Judiciary Chair: Trump AG Barr ‘Is Just A Liar’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Judiciary Chair: Trump AG Barr ‘Is Just A Liar’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

November 23, 2019

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  1. I don't think Jerry Nadler is up to the task. We need someone to be all in on this inquiry, you cannot nibble around the issues dealing with Donald Trump. Come on Mr. Nadler, if you are too weak for this, give the task to someone who has the balls and guts to get down in the dirt with this Pig.

  2. What is wrong whether every political analysts' English? They keep saying Robert Mueller didn't present any evidence of Obstruction; when Mueller clearly lays out "substantial evidence for obstruction of justice" repeatedly almost verbatim in the report. Mueller also lays out that the President refused to be interviewed in person. And Mueller also described 'the continuing cost of the investigation vs the resulting benefit of seeking a subpoena's for the Presidents testimony among other potential evidence'— in light of the OLC opinion that "a sitting President should not be indicted"— thus forcing a constitutional crisis; as being too great, & ended the investigation for the sake of the American people and for Congress to decide rather than to prolong the investigation under those conditions.

  3. Excuse me?? The government of the United States has lasted 240 years UNLIKE EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH??

    What is wrong with Americans? How is it even possible to be so ignorant of the rest of the world??

  4. Why that is a completely bald-face lie by Nadler and anyone paying attention understands that. You people at NBC need to stop with this absolutely false reality you are pretending to be playing out. Regardless of how outrageous your claims continue to become over at the NBC Fun House, they will never again be believed by the American People. The people know what is up and the role-playing acts are getting you all nowhere, trust me. It is like you all have become a comedy channel. Hey NBC everyone has the internet these days. This 1980s style of buffoonery does not work anymore. Give it a break and start all over. Come up with a new angle or something but this goose is cooked. I mean, this is scientific foolishness. Every single sentence spoken on MSNBC is a pre-planned sub-lie of some much greater lie. Once you realize what time it is, it starts hitting you in the face every few minutes of watching this type of pretend news story telling. You ask yourself in disbelief, "how did I not see the obvious a year or more ago???".

  5. How is president of the United states the most powerful man in the world if he can,t shut democrat dickheads up.

  6. How this man passed law school is beyond me. Two of the weakist and dumbest guest ever. You base a case off off evidence period.

  7. Trump in 2020 who wants to listen to these whining Dummycrats throw Nadler a Lil Girl from a Latin Country where he can get away with it.

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  9. Hiya there. I’m exhausted and I’m AUSTRALIAN how on earth are you guys doing this? Trump and co keep sucking every bit of oxygen from USA, like a vampire sucking the very blood from an entire nation leaving you the walking shattered. Sending you my love and prayers, always.
    Ps. Millions around the world are praying and sending hope energy and strength to get through this dreadful season of Trump.

  10. Start impeachment and have all the testimony on prime time TV with the actual chief justice in control of the proceedings so the country can see!!!!!

  11. It can't be a do-over if the original investigation is sealed away before we even know what it says!
    We know it said it did NOT exonerate Trump, it says so and they pretend it says opposite, when that conversation started, Trump sealed all evidence so we can't see it.
    The Investigation is NOT complete until its read, so it can't be a do-over.

  12. Donald Trump, a proven criminal and fraudster, is claiming that the he should not be investigate by law enforcement. When he has lied, hidden evidence and blocked witnesses from given evidence about his criminal activity. If only every  criminal could get to appoint this own judges and choose what evidence to be put before  the courts  and then choose the jury, well that what Donald Trump is trying to do.

  13. Pelosi is wrong. The challenges and threats to our democracy and constitution should be the #1 focus of Congress. There is so much obstruction of justice and defiance of Congress, if the Democrats do not hit back hard and enforce their rightful Constitutional authority by whatever means necessary. WIthout an intact country and an intact rule of law…what good are political wins going to do? Failing to act with full force against those in Contempt and those breaking the law by not responding to lawful subpoenas need to be arrested by the Sargent at Arms, jailed, and fined $25,000 per day.

  14. This WH letter is cause for impeachment, in and of itself. Go Nadler, real Americans support your fight for our rule of law!

  15. Every president since Lyndon Johnson has withheld documents, claiming executive privilege. Suddenly it's a big deal. The democrats should rename their party the Hypocrite Party.

  16. Nadler needs to go..He has had connections with Russia !! He knew the President was innocent !!!! Nadler asked Barr to lie..that is breakeing the Law!!! Nadler has totally Over Abusing Power, faulsley accusing President and Barr,saying both lied!!! when hypacrit Nadler is the abuser and liar..

  17. Everything about TRUMP and his administration is nothing but a big LIE. EVERYONE OF TRUMPS PEOPLE are LIERS, PROTECTING THE KING OF LIERS TRUMP. GOD SAVE US FROM OURSELVES.

  18. There Is a Tape. It Makes a Difference If There Are Tapes.

    Esquire Charles P. Pierce,Esquire 23 hours ago

    Reactions Email

    Photo credit: Cheriss May – Getty Images

    From Esquire

    "And when Don Sanders, the deputy minority counsel . . . asked the $64,000 question, clearly and directly, I felt I had no choice but to respond in like manner.”

    -Alexander Butterfield to the Washington Post, June 14, 2012

    It was Butterfield, of course, who gave up the goods to Sam Ervin's Watergate committee, revealing the fact that Richard Nixon had bugged practically every office in which he performed both his official duties and his criminal enterprises. That was the moment that Watergate became WATERGATE. There were tapes. It was no longer He-Said-He-Said between Nixon and John Dean. It was now He-Said-He-Said with Nixon doing a solo. Outside of watching Lee Harvey Oswald get shot live and on camera, and Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon, that one moment is the most galvanizing bit of television I've ever seen. Watch it again. You can see that Butterfield knew exactly what was going to happen when he told the committee the truth, and the members of the committee have a brief but obvious moment of profound surprise.

    It makes a difference if there are tapes. From NBC News:

    Former national security adviser Michael Flynn told investigators that people linked to the Trump administration and Congress reached out to him in an effort to interfere in the Russia probe, according to newly-unredacted court papers filed Thursday. The communications could have "affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation," special counsel Robert Mueller wrote in the court filings. Flynn even provided a voicemail recording of one such communication, the court papers say. "In some instances, the (special counsel's office) was unaware of the outreach until being alerted to it by the defendant," Mueller wrote.

    The "Congress" element is a lovely bit of business. (Lindsey Graham? Tom Cotton? Devin Nunes? Some as-yet-unknown administration* tool on someone's staff? The mind reels.) But the important thing in this report is that there is a tape. Someone wanted to obstruct justice in the case of Michael Flynn and is now in that Nixonian He-Said-He-Said bind. And the judge in this case clearly knows it.

    In a separate court filing, Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered federal prosecutors to file a transcript of the voicemail message, as well as transcripts of any other recordings of Flynn including his conversations with Russian officials.

    The tape makes a difference. We may now be in a very different place. Later in that Watergate hearing, committee majority counsel Sam Dash had a question for Butterfield.

    “If one were, therefore, to reconstruct the conversations at any particular date,” Mr. Dash asked, “what would be the best way to reconstruct these conversations, Mr. Butterfield, in the President's Oval Office?”

    “Well, in an obvious manner, Mr. Dash,” Mr. Butterfield answered. “To obtain the tape and play it.”

    A very different place.

  19. This is HUMBUG.
    The majority of the US citizens are fed up with Trump's intransigence, blies, incecisiveness, cronyism and using the US preidency for his private profits.
    The Democrate hust have sensed this, The Mueller Report has further strengthened this alienation between Trump and the US Public.
    This is the moment to seize this God-given opportunity, out of basic Constitutional principles and integrity that all Citizens respect. By going forward with Impeachment, the Democrats will gain further respect and approval and electoral votes i the 2020 Election. Abandoning this opportunity, the Democrate are seen seen as indecisive and week humbugs, ambivalent to the erosion to the US Constitutional Checks and Balances, and half-deaf to the the majority of the US Electorates. Bravery to defend the US Constitution is a tremendous gift. Do not disappoint the people of America.
    Going forward to Impeachment by the Democrats is HARDLY equivalent to neglecting their political responsibilities to their electorate. Thus is just a cop-out,, a lame coward excuse.
    The very frustrated US young voters are waiting. Are the Democrats are like any ordinary coward politicians, or are they able to RECOGNISE that a crucial Constitutional breakage has occurred by Trump intransigence, his 2 year long nepotism, cronyism, tax returns, the full publication of the Mueller's Report and his failures of all his election promises.
    Recognise the moment. You will be gaining over votes for the 2020 Election. The young, the more radical, and the undecided are watching what decision the Democrats are making from NOW.

    Advocating the integrity and the equality of the three branches of government is SACRED.
    Going forward to impeach Trump will be honored by the voters because the action is imbedded in the bedrock of US Constitution.
    This decisive action will attract many more uncommitted voters who are watching intently if the Democrats are genuine patriots or just the common lackeys of the big corporations who can survive and become millionaires at the end of their term.

  20. Nadler is the biggest fool in American politics. And, MSNBC is trying to make him look like a Statesman.

  21. The Neocons are going to keep pursuing this Russian CONSPIRACY after it has been proven false by their own prosecutors, but now they are objecting to Investigating the investigators. More establishment political bull-crap. This is the first time Bernie is making the wrong call and it is concerning. Tulsi 2020. It's not a Blue thing or a Red thing, guilty actors need to be held accountable. Period.

  22. Dems don't really want to impeach. They're just engaging the Reps to create pure drama . . . Nothing else.

  23. Gee, I wish the IRS could be my advocate AGAINST the government. You know, the government the IRS is part of? How many of us have had problems, injustices, put upon us by the IRS?

    This situation is surreal. If the parties were reversed, the Republicans would have swallowed the Democrats by now. Impeachment would be over and the President will have been destroyed by now.

  24. Americans are strong ppl. There's no room for getting too tired to hold these slimy crook "republicans" accountable.

  25. Not to impeach is going to back fire on the democrats … the more you give in … the stronger the opposition ( republican party ) will become … people for feel ( rightfully so ) why did they vote them in the first place ( democrats ) if they're not going to do there job .

  26. ari you are a jerk, nadler is a creep, the bogus mueller "investigation" was undertaken in an attempt to cover up an attempted coup

  27. I would impeach, and arrest all the people that resist the subpoenas, 5am arrest on all of them take some ones freedom away and they will comply

  28. democrats & socialist value lying, cheating, bribery & extortion for their own personal gain. They are in alliance with the deep state.
    Wake-up and do your own research.

  29. It is very likely that the US economy will take a nose dive between now and the 2020 election. If so, there is no doubt that Trump will bombard the country 24/7 with the message that the Democrats caused it. Will this work for him, or will an economic downturn hurt him? With any other president the answer would be easy. Not so much with Trump.

  30. Is it me or does Nadler look like a clown with his belt around his chest and his fat stomach below. It looks like his laparoscopic gastric banding sugery was done with a kleenex band.

  31. How qualified and experienced are dukkklips lawyers that draw up these agreements? If they see no collusion or obstruction in Mr. Muellers report, then they should get lawyers too.

  32. The Congress and the American people are afraid to accept that Trump and his Senate are in open rebellion to all Americans that support the Constitution. That is the crisis; Trump the new ISIS.

  33. These guys don't even know what they are investigating. They have no narrative. They are going fishing. They have know right to subpoena anyone.

  34. So the Democrats want a do over on a non crime , we have crises with opioid, suicides, all of south America invading our country, America should know you have no responsibility running this country.

  35. Quit following this fake lying news outlet MSNBC. They should be shut down from putting out these slanderous lies about President Trump and sued for every dime they have. When all is exposed MSNBC and all the other outlets and their reporters should be arrested for being accomplices to an attempted coup !

  36. Jerry Nadler you are the only one who thinks he's above the la
    W you want our attorbney General to break the lawn no Jerry you'll never be president deal with all your lies , yes he worked

  37. Years from now, history books will regale students with the bizarre actions and outrageous lies of Donald Trump, the Narcissist in Chief. We’ll understand how millions of Americans bought the myth that this president was a great businessman who made billions. In actually, the fat orange slob lost staggering amounts of money, and somehow got a certain German bank to loan him a fortune.

  38. If the Mueller probe exonerates him, why doesn't Trump want us to interview those involved with this great report? You'd think he'd want them to testify and exonerate him in public, wouldn't you?

  39. It's possible that impeachment plays into Trump's hands. Investigations may accomplish the same goals without giving Trump the drama and victim role he seems to relish. After all the best outcome would be if the Democrats do win 20200 and that will stop all this corruption and scandal and truly make America great again.

  40. What individual could withstand a media full frontal assault like this for two years? The deep state is threatened and we learn how corrupt the system is, especially the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton was SUPPOSED to be President. SUPPOSED to be??? Who said? Not the voters. Then who…? There's your constitutional crisis. The Democrats admit to obstructing everything this President does and are proud to say so. Remember when they said they'd bring him down before he spent 100 days in office. Sounds like a failed coup attempt. Disenfranchisement of American voters by enemies both foreign and domestic.

  41. This fiasco makes it pretty apparent that the USA is a wishy washy shithole country. When the President and the Treasury and the DOJ and the Republican Party and possibly the Supreme Court perpetuates this Fascist Government.

  42. How is this allowed to continue in a supposedly democratic country in the west? Disgusting like this conman president!

  43. When Durham finishes the Media mob along with the Dems. will try another smear job. He must be colluding with Trump and Barr will be their story. You can read these gangsters like an open book.

  44. Jail those who defy Subpoenas ! .  This is the traditional legal remedy, and it is ultimately the only reason that a Subpoena from any body has any power.   If the jailed person wants to file a writ of habeous corpus, or try some other legal remedy to test the subpoena, that have that right, and may exercise it from a jail cell , like any other person who ignores any warrant or subpoena.   Equal Justice.. means just that.    You don't get to wait, when you are in contempt, except in a cell.

  45. The house flipped because Americans wanted checks and balances. Do the leading members of the house seriously believe that if they do nothing it will be better? 45 is going to use that against them in 2020, he will say that even the democrats know that I was exonerated since they didn’t impeach me or he will call them weak because they didn’t. Americans want strong representatives that fight for them no matter which side they are on.

  46. MSNBC , is Trash News who has sold our country out , Liars , Traitors , Communist Socialist Propaganda Machine !

  47. Bad cop Corrupt Mueller just told Corrupt nadler aka the PENGUIN to go POUND SAND,hah,hah,hah way to go bad cop Corrupt Mueller who sold URANIUM ONE TO RUSSIA hah,hah,hah.

  48. Nadler as no example to give to no one and coming from this network its not surprising at all they are part of the demo rat so nadler is a real moron please nadler supeana some rats near my home they most be part of your so corropt party

  49. All the talk in the world means nothing, because the Democrats will not have the courage to start impeachment proceedings. This whole process has been a farce and a travesty to the existence of a Congress failing to uphold the Democratic system. This whole episode just proves that a con man can do with what ever he wants and get away with it. Trump's tactic of wearing down the investigation with constant distractions is working. People have lost faith in the ineffective Congress in place. You would have thought that winning the house would change things but it so far has shown no courage to step up. Trump will have his wish, Tyranny will reign.

  50. Congress and frankly we the people should have the power to make sure our presidential office remains law abiding. We can't afford to let Trump change the CONSTITUTION! WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION AND THAT IS THE WAY IT IS!!!

  51. From the very beginning, it has been striking that Barr had the demeanor and the character of a crook and his later actions proved his deviousness. When I see this man's countenance, I read "thief", and a warning: don't leave your purse or your wallet unattended in his proximity.

  52. If you don’t want to be an accountable leader. Go to N. Korea or Russia! This is America and things are done legally, with investigations and there will be a trial! That is how things are done in a democracy! Your criminal cohorts cannot change the rules for you….neither can We, The People!

  53. Why not just issue subpoenas and enforce them stop asking the Democrats know Republicans are not going to show up.

  54. Trump is trying to run this country like Putin and the Chinese man he making this whole country look pitiful like the United States ain't nothing and he's sitting in the white house ain't that nothing he's not for the 🇺🇸 he's for the other country he owed them some money and he tearing it down just the way Putin want Him to

  55. He's showing just how stupid this Congress and government is and they let him get away with it ain't that nothing!!! For a handful of people that voted for him not the whole United States really cuz they on some Superior stuff

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