in San Diego!
    These are Federal crimes and should be handle as such!
    Shame on all of them!

  2. That doesnt entitle a command to perform unlawful arrests and make the arrest a big show and post it online. I remember being threatened with NJP to talk about a LT that was fucking a gunny and both married and caught by the command. Double standards

  3. Im a soldier in the army fuck that. They sex trafficked people, everyone of them deserves prison… The reason they did in formation is so that none would try to escape, it worked.

  4. What in the Fuck is this lawyer talking about ? An arrest isn't a verdict, and these Marines are innocent until proven guilty.

  5. I'm kind of on the fence about how this was conducted. I no longer service, but when you sign the contract you give up certain rights. It's not like it was 2 or 3 guys that needed to be arrested, if you've served you know how quick information gets out after a few of those guys get arrested, they would probably have only arrested 5 guys and the rest would've been in the wind and cost a lot of time and resources to track down.

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