July Revolution of 1830 – Project Revolution
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July Revolution of 1830 – Project Revolution

September 16, 2019

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  1. Damn this is one massive crossover and I got a lot to catch up on. Great video and it really does cement the ideas of the OG revolution were there to stay, no matter how many heads got chopped off!

  2. I just love how in one day, there was already 4,000 barracks erected and 30,000 revolutionaries manning them.

    For those of you who've landed here thanks to the collab, welcome! I hope you enjoyed the video and that you consider staying for future videos. And for the rest, thank you for watching as always. And thank you for the 1,000 subs. Merde to you all!

  3. Great video Barris! Loved the polite sarcasm of the assembly, and how you tied in the continuous stream of events from the 1789 revolution to the end of Bourbon rule. Also the face morph between the different Bourbon monarchs was awesome!

  4. Such a rich and interesting period, and video…"Vive l'Empereur"…Oups, "Vive le Roy!"…Oups, "Vive la République"…enough to lose your head! Greetings from France!

  5. Wow I didn’t know this channel existed before the collab. This video is great. I love videos about politics in History.

  6. I didn't know this channel before the collab but when i heard that nice french i was subscribe. Pls do a video in the paris commune

  7. Barris, it's great to see you uploading again. I'm always happy to see your video's pop up in my sub box.

  8. I am part French and also German, Polish, Irish and a little tiny bit English but 100% American

    I think I will subscribe to your channel since I am already subscribed to two British Youtubers and a German Youtuber

  9. Bravo ! Tres bien expliqué ! Je suis heureux de voire que des Français travaillent avec les chaines anglophones ! Je ne comprend pas pourquoi vous n'avez pas plus d'abonnés ! 🙂

  10. Fantastic work as always Barris! 🙂 Been waiting for a vid from you for what seems like forever, and I suspected it would be a great one when it dropped. I was not wrong! Right, onto the rest of the revolutions! #ProjectRevolution

  11. "In just one day and night, 4000 barricades were erected and manned by 30000 revolutionaries." Meanwhile in contemporary Germany we've been building on the new Berlin airport since 2006 with no completion in sight…

    Great work man! That's a whole lot of production quality for this small a channel. I really hope this collaboration gives your channel the attention it deserves. Also I love your accent <3

  12. Man the production quality on this is fantastic. I genuinely knew nothing about this period of French history too. Great vid, made better with your accent!

  13. "Like teenage intercourse…" such a great line (also not just a problem for teenagers, speaking for a friend)

  14. I just found your channel, and I love it, the narration, the editing, it’s all excellent! Keep up the good work!

  15. Sacrebleu! I have another awesome channel to subscribe to!
    You even mentioned the November Uprising! To be fair though, it did possibly prevent the Russian intervention in Belgium and gave us the Revolutionary Etude. Still hardly worth it.

  16. "August revolution"
    As a Belgian I need to rectify a bit.
    I think you mean La Révolte d'Aout (Revolt of August), mainly in Brussel even tho' population was singing in the start la Marseillaise and using tricolor flags (Remplaced by the Brabançonne and the Tricolor brabançone flag), it was mainly a revolt for reacting against the Dutch grief of the King against the South (Belgium).
    The main goal wasn't the creation of Belgium in first place, but for political change in school system and language regulation. (Even tho most of Brusseler was just revolting due to poverty and was just angry)

    Even if the French would later play an important part of the Belgian Revolution, the July Revolution for the Press and people in Belgium wasn't seen a major event, and didn't inspired them.

    The revolt would be a revolution in the end of September with the creation of the Provisional Governement (27th september), and after the Siege of Antwerp majority of the poeple end up to fight for Independance.

    Fun fact : By twice the governement propose a Bourbon (Louis d'Orlean per example) to the throne of Belgium, but it was denied by twice

  17. Any man with power : Dissolve an assembly.

    His enemies manage to win more seat after the elections
    Man with power : Surprise Pikachu face.

  18. Louis XVIII must have been spinning in his grave throughout all of this. I kind of feel bad for him. He spent his entire reign as a moderating force in French politics to try and preserve the restoration, and hoped he would outlive his dumbfuck, reactionary brother. Only for it to be all undone in only 6 years.

  19. Good think that at least some among #projectrevolution do cover real revolutions. Thanks for an excellent documentary on one of the least known revolutions.

  20. Great video! Come check out my new channel where I talk about everything Eurasia! Great video once again! 😊🙂😊

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