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  1. BREAKING NEWS🗞Sources report that former Police Officer Amber Guyger who was charged in the Murder of Bothem Jean was at a MMA Gym.They said she did so good in training they nicknamed her "Killer"

  2. Jury selection? The parents and their lawyer has let so much go without answers that Amber will surely walk, they have to prove that Amber meant to kill Botham for a murder charge and that I don't think they can prove and personally I think they have the wrong lawyer.

  3. Should have been a change of venue….the overly enthusiastic jurors made it now that she can't get a fair trial…..already grounds for an appeal before court starts. Dallas County you screwed up and wasted taxpayers money already just to please the public instead of innocent until proven guilty, which these jurors don't believe in my book.

  4. Guyger worked at police station she knew when she went to Botham’s apartment he didn’t have a permit to carry a handgun so he probably didn’t have a weapon. Amber Guyger murdered Botham.

  5. I can't Believe that they are still going with the idiotic conclusion that 👿She 👿thought that was(her apartment) I don't know Anyone that have thought that.👿 SHE's 👿 the first person especially if it's a obvious ("RUG")out there that you HAVE to STEP ON., somebody just went to her apartment and just started Redecorating👿 that's the stupidest thing I ever heard in my whole life

  6. Looks like a blacks-only crowd on this video. I do however, support the slain angels family. Shame on the Dallas PD. This is not their only turd. Please move the trial to Van Nuys, CA.

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