Kansas City Week in Review – November 1, 2019
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Kansas City Week in Review – November 1, 2019

November 10, 2019

coming up it’s your handy dandy
guide to election day we pick apart what’s at stake Tuesday
on both sides of state line plus dissecting the week’s
other top headlines and your news makers of the week
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you thank you good to have you with us again
I’m Nick Haines and we are on a mission to connect the dots on
the most impactful news of our week and give you a heads up on
what to expect ahead of Tuesday’s election working
overtime to ensure you know what’s happening from forty one
action news Cat Reid from the call newspapers senior reporter
Eric Wesson from the Shawnee Mission post Jay Senter and
from the pages of your Kansas City star Dave Helling now
while there were literally hundreds of races being decided
throughout the metro on Tuesday the issue getting most
attention has been this one should Kansas City take down
doctor Martin Luther King’s name from a ten mile stretch of
street in the city and return it to what it used to be called
the Paseo the new signs have only been up for about
nine months we are here because for fifty one years Kansas city
has not taken appropriate action that’s a lot of actors
changes that’s a lot of confusion in the next six
months has a hundred and twenty year history of being the Paseo some voices some faces on both
sides of this issue what happens if you vote yes on
Tuesday Eric if you vote yes the it remains if you if you
vote this is a problem
if you vote yes then you want it to go back to Paseo if you
vote no then it stays MLK can I just say the way to think of
this if you’re going to the poll is let’s imagine a road if
you want it to be the Paseo vote yes if you want it to be
Martin Luther King vote no this is already more confusing
than I expected the show to be
Cat let’s talk a little bit
about the cost of this is so far and
they’ve spent sixty thousand dollars on the new dark doctor
Martin Luther King junior signs and reverting them back would
cost thirty to forty thousand so we’re talking about a one
hundred thousand dollar investment for this whole
debacle the good news is they haven’t destroyed the Paseo
signs yet they held on to those hopefully some of them could be
reused if voters do though
decide to take down the doctor Martin
Luther King junior a sign put back up the Paseo sign I’m
assuming that this is not the end of the issue will there be
another effort to find something else to name after
doctor King whether it be the airport or a different street I
think they would go back to trying to do the street again
this same street or the same street and I think they would
go to different route with the signatures and going through
the procedure and having the community input from it because
that’s one of the biggest things that people have complained
about is that they didn’t get an opportunity and you kind of
have to live outside of Kansas City to not know that there
were meetings where there was where where was discussed but
people don’t feel like they were engaged so I believe it
would go back to that I wouldn’t completely rule out sixty third
street coming back into the conversation again since that
had been part of the initial panel looking at
recommendations the reason why Paseo was always
considered more attractive was because of the dedicated
funding through the boulevard
system why is it always these changes
of bridges and roads always taking place on the Missouri
side of the state line we have the ah also Emanuel Cleaver
Boulevard the used to be Brush Creek Boulevard now we
have the Buck O’neil bridge it
was the Braodway bridge for so many
decades why don’t we hear about
that in Johnson County that they’re
gonna change Nall Avenue or
Metcalf and rename it something Jake well I
mean and and in the case the in MLK and and honoring him I mean
it’s worth pointing out John County was almost entirely
white at the time of the civil rights movement ah Johnson
County museum documents you know
the history of racist housing
policies that led to that so I it hasn’t been as much
of a thrust there as the demographics in Johnson county
change over the next several
years we might see some change there but there
aren’t as many avenues for people in Johnson County to
sort of bring these sorts of proposals to the attention of
their of their elected officials citizens can’t just gather
petitions in Johnson County or
in Kansas to do these things they
can but the bar so very very
high that as a practical matter it’s
impossible it is not impossible as we know in Kansas city
Missouri and what Eric is suggesting is that after this
election there’s a possibility of another petition drive maybe
sixty third street maybe the Paseo maybe another street the
I do think there’s a sense that if the voters ratify the King
name for the old Paseo that that will put an end to it that
people will accept that verdict and we’ll all go forward if
it’s different put back to the Paseo then I do think we’re in
for more task forces and by the way my friend Eric Wesson could
certainly serve on one of those task forces since he was on the
mayor’s task force on this issue as we recall so I think
that there’s a lot at stake Tuesday this argument has gone
on for eighteen months nearly two years if it goes back to
the Paseo I think we are going to continue to talk about it
for sometime and you know one of the things that has always
been a part of the conversation is honoring Dr King and people
feel like the street is the honor but
is honoring Dr king the way you live your life or is it putting
a name on a street or a building because we’ve got MLK junior
high school we got MLK park we’ve got the longest week long
celebration honoring Dr king in the country
we have things that we have that are named after Dr King
let’s try living a life that doctor king would be proud of
now all around the metro there are hundreds of local school
boards city council community college even water board races
on the ballot if you’re headed into Johnson County the last
few days you might’ve noticed it’s now a sea of yard signs
dotting every single spare patch of grass on the side of a
road it’s tough to weigh in on every single issue in fact it
would take us more than the length of this program just to
list off candidates but Jay Senter in terms of importance
what’s the biggest race being decided in Johnson County and
why I am keeping my eye on the
Overalnd Park city council races I I
think the direction of the city really hangs in the balance and
and a lot of ways for the past probably twenty years it’s
fair to say it’s been pretty slow and steady
going for the the city government there’s been
consensus we want to be pro growth we want to be pro
development we want to make it as easy as possible to do
business in Overland Park as possible over the last four five
years you’ve seen pockets the community support and say
listen we don’t want to bend over
backwards for developers and make it possible for them to do
whatever they want we want to make sure that the northern
parts of the city are getting as much attention as they need
to stay vibrant as we’re spending a kind of spurring
development of the southern parts of the city so all six of
the seats that are up in the cycle have contested races
you’ve got pretty much an establishment let’s keep going
the way we are candidates and a hey let’s put the brakes on
some of the stuff reconsider how we’re doing business
candidate if a couple of those anti establishment candidates
make it through I really think you could see that the
direction change we’re going to
talk a little bit more of those issues
in Overland Park in just a
moment there was a big crowd also
in running for the Johnson County board of trustees what’s
at stake here would the entire direction of the college as we
know it change as result of who gets elected on Tuesday Dave
I’m not sure would change completely but there are
disagreements on the board and there are arguments for
different slates of people that are running some of the
incumbents want to continue the board on the board of school on
the path that is now on where as others suggest there’s a
need for change I’ve talked about this on the show before
Nick the Johnson County community college is a major
asset and I do think more people are paying attention to
the governance there salaries paid to professors expansion
plans other things and there was as you know a big dispute
over closing the track and doing some other things out at
the college so I think I’m watching that race and to see
if Johnson Countians are riled up about the state of
their community college
and the big thing is the the board going to choose
the next president ah Joe Sopcich done he’s stepping down
next year so this is the the whoever is in in those seats is
gonna have the final say over who’s the new leaderand by the
way Jay Senter the Shawnee Mission post is probably the
only place we can find much reporting about who’s running
on the differences between the candidates in the Johnson
County races if you go to the KCPT dot org slash KCWIR
site we have linked you to his work we also have a link where
you can just plug in your zip code on both sides of state
line and see side by side comparison of the candidates in
almost every race and where they stand on the issues in the
Star this week there’s a big spotlight on the thousands of
candidates running for the water
board in Johnson County now I’m exaggerating
slightly of course but why such an interest in what some view
was the lowest level of elected office in the metro Cat Reid
well I think this is part of a broader movement we’ve seen
since twenty sixteen of a lot of people getting involved
younger more diverse candidates getting involved in local races
and they cite different issues some are talking about climate
change they’re talking about the Missouri River a river bed
and damage to it as well as talking about public health
crises like what we have seen in Flint and Newark and how
we can prevent those locally are we seeing that sort of
energy and passion on the Missouri side of the state line
even in those lower ballot races Eric no
you have to really think about there actually being an
election Tuesday yeah I think I went out to I actually use my
camera phone to pick out those yard signs in Johnson County I
went all over Missouri
I couldn’t find many exactly but you know
one Wyandotte county has a big race and it’s quiet and is a
pretty big race and one of the interesting things about it is
that you have a growing Hispanic community there and
one of the candidates is running on the fact that they
need Hispanics on city council what’s at stake in the Wyandotte
County races we certainly do not want to forget about them
well the commission of course in that Eric just mentally
nearly half of the seats and
that’s important in a Ann Murgia of course is
a bit of a lightning rod and so we’ll be watching that race a
little bit I’m also fascinated by the fact that the water
board has contested races for every seat I think is correct
which is absolutely astonishing
for that race BPU elections are
important in Kansas City Kansas the board of public utilities
ah is a job provider for some people those are hotly
contested so now whether they’ll
meet>and the school district and the school
district now whether that juices turn out or not I don’t
know it’s difficult to know how to cast intelligent voices in
votes in these races and let me just back to what you
said Jay website is phenominal and I invite and I’m a
subscriber as you know and so I
just recommend that people go there
if they want to get down and dirty
let’s put that ah website back on that on that screen if
we can because even when we talk about Wyandotte county they KCUR
did a good job against back to back comparisons of the
candidates running for the County commission there we put
that on there too trying to link all of those names together to
make it easier for you to find out who to vote for it’s not
getting a massive amount of attention but if you live in
Kansas you also be voting on a statewide ballot question
Missouri voters are very
familiar with seeing a whole lot of
ballot questions it’s very rare
in Kansas this is to do with the
census what are voters being asked Cat so this is all
about the state census adjustment Kansas is the only
state in the union that has this adjustment it was passed
back in the eighties and it it basically allows members of the
military and college students to claim a different home
address in the census if they choose so the argument about
this is that it is very tedious the secretary of state’s office
is having to call all of these people and ask them a lot of
people don’t have land lines any more so they’re hard to get
in touch with and the state claims that this is costing
about eight hundred and thirty five thousand dollars to when
the census rolls around they say it’s tedious cumbersome and
it’s time for it to go so every election always has a winner
and a loser associated with it are their winners to this
election and loses to the election Jay yeah I’ve I’ve
talked to Johnson County
legislator who said that basically when this came up
in committee and was being discussed early this session
the the ledge the the areas that have a lot of these
college students living in them are in favor of it because they
are going to be able to argue for more funding for services
based on that higher population figure ah rural communities are
less enchanted by this because they’re likely to have their
I’m assuming Johnson County
would also lose if you have a lot of
folks who are going to higher education institutions like
K-state and KU from Johnson County they’re now gonna
be counted in those college town aren’t they that is correct
although the Johnson County delegation was largely
supportive of the measure can I
just say quickly my understanding is
the change only applies to state house and state Senate
races it doesn’t apply to US House ah redistricting it is
however Nick an indication of the fight over the twenty
twenty census and redistricting in both Missouri and Kansas
that’s always a nightmare it’ll be a nightmare again this year
this is sort of the opening salvo now in other news mayor
Quinton Lucas unveiling a new fix to curbing rising
violent crime he’s proposing a new city ordinance that would
take guns away from domestic violence abusers will create a
municipal violation for the unlawful carrying of firearms in
Kansas City by anyone who is subject to a restraining order
that’s been issued by a court or is convicted of a crime of
domestic violence misdemeanor or felony how big a problem
is that Cat a huge problem if you talk to anyone who works in
the domestic violence sector this is huge they end up back
with their guns and people are in danger their victims are in
danger and I think that it’s interesting to see how in the
beginning of his time in office Quinton Lucas has really
focused on federal legislation and what we can do here locally
to make sure that it is really being implemented because the
issue is that prosecutors federal prosecutors don’t
necessarily have the time or the resources to prosecute all
of these things so that’s why they are arguing for the local
enforcement if this is such a
big problem then Eric why didn’t
Sly James to this during his eight years in office when
he was also concerned about violent crime probably the same
groups that are or a lobbying Mayor Lucas probably didn’t
lobby Mayor James and mayor James focus was a little bit
different when it comes to violent crime his focus was let
the police do their job and whereas mayor Lucas is stepping
up taken those shots for violent crime in Kansas city
mayor Lucas and his team are busy probing the limits of what
the city can do to deal with gun violence and what
legislation what ordinances conflict with state law or
may be congruent with federal law and I think they’re trying
to find out where the boundary line is but I also believe the
that the mayor and his people believe that twenty twenty will
be the year that crime really needs to come down in Kansas
city and that he’d mayor Lucas we’ll be judged on the efficacy
of what the city does to bring down violent crime I don’t
think they think they can affect it in twenty nineteen but
people will judge him on what happens next year and this is
part of that now we always talk
about crime and the number of
murders in Kansas city Missouri but violent crime is happening
with greater frequency all over the metro including murders
this week a business owner was shot dead outside of his office
building near a hundred thirty fifth and Metcalf in Overland
Park Jay Senter is crime an issue that is playing
out in any of these election campaigns being waged in
Johnson County yeah and the and the city council elections in
Overland Park you’ve heard
people address it most significantly
there was a string of three pretty high profile of violent
crimes in a one neighborhood in northern overland park in
January I believe the police department has been
making pretty concerted efforts to increase communication with
the neighborhoods Hey what are the things we can do to prevent
this from happening and how can we make sure that you’re
letting us know if you see something you don’t like the
problems in in Overland Park and and the rest Johnson County are
not as prevalent as in Kansas city Missouri I think residents
are looking to make sure that it stays that way you mention
economic development is becoming a concern you know
crime is a rising issue what about affordable housing that’s
also an issue you hear about constantly in Kansas city
Missouri in fact a boisterous rally this week outside of city
hall tenants groups demanding the council enact a new tenants
bill of rights are candidates ringing alarm bells in the
suburbs about affordable housing too it’s a it’s been a
kind of sort of it unexpectedly of a
bigger issue in this campaign than I’d expected United
services in Johnson County a United community services
Johnson County is conducting an
audit of housing options in the
county basically the what’s the trend as there are more more
jobs in Johnson County that just don’t pay enough for
people actually live and work in their backyards so in
Kansas city Missouri as we see those tenants rights groups
going outside city hall demanding a bill of rights
for tenants Quinton Lucas has said he’s supportive of this but
he’s just one vote on the city council
and I think the others just for the sake of saving face I think
they would be supportive of it as well but there there are
going to get some push back from the landlords with this as
well some of the things that they they’ve actually come
together this
week to put their own bill of rights together even changing
their name
from landlords to home providers because of the
pejorative term absolutely because of the negative
connotations with it but I think that there’s going to be
a push back but again the question is what is affordable
housing was affordable for Dave a multi millionaire that’s not
affordable for me as a poor
person well in other news it is now
official the USDA has picked downtown Kansas city as the new
headquarters for hundreds of research worker being moved
out of our nation’s capital and into the heartland there were
lots of sites be considered including Crown Center and the
emptying Sprint Campus in
Johnson County why downtown and where
are they going to be Cat well
they stand to benefit from some
pretty attractive incentives going downtown and the site
they’ve chosen is 805 Pennsylvania Avenue downtown as
you see images of downtown there in the video this is
about twenty six million dollars or so of potential tax
incentives not is that different whough and there’s a
lot of pushback about that but is this really different than
other companies were coming into town of the kind of
incentives while it would get a little more aggressive than
some incentives and it’s for an existing building it’s not for
a new project so keep that in mind but the federal government
isn’t just another business it’s the federal government and
it can print money and it usually taps every taxpayer in
America to pay rent and in essence what’s happening here
is the people of Missouri and Kansas city are going to
subsidize what the people of the United States used to pay
just to bring in this USDA these USDA jobs I do think that
there it’s going to pass I don’t think anybody’s going to
a block it but I but people are starting to say well what was
the benefit to Kansas city other than the headlines and
the sort of talking points what benefit really is there
for the of state of Missouri and for the people Kansas city
and that’s a very difficult question to answer one of the
sites that was proposed for this Jay Senter was the Sprint
campus and and is there a disappointment and indignation
for Johnson County that its not going to be moving there I
haven’t heard a
whole lot of disappointment but it would have been very nice
and the of that people are gonna want to have to figure
out what to do with that that real estate I mean when Sprint
initially came and it totally blew up the real estate market
in Johnson County with emptying out I think it’s gonna
have a similar effect this is the second loss in a just a few
weeks we have Wadell and Reed now coming out of Overland Park
to go on the Missouri side of state line building a skyscraper
downtown with incentives and it’s interesting even on the
USDA because this is the site Kansas is the site for the
largest research facility now being built at the national bio
science research facility in Manhattan Kansas right so this
has to be a loss for them right well yeah I think Kansas
competed for this business and was prepared to offer
incentives as well I do think Missouri had a bit of a leg up
because of the politics of it and because there was vacant
space downtown and it’s a little easier to see incentives
and by the way twenty million dollars of the incentives can
be approved by the Port Authority which is not subject
to a vote of the city council or anyone so the path of least
resistance is through Jon Stevens group and they of
course endorse that this week last week it was MODOT
apologizing for editing out president trump’s name and make
America great again logo from a child’s t-shirt this week it’s
one of the region’s most prestigious universities MU says
they made a mistake in a social media campaign that
presented student athletes who showed only the white students
with big career goals like future doctor and future
corporate financier while black students were identified with
captions such as I am an African American woman I am a
brother what they have been
though was much attention to the story
if MU hadn’t already just gone through several episodes of
racial tension and have promised
to be more sensitive to diversity
issues Eric yeah it would have totally been in different
that was insulting and for people that went to school
there it was insulting to the student is like we can achieve
we’ve got people there that is starting to be engineers
doctors and they’re just say we’re African American so that
was very insulting I think that this would have blown up
regardless because it even if it was at K-state or KU yes
cause I think it’s huge and
anyone could look at that and immediately
see what the problem was so this so>but they didn’t though
Dave right and you know anyone
who’s ever worked with a college or
university bureaucracy knows about approximately seven
hundred people probably looked at that before itwas posted and
it wasn’t like Hey let’s just throw this up there so it’s a
systemic failure and they do need to go back and figure out
how this kind of thing could happen but they’ve apologized
the university is that the end
of the story you know I think from
if you listen to what the students are actually in the
ads had to say it seems like on campus it might be the end of
the story because they said listen I did say that on I
wasn’t really offended by it but I see where people could be
upset so I don’t know that there will be as much of that
students controversy since the students actually featured
seem to be okay now now lots of apologizing going on even among
our local election candidates running for the Johnson County
community college board of trustees Greg Musil
apologizes for what some say was is mocking of gender
pronouns when he said in the forum he she or it and a
candidate for the city council in Roland park apologizing for
re-tweets on his social media accounts including one that
labeled Barack Obama an anti Christian pro-Islamic Muslim
traitor Jay Senter is there any evidence that despite
publicity these stories are getting that they’re having any
impact on those campaigns we’ll have to wait until Tuesday
to find out these are such low turnout elections that really
it’s a handful of votes that determine the fate AJ Cameron
the the candidate running in Roland park the
seat that he’s running for last election cycle was determined by
four votes so so you were telling us elections do count
elections do count and local elections like this you
definitely have the biggest impact when you go cast your
ballot now when you put a show
like this together every week it’s
tough to get to every story making headlines what was the
big story we missed it’s going to snow like crazy for awhile
is it winter already an early dose of snow and ice causes
hundreds of crashes warming up to weed a Kansas legislative
panel nudges the state one step closer to legalizing
medical marijuana it’s back to
work at the GM Fairfax plant in KCK
after forty days on the picket line the business journal
claims the strike cost the metro twenty million dollars a
week want to buy a water park the future of Schitterbaun back
in limbo is the owner of worlds of fun pass on buying the
shuttered attraction a Kansas
city man is now the head coach for the US
women’s soccer team Vlatko
Andonovski lives right here and
is a graduate of park university we already said
farewell to Ned Yost now say hello to Mike Metheny the
former Cardinal skipper just announced as the new manager of
the Kansas City Royals Cat Reid was it one of those
options all something completely different it has to
be the snow I would say you know growing up in the Midwest
I had the misfortune of being Rapunzel in a trutle neck
occasionally while trick or treating so I feel bad for
the kids who had to wear their own warmest coats in trot
round the neighborhoods but it is really unusual bizarre to
have snow we did a story actually the last time we had a
major snowstorm I think was ninety six the they said it was
the coldest Halloween Kansas city in over twenty five years
coldest yes Dave Helling well I think the biggest story of the
week that everyone missed maybe the biggest story of the year
is the Dave Helling is a multi millionaire I know Dave Helling
I talkd to him I don’t think he’s aware of that
so but if it’s true it will
really be a game changer we’ll have to
keep our eye on
Eric Wesson I think
the the fact that the prosecutor didn’t charge the
officer that killed Terrance Bridges ah for the homicide
because now Kansas city Missouri police have a perfect
record when it comes to killing their citizens of not getting
charged Jay Senter I think that the change of the Royals
manager is a pretty big deal ah Mike Metheny is a pretty
polarizing pick so I will see it took me all of I hand not to
show the video of him going up face to face with an umpire
at a game while he was the Cardinals manager he could be a
little hot headed we’ll see how all of that a plays out here in
Kansas city that is our week in review our thanks to this
week’s news reviewers from forty one action news Cat Reid
and from the Shawnee Mission Post Jay Senter from the call
newspaper Eric Wesson and Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star
remember we couldn’t put every single race on here on this
program if you go to KCPT dot org slash KCWIR you can see
back to back comparisons of all these candidates put in your
zip code find out what races will be on your ballot in your
neck of the woods I’m Nick
Haines from all of us here KCPT thanks
for spending part of your weekend with us

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