Judiciary Cmte: New Allegations Call For Kavanaugh Investigation | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Judiciary Cmte: New Allegations Call For Kavanaugh Investigation | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

December 3, 2019

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  1. New allegations? This came up with Blakey-Ford and was debunked then by the accuser! Will you run the times correction saying” oops, our bad” or let this smear roll on? Crap journalism and a crap legislator to interview.

  2. First, false allegation. Second, cant remove him unless commited a crime. Third, replacement would be more conservative. Fourth, obama would be arrested for killind Scalia. The left are anti catholic baby killers.

  3. So amazing everyone has retracted on this story The New York Times The Washington Post the only one that hasn't retracted is MSNBC isn't that something talk about fake news no wonder they call you fake news

  4. Well, since perjury is a felony, I would think it's obvious that it's a "high crime".
    I like Sheldon a lot. I'm glad that he is pushing the importance of investigating this stuff before going around slinging the "I-word". I'm all for due process. So let's get it going.

  5. Kavanaugh is an old frat "brah"….sure his past has dark secrets but he's too old for modern video…might need to look for a beta max tape somewhere LOL.

  6. Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 121 criminal indictments 89 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively.

  7. Can't wait to see exhibit one (the Polaroids of Kavanaugh with his junk out, holding a Brewski). 

    Send a few Poster sized ones to his Wife, and a few T'Shirt prints for the kids.

  8. This stuff isn't new!!!!! These allegations and limited probe was brought up before his confirmation and nothing happened. Why now? He should've never been confirmed.
    Trumps finest.

  9. The calculus here should include if the house should investigate Kavanaugh or the Kavanaugh investigation alone. Reason being is that in current senate Kavanaugh will not get a fair trial even if evidence of wrongdoing is found by the house and house passes the articles of impeachment. To actually remove Kavanaugh by the process of impeachment requires support of the senate. If house passes articles of impeachment for Kavanaugh just before 2020 election to rally democratic base for senate vote, but the senate votes to not prosecute based purely on political basis during lame duck session; Kavanaugh position is only strengthened even if democrats take control of the senate in 2020. No double jeopardy is allowed in USA; hence no re-do with democrat controlled senate will be had based on the same articles of impeachment. Kavanaugh impeachment right before 2020 elections can be a strong driving force to help democrats win the senate, but it removes the opportunity to replace Kavanaugh with left leaning judge even if congress and WH are blue in 2020. Investigating Kavanaugh investigation alone may give enough reasons for dems to show up at voting booths hoping for Kavanaugh impeachment in 2021.

  10. An illegitimate president nominated an illegitimate judge to be an illegitimate Justice and a criminally sanctioned Senate rubber stamped his appointment because they are spineless, racist, misogynistic weasels and sycophants trembling in dirty underpants filled with shame and deceit.

  11. for the narcissist, sexual deviant, sexual sadist, the experience of sexual assault is pleasant, for the victim to tarnish such fond memories, nasty

  12. As someone who didn't vote for trump, I hope the Dem party pays a price for this…truly despicable from the party and this so called news network

  13. This is why Trump comes out so loudly and obviously calling out FAKE NEWS. There is a war going on behind the scenes to combat this. Legal teams are gathering evidence to eventually press airtight charges. Repairing the DOJ and the FBI is just the beginning. Overturning DEC ADES of corruption is unfathomingly complicated

  14. Of course the fabricated NYT article should start the witch hunt all over again! After all, that's how all witch hunts start. Guest is absurd to ask for The millionth investigation prior to impeachment. Any legitimate Democrat would call for impeachment without any evidence whatsoever. C'mon Dems, you're losing your backbone! Have you guys forgotten your pledge to impeach, imprison and ruin lives based on your public opinion alone??🙃

  15. Ari Melber, fraud, two bit hack phony. MSNBC serpent brainwashing operative bloodsucker. Melber really wants you to believe his lies because he's from the serpent left legion of death and he wants to destroy humanity for the devil 24/7. MSNBC CNN/ and all msm outlets are serpent left brainwashing operations, their goal is to destroy humanity and freedom and to control with full beast system Demonic tyranny. That's what the demonrats are trying to do.
    Most of the people in the CNN/MSNBC serpent nests are just running with the fabricated lies or spewing more lies….
    There's no truth in them.

  16. I believed Ford; she was credible as soon as she spoke. Sure, certain things she couldn't exactly remember, but she remembered who forcefully got on top of her. Kavanaugh was an obvious liar, and his theatrics ( red -face, begging for beer, yelling, tearing up and calling out for Squee) made Madame Lindsey go bonkers. Of course, the Senate majority confirmed him because they love the power. Garland should've been on The Supreme Court way before Kavanaugh. The other P…Grabber in The White House wants him to sue. LOL. The F.B.I. acted disgracefully by not doing their job and that led (Trump/White House played their part) the Senate to hurry and confirm him. It seems like the rule of law under Trump's administration has been thrown out the window.

  17. this is so sad. tying to smear a fine man with a perfect record. the lady effing said she didnt recall this happening
    what a joke. shame on the lame stream media

  18. Fox News is trying really hard to get ahead of this story. I looked up "kavanaugh" here on YT and the first 6 results were different fox talking heads dismissing the NYT article

  19. the NYT story had to be retracted because the woman involved said it never happened ,, any DEMS that pushes this story needs to be Executed for Treason !

  20. The Dumbocrats keep opening presents under the Christmas tree and turn up empty boxes all the time..You'd think they'd figure out it's not the tree or the presents fault but maybe the opener's problem..Just Sayin' !!

  21. Max Stier was previously a lawyer working for the Clintons,you're right his evidence is not welcome,he's a democrat party actvist.Ari forget to mention the woman at the centre of these bogu new lies said it never hapened,Ari could have pushed back a little…..I would think RBG would be next in line for replacing,her position is barely tenable.

  22. Another inconvenient opportunity for trumpublicans to show that they do not care about the law, truth or even the constitution.
    Force them to show their allegiance to corruption, obstruction and trump and his crooks!


  24. To be honest I don't give a Rat's Butt about Kavanaugh,right now my concern is Impeaching the guy in the Oval Office. I want the Congress to focus and to begin Impeachment hearings. It's time to poop and get off the pot folks.

  25. Trump wanted the DOJ to investigate the investigators in the Russia probe. Seems like yet another projection, because the Kavanaugh investigators worked in Trump's favor and they failed to do their job properly.

  26. If congress wants to investigate this further, that's fine
    BUT there's no reason to wait 1 more second to impeach him
    Kavanaugh lied to congress when they questioned him about accusations that he sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl
    (he claimed to be a virgin and then said a "devil's triangle" was a drinking game)

  27. Kavanaugh is the ultimate trophy for the Trump cult. The fact that everyone in the world know that he is a criminal sexual assaulter and still be able to put him in the supreme court – and in Trumps pocket – is the ultimate abuse of power. And they love it.

  28. There is plenty of evidence against Trump, his Administration and the GOP to have started impeachment proceedings the day he was inaugurated. Dems need to show the public that they are paying attention to the crimes being committed before them, on a public stage, every day.

  29. Yes, it's time to do a real investigation. If it happened and he lied, he does not belong where he is. I listened to Fords testimony and believed her over Kavanaughs testimony.

  30. Should've Never been a Supreme Court Justice in the First place.
    What kind of Job Interview, where you actually Rant & Rave, Verbally insult the interviewers, but expect to be Hired for Life.
    Only Trump's kindof people.

  31. Kavanaugh lied to congress, that's what it's about. Not whether he was – placed in time – a naughty, frustrated adolescent virgin. Perjury by a now member of Supreme Court. That's on the table. Follow suit!!

  32. I agree with Sheldon Whitehouse. The investigation of Kavanaugh needs to be investigated. It seems like anyone who is a candidate for a high Federal position that is in any way connected to Trump or backed by him or his Cult needs unusual scurtiny. Better to uncover the skeletons before the appointment than after. This has been painfully true with Trump himself.

  33. Kavanaugh certainly committed a crime IF he perjured himself. Then he has NO PLACE on our Supreme Court. The COVER UP by others in Govt should also have CONSEQUENCES for those criminals.

  34. This is nothing but another Democrat BS tactic Christine Ford friend says she was told to lie for Ford. The BS the other day another BS claim Kavanaugh has been investigated several times over the years requirement of his job just more money being wasted ! I want to know about the fisa court abuse done by Comey amd friends !

  35. Come on Sheldon, normally I love you but this time you spoke too soon on NOT impeaching Kavanaugh. Obviously he, Kavanaugh lied and Dr. Ford told the truth. Debra Ramirez told the truth as well.

  36. thank you Sheldon – once you are done comparing that investigation – let's compare the investigation they did for 9 11 with any other investigation and watch Lawyers Committee for 9 11 inquiry video with Munson Fire District Commissioner Christopher Gioia and listen to his September 7, 2019 comparison of how we investigated 9 11 – kavanaugh investigation was probably more in depth than 9 11 investigation – and help them get their grand jury (which Geoffrey Berman may be stalling). The story we were fed is just that – a story – we need to know what really happened and cannot call ourselves a democracy until we can have an open investigation and inquiry.

  37. They are not new allegations. Te FBI did investigate and that investigation determined there was nothing to investigate. Dem psychosis marches on

  38. white house is a dirty scum bag i have heard many thiings about him from second hand source that are terrible he should be investigated he is guilty from what i have heard

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