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  1. If Blumenthal really thinks that we need to learn how the Court does its work, then the concession that the conferences won't be videotaped makes no sense. If he really thinks transparency is a good thing, he should be in favor of having all of his phone calls taped, all his e-mails recorded, and made publicly available.

    Blumenthal is completely full of it. The transparency movement is the biggest locus of hypocrisy on Planet Earth.

  2. The argument against Supreme Court access is bullshit. The job of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law, not to educate the public, education is the perogative of the bublic. Nor is it the job of the Supreme Court to decide for the public that it will not have any rights to court access because of the Court's fear of "snapshot" opinions based on fragments of court opinion, it is the exclusive right of the public to base their opinion on whatever it is in resonance with.

  3. Cameras in court room Will expose The judges corruption.
    People vs mousa.
    They Refuse to release the court transcript and the audio tapes. And before they release me they injected my food with poisoning in SF County jail.
    7 corrupt judges from SF superior court Involved in this case.
    Complete denial of all constitutional rights.
    My job to Expose this corruption.
    Please type this name (sadat mousa) on you tube and watch the videos.
    human rights watch told me they don't take cases in the United

  4. the only way to hold those corrupt judges accountable if you have camera in courtroom.
    the altar and change the court transcripts.
    from this interview does not look like the judges want to protect the justice system in the United States.
    they want to let corruption ruined and destroy everything.
    this is more of a mafia.
    in San Francisco County Jail they injected my food with poisoning to cover up the judges corruption.
    federal lawsuit (mousa vs harris et al).
    or tube (sadat mousa)

  5. Scalia is absolutely right. If televising the proceedings would indeed inform the public and give them a better sense of how the Court works and functions then it would be a good idea — at least to consider. But as Breyer said, oral arguments are only three to five percent of the case, yet that is what people would fixate on. When you add that in with the fact that the news media would take clips out of context and misreport, it seems fairly straightforward that televising the Supreme Court (as much as I would love to see it!) would be a terrible idea.

  6. because judges want to keep covering up each other fraud and corruption.

    the whole judicial system is one big corrupt corporation.

    video camera in court will expose the judges corruption.

    previously they injected my food with poison because I discover the court fraud.
    please type this name (sadat mousa) in youtube and watch the videos I posted.

  7. okay Mr Justice.
    come to San Francisco Superior Court and ask the corrupt judges to release the audio tapes in this case;
    ( people vs mousa).

    I was put in custody for 4 yr for no reason, they denied me of all my constitutional rights, then before they released me they use the sheriff's deputy to inject my food with poison to cover up the court corruption.

    federal judge give the state of California immunity under the Eleventh Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    now tell me justice is this corruption or not?

    please type this name (sadat mousa) in youtube and watch the videos I posted about the court corruption in San Francisco.

  8. you're not speaking for the law Mr Justice. You speaking for your pocket and big corporation.
    with all due respect.

  9. Just the body language here really demonstrates the separations of power. I've never seen two guys more chilled out in a Senate hearing before.

  10. Scalia is right but if he says it is incredibly monotonous or esoteric, then small snippets wouldnt give people much to 'bicker' about. It could still be informational. However I see the Court's view in a way as well.

  11. The New Yorker has a great article talking about how Clarence Thomas stares off into space not paying attention most of the time, which explains his notorious silence: he's not paying attention. This would look horrible on cameras, of course…

  12. Just look at that two-faced slimeball. Whenever a politician talks so sweetly about "benefitting the public" and "educating the people" you can rest assured he's got the most malevolent intentions you couldn't even begin to imagine. He wants to turn the SCOTUS into theater, just like C-SPAN turned congress into theater. They let lobbyists write the laws now while they go full drama queen for the cameras.

  13. I could already imagine the sound bites and video clips that would be taken out of context and broadcast over the major news networks to push certain narratives or drive the news cycle. I agree it’s best to keep the cameras out at this time. The arguments can be better examined by the public in writing or via the audio tapes. Otherwise, we could end up with judges who are more concerned about their public image than about applying the law.

  14. Congress wants the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to be subject to public opinion via cameras just like Congress is. Congress wants to show that SCOTUS plays to cameras like Congress does. It's a gotcha tactic, and one that is a dangerous threat to SCOTUS being the independent judiciary as outlined in the US Constitution, therefore threatening the US Constitution itself and the checks and balances explicitly written in it that are collectively known as federalism.

  15. I don't like Scalia's politics by any sense of the imagination…bleeding heart liberal here..BUT i totally underatand with what Scalia is saying…in today's age…all people look for is that small moment to run on a loop to represent their party colors or how the other side is showing their partisan stripes…and that may be all fine and dandy in politics…its the name of that game…BUT that shouldnt occur inside the Supreme court…so while i am totally for it..i understand why they wouldnt be…and thats perfectly fine..

  16. "We wear black robes because we are speaking FOR THE LAW, NOT for ourselves as individuals."

    -US Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer (seated on the left)

    That quote from Justice Breyer simply yet brilliantly articulates WHY the US Supreme Court WAS, IS, AND WILL BE the independent judiciary, NEVER subject to the dangerous influences of politics and public opinion, dangerous influences that have corrupted Congress countless times.

  17. "Do you really think the process in the Senate has been improved since the proceedings have been televised???"

    -The late and great US Supreme Court Associate Antonin Scalia (seated on the right) to US Senator Richard Blumenthal.

    Blumenthal answered Scalia's direct question with a classic lawyer's dodge.

  18. @Mi87: I agree 100%. Breyer and Scalia definitely look incredibly relaxed because in my opinion they aren't subject to the political posturing as displayed by Senator Blumenthal that is brought out at these kinds of hearings. Body language speaks volumes, and based on that, Breyer and Scalia won the day at this hearing because they're unelectable, therefore they're untouchable no matter what they say at a hearing like this.

  19. Justice Breyer “ we wear black ropes because we don’t speak for ourselves “. His judicial philosophy is based on his personal values are part of equation in interpreting the constitution. Unbelievable he would say that.

  20. Respectfully; this video is proof of needing videos, inter alia, there is lack of correct argument presentment in support of video court recording. Without saying more, I will leave you with food for thought – conference is a judicial court proceeding.

  21. 1) Is RBG still alive? 2) How many times did the media tell us the court should go this or that
    direction but a jury of 12 chose otherwise? Cameras will cause a media clown circus.

  22. I love Scalia, but his argument about the media cutting up a justice’s comments or questions out of context if there’s video doesn’t make sense. There’s already audio of the arguments. If someone was going to take their words out of context, they would’ve done it already.

  23. It's very telling how the courts do not want cameras because they know the people would be outraged like the holding in DESHANNEY VS WINNEBAGO CO where the courts held that the goverment has no affirmative duty to protect our rights. Oh ya the people would find out that the courts and goverment are taking individuals liberty away without due process

  24. this is how a real man handles a senate hearing and all of its frothing seething lib animals. scalia was an intellectual giant

  25. I completely disagree with Blumenthal here. He clearly wants to add entertainment value to SCOTUS by his remarks. And I completely agree with Justices Breyer and Scalia with regard to keeping cameras OUT of SCOTUS. Journalists, while trying to expose truth and inform the public, work for money. The more money their chosen media makes, the more money the journalists make. Oh! And Scallia was also right about cameras in Congress. Cameras in Congress have NOT made America better. Gingrich proved that back in the 1990's with his Republican shutdown of Congress. And Gingrich's theatrics in front of the C-SPAN camera in Congress is why today's (2019) Congress is so completely fucked up. Too many unqualified people playing to the cameras instead of do the work of the People. It's completely shameful.

  26. The public or the prosecuted or both we in there Sharon 1 tv we not public we dont get access not the ones that want that access cus the rest thesebwanna watch shows and sports and play cards and gamble and dont even watch shit aint interesting gota get off the kiosk when u study for your case because this dude want his visit this next guy wanna look and show off the same naked pictures of his lady friends braggin bout how much money u got on the books

  27. Government wants to retain the power by keeping things in secret; We The People want open courts, inter alia, use of video recordings! Hon. Blumenthal God Bless You!

  28. Television in Congress has shown me that anybody can do there job. It shows me there are a lot of idiots running the country. Before television we thought these people were the best of the best. So I think it would do damage to the court.

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