[Just Released] Sony a7R IV | 61 MEGAPIXEL Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera| 2019

October 22, 2019

Sony just announced the a7r IV the first
thirty five-millimeter full-frame mirrorless camera with 61 megapixels
this is a fourth-generation camera from Sony in about six years and it’s clear
that Sony wants to maintain its position as leader in the full-frame mirrorless
market so get ready to clean out your hard drives and free up some space let’s
look at some of the exciting new features found in the sony a7r 4 first
61 megapixels sit back and let that sink in this is higher resolution than some
medium format cameras currently made now this is a solid bump in resolution from
sony a7r 3 at 42 megapixel not only do you have high resolution but you have
the processing power now to back it up so you’ll be able to shoot continuously
at 10 frames per second with the mechanical shutter for about 68 frames
with continuous autofocus and auto exposure tracking switch the aps-c mode
and now you have a 26 megapixel camera with a 200 plus shot buffer not only is
this great for studio photographers but this should also be great for sports and
wildlife photographers imagine attaching this camera to the back border of a
basketball hoop with a wide-angle lens not only will you be able to get a fast
sequence but you’ll have multiple angles to choose from it’s high resolution
sensor as you’ve seen in some of my previous lens reviews I love to
photograph cats and the a7 or 4 has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to
autofocus now I detect AF isn’t new but how it is implemented is and Sony does
it the best but that’s not it folks not only does it have human I detect AF in
stills mode but now it will have real-time human and pet I detect AF with
tracking in both stills and movie mode so be prepared for more cat photos and
videos and since we’re talking about autofocus this camera has 567 phases to
take the AF sensors that covers 74% of the area of the sensor and almost 100%
in the super 35 millimeter crop mode which should definitely
your hit rate while tracking subject matter across the frame now I’ve been a
skeptic about electronic viewfinders for a long time but now that the a7 r4
features a five point seven six million dot finder I’m excited to see how true
to life the image looks through it now if you’re a video shooter you might have
been disappointed when Sony didn’t mention 4k 60 a new 10 bit codec or the
ability to record raw externally and I think we’re gonna have to wait for that
in the a7 s mark 3 and like the ace of an hour 3 it will provide the best
results when shot in the super 35 moment your crop mode with no pixel binning in
addition to all this sony has redesigned the camera they’ve improved the weather
and dust seals which we’re lagging behind Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and
now it accepts two UHS two SD cards and they’ve moved slot one to the top woohoo
it still doesn’t have a flippy screen but hey that was expected the grip has
been improved for better ergonomics buttons should have a better tactile
feel and you can now save camera settings to an SD card to easily set up
a second camera this is going to be great for wedding shooters or people out
on assignment does a 61 megapixel behemoth of a camera interest you let me
know what you would like me to photograph with the a7 r 4 in the
comment section below for me I would love to photograph the tropical plants
here in South Florida so make sure to subscribe to our channel for a more
detailed look once we have the camera in the showroom the a7 our four is expected
to be out in September for a price of $3,500 a US this is Adam from Digital Goja I’ll catch in the next one

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