Kay Arthur – Liberty University Convocation
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Kay Arthur – Liberty University Convocation

November 18, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: It’s just an incredible honor
today to have Kay Arthur with us – many of you have been impacted by Precept Ministries
and I don’t know if you know, but with over 100 books in print and over 10 thousand, I’m
sorry 10 million copies just throughout the world, the spiritual giant that’s about to
come and open God’s word for us today has had an impact in the life of not just many
in this room but your parents and even your grandparents. And it is just humbling, isn’t
it? That here at Liberty University, we’re gifted with the opportunity to sit and hear
some of the very people that your children will one day ask about. You know, we’ve never
had – no one in this room has ever had the opportunity to sit under the teaching of an
A.W. Tozer or a C.S Lewis, or even, I would dare say most of us, if not all of us, have
never had the chance to be in the same room with a Mother Theresa, or someone like that,
whose life has had a rippling effect way beyond the time that they are here. But at Liberty
University on any given convo, so many different moments, we get to just sit still and hear
from someone who, I’m telling you, your great grandchildren will see the benefits and the
rippling effect of the ministry, and that is so true in Kay Arthur. One of the greatest
things that I could tell you before she comes up here on stage is that in this particular
moment in her life, this month her and her husband Jack will be celebrating 50 years
of marriage. 50 years! And so that is pretty phenomenal. Kay is 81 years old – 81, and
she started this morning here with us at convo, and she’s teaching all the way until 9 PM
tonight so, buckle up – you’re about to hear from one of the greatest legends of all times,
come on – put your hands together for the great Kay Arthur everybody.>>KAY ARTHUR: Can you fix this for me? Can
you lift this up? Thank you. Well, he stole my thunder; I was going to open up with telling
you that I am 81 today, it is 9/9/15 and in two days on 9/11 I will be 82 and I want you
to know that you, and I mean this with all my being – being here and having the privilege
of speaking to you, and to all those that will be watching around the world is a birthday
gift – it’s the gift of gifts that God has given me at 82. And I am so, so terribly grateful
to Him, and I am so humbled and I need to know where’s the clock. I don’t see a clock.
Oh that’s the clock, okay. All right I’m supposed to have 40 minutes. Okay so will you fix that?
Thank you. At 81 you can get away with that. I believe that this is your hour. I believe,
and I don’t mean this to sound wrong, but from talking to God and then even hearing
what Bethany had to say about fear, but I believe from long conversations with God about
you, that how you respond to what God has laid on my heart. For you will either confirm
and encourage you and strengthen you, or it will make you the man, the woman that God
wants you to be, or it will break you if you never turn around and listen, and do what
God has said you need to do. I believe also that the way that you respond
to this message that God has for you, and I know He has it for you, will determine the
future of America. And right now the future does not look good. Time is short, it is short,
it is short for me because I am 82, and it’s short for you because America has greatly
damaged our culture and the hour is late. In the light of that, would you pray with
me? Oh God, sovereign ruler of all the universe, the one who does according to His will in
the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of men, no man can stay your hand, no man
can say unto you, “What doest thou?” You are God, and liberty, and justice, and righteousness
are the foundation of your throne. And I come to you now on behalf of all of us and I beseech
you that you would send your word and heal us, and deliver us from all our destructions.
I thank you, Father, that it’s not by might. I thank you that it’s not by power, I thank
you that it’s by your spirit. And I ask now for an outpouring of your spirit. That you
would search our hearts and minds, and that you would reveal to us exactly where we stand
with you and what we personally are to do with the message that you have laid on my
heart. And I thank you Lord, in Jesus’ holy, holy
name. Amen. When Bethany said that she had sought God, and we had not talked, but when
she said that she had sought God and she wanted to talk to you about fear, my heart leapt.
Because what has happened in our society is in our America, the fear of the Lord is gone
and it has been replaced by the fear of man. Jesus said in Luke when they were plotting
to kill Him, and when He wanted to prepare His disciples He said, “I want you – I say
to you my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more
that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear. Fear the one who, after He has killed,
has authority to cast into Hell, yes I tell you fear HIm.” In Proverbs 29:25 it says,
“The fear of the Lord,” I mean, “The fear of man brings a snare.” It’s a trap, and you
and I are living in a society that wants to bring us into fear so that we are not able
to stand, so we are not able to freely proclaim the word of God and says, “Thus sayeth the
Lord.” I believe that we are ill prepared for this time, and I believe that we are ill
prepared because there has been a famine in the United States for the pure word of God.
We have not taught the word of God and taught people how to study the word of God so that
they know, that they know, that they know that this is true. We have looked at man’s, and God’s word through
man’s interpretation and I don’t put down books or commentaries or anything like that,
but do we know, that we know, that we know that what we’re hearing and what we’re being
taught is truly according to the word of God? I believe, whoops, I believe that America,
excuse me, I believe that America is in grave, grave danger because we do not know God firsthand
and intimately. I want to ask you a question, I wish I could get out and walk up and down
the aisles, but I want to ask you a question, Precious Ones, and that is what place does
the word of God have in your life? What place does the word of God have in your life? If
it does not have the priority, then you are not going to have the guts, the guts, the
confidence, the strength to stand in the days ahead. We need to choose whom we are going
to serve, and we need to make that decision right now because the world wants to crush
us. Last night we ate dinner with Russ and Kathy Martin, and with Norm and Linda Mintle.
And Linda is a professor in the school of medicine here, and we were talking about what’s
happening and the great anxiety that is coming upon people for fear that you will say something
that’s not politically correct, for fear that you will offend somebody. And it’s like a
paralyzing fear and it makes us full of anxiety. And we don’t know what to do. In Joshua, when
he was old like I am, oh thank you so much – thank you – very awkward, okay. In the book
of Joshua, in Joshua chapter 23 and 24, when Joshua was old and getting ready to die, he
called the children of Israel before him, and he told them this day, he said, “Be very
firm then to do according to all that is written in the book of the law of Moses, so that you
may not turn aside from it to the right-hand or to the left, so that you will not associate
with these nations which remain among you, or mention the names of their gods or mention
anyone – make anyone swear or bow down to them. But you are to cling to the Lord, your
God as you have done to this day. Take diligent heed to love the Lord your God
only, and my question is this. What priority does God have in your life? And listen to
me very carefully, Precious One. If he has first priority, this is the book in which
God has spoken. These are the very words of God, and this book has to have priority. So
he calls them to choose, he tells them all that he has done for them. And then he calls
them to choose. He says, “Choose whom you are going to serve.” Are you going to serve
the gods that are in this land? Are you gonna serve the gods that are across the Jordan?
Or are you going to serve the Lord your God? God wants you to make a decision today, and
that decision, I believe, is that God is going to have priority in your life. In Judges,
in the book of Judges which follows Joshua, in Judges chapter two, what he tells them
is, we get an account of what happened. It said, “When Joshua had dismissed the people,
the sons of Israel, each went to his own inheritance to possess the land. And the people served
the Lord all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders who survived Joshua, who
had seen the great work of the Lord which they had done for Israel. Then Joshua, the
son of none, the servant of the Lord died at the age of 110. Then the sons of Israel
did evil in the sight of the Lord and they served the Baals.” These are the sons of Israel.
“They forsook the Lord, the God of their fathers who had brought them out of the land of Egypt,
and they followed other gods from among the gods of the people who were around them, and
they bowed down to them. Thus they provoked the Lord to anger, so they forsook the Lord
and served Baal and Asherah, the gods of that country.” And it says that they were a generation
that had not learned war. They had not experienced it, and they had not been taught it. The lines
have been drawn in America with the decisions that our government has made. We’ve aborted
babies, and I want you to know that I was part of that. I worked at John’s Hopkins hospital,
I had been married, I had been divorced, I shook my fist in the face of God and I said,
“To hell with you God, I’ll see you around town, I’m going to find someone to love me.”
And if you would have asked me if I was a Christian, I would have said, “Of course I’m
a Christian. I’ve been baptized, I’ve been confirmed, I go to church; I’m a child of
God.” The marriage that I longed for, and by the way, Bethany, my husband was offered
contracts by the Yankees, the Pirates and the Indians to pitch ball for them. Yeah he
was something else – he was voted most likely to succeed, he was rated a genius, he had
never failed at anything, he was top in athletics. After I divorced him he would call me and
he would say, “I’m going to kill myself.” And I would say to him, “Do a good job so
I get your money.” The Bible says, and I didn’t know what the
Bible said, although I professed to be a Christian, the Bible says that life and death are in
the tongue. Life and death are in the tongue. And what I was telling him was, your life
really doesn’t matter – the money that I’ll get from your life for my, for me and the
two boys will. I divorced him, as I said, I shook my fist in the face of God and I went
out, as the song says, to look for love in all the wrong places. I went from one man,
to another man, to another man. I did things that I thought I would never, ever, ever do.
I fell in love with a man – I didn’t know he was married. When I found out I didn’t
care. Sin will take you farther than you ever wanted to go, listen to me carefully. It will
keep you longer than you ever intended to stay, and it will cost you more than you ever
thought you would pay. The Bible says, “Whosoever commits sin is the slave of sin. But if the
son shall set us free, you shall be free indeed.” When I fell on my knees on July 16th, 1963
at the age of 29, if I live another 8 years, I’ll be 90. Many of you are 20 years old.
Just think, another 8 years from now. I never expected to be in that state. I had an affair
with a married man that lasted for two years; I didn’t know he was married when I met him,
when I found out, although it was against my convictions, I didn’t care. When I found
out his wife was pregnant with her 6th child, I did not care. But on July 16th, 1963 after
telling God, “I’m going to stop being immoral, I’m going to stop being immoral, I’m going
to stop doing this.” But I couldn’t stop being immoral because whosoever commits sin remember
this, is the slave of sin. I ran up my stairs, I fell down beside my bed and I cried out
to God, “Oh God! I don’t care what you do to me, I don’t care if I never see another
man as long as I live, I don’t care if you paralyze me from the neck down, I don’t care
what you do to my three boys,” those were the three worst things that I could think
of that could happen to me, “if you will just give me peace.” And there on my knees on July
16th, 1963, he gave me the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says “come
now, and let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet, you shall be as white
as snow.” And somebody came and gave me a Phillips translation of the New Testament
and I opened it up, and in Romans he was quoting a verse from Isaiah, and it says, “And he
will call her beloved when there is nothing lovely about her.” And there on my knees he
called me beloved, and he put his spirit within me and I got up and what I was unable to do
before, I was now able by the power of the Holy Spirit to say no to sin, and to stop
being immoral. Have I been tempted since then? Yes, I have
been tempted. But I have not yielded because the love of Christ in 2 Corinthians says;
the love of Christ controls me. I knew that God hated divorce, and I said to the Lord,
“If you’ll change Tom, I know he can – I know he can be different and I can love him, and
I don’t love him now, but whether you change him or not, I know you hate divorce and I
will go back to him.” And I was going to write him a letter and tell him what I was going
to do, and instead I had to go to Johns Hopkins and I had to have surgery on my neck and I
put off the letter, and I worked at Johns Hopkins. And Ben will be here on Wednesday
I understand, and he’s a great man of God. Ben Carson, excuse me. So at Johns Hopkins
– so I was getting ready to go into the hospital to have a cervical fusion and I have a call
from the hospital and they said, “You need to call this number.” I picked up the phone
and it was the number of my husband’s parents. I got on the line and I thought I was going
to hear Tom’s voice because I thought God was going to put us back together again, and
it was my father in law and he had been drinking scotch and milk all day, and all he could
say and blubber over the phone is, “He’s dead, he’s dead. My great brain is dead!” He had
hung himself; my husband hung himself on a closet door. And when I saw the body, and
I looked at it in the coffin, and I looked at his hands crossed like this, and held in
my purse a broken watch, I realized that my engineer husband, who was a perfectionist,
didn’t want to die, and he had engineered a knot on that closet door, and he could not
get it off. And he must have gone like this, pounding the sides of the door, trying to
get someone’s attention. How do you live with all that? How do you press on? How do you
go forward? You get to know your God. The people who know their God will be able to
stand firm, but not just stand firm, but they will be able to take action. Were you in the
word, don’t raise your hands, were you face to face in the word of God today? Were you
face to face in the word of God yesterday, not in a class, not chitchatting, not texting,
were you in the word of God? Were you feasting on what God has to say? Do you know your God?
Do you understand who He is? Do you fear Him, do you respect Him, do you trust Him? Do you
know that He watches over His word to perform it? And are you willing to do as God said
to Joshua at the beginning of his life in ministry after Moses died? I want you to meditate on my word night and
day. I want you to observe, to do according to all that I have commanded you. I want you
to be strong; I want you to be courageous. I don’t want you to turn to the right, and
I don’t want you to turn to the left. Observe, observe, observe to do according to all that
I command you. And then you shall have success. We now minister in 185 countries; we minister
in 70 languages because God takes debase things, and the foolish things, and the things that
are despised, so that no man should glory in His presence. And He calls us and gives
us the power to do what He ordained for us to do before the foundation of the world when
He chose me in Christ Jesus. When I raise my fist in the face of God and I said, “To
hell with you God, I’m going to find someone to love me,” and I went out to look for love
in all the wrong places, later on I would discover, according to Ephesians chapter 1
that blessed be the God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has chosen us in
Christ before the foundation of the world, before the foundation of the world. If my
head is God and this is the foundation of the world, before God ever spoke and brought
the world into existence, and by the way, that’s how He did it. It didn’t involve – he
spoke and it was so. He said and it was so. Do you believe that? Do you believe that?
If you don’t believe it, I believe that you have this information from the enemy and that
you are distracted because when you know every time God says, “I’m the one that created the
heavens and the earth,” and He says this throughout the Old Testament, He says, “I’m the one that
created the Heavens and the earth, is there anything too difficult for me?” Every time they’re troubled, they know that
it is God that is holding them and it is his sovereignty that rules over all. And so what
I discovered was this. That God chose me in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the
world. And if I belong to a sovereign God, and He rules over all, and He creates good
and He creates adversity, and He is the Lord that does all these things, then I can bow
the knee and I can trust Him, and I can know that no man, no man can stop me from being
and doing what God wants me to do. So I do not need to fear the face of man, I just only
need to fear God. Who are you fearing? Have you chosen whom you are going to serve? If
it’s God, I want to give you three things that will take preeminence over everything
else in your life. Number one, the first thing is the word of
God. How many books are in this Bible? How many? I can’t hear you? I’m sorry, I don’t
have my hearing aids in. Duh. Okay, how many books? 66, all right I want to ask you a question.
How many of these 66 books do you know? How many of them do you know? Are you able to
tell me what Genesis, and Exodus and Leviticus and the Pentateuch or the Torah, whatever
you want to call it, is about? How many of these are you studying? What place does the
word of God have in your life? If you’re going to be God’s man, if you’re going to be God’s
woman, if you’re going to be mightily used of Him, you will never do it apart from the
word of God. So the first thing – you’ve got to know the word of God. Remember when Jesus
was being tempted by the devil? Remember when He was hungry and He had fasted 40 days and
40 nights? And the enemy comes and says, “If you are the son of God, then command that
these stones be made bread.” In other words, satisfy yourself. And what did Jesus do? Jesus
looked at him and he said, “It is written, man does not live by bread alone, but by every
word that comes out of the mouth of God.” Every one of these words is God-breathed;
it is absolutely true. There is no heir, and it is the very bread of life by which you’re
to live. And what I find is, we are living on second-hand knowledge. We are living just
from what we hear from others or what we read in commentaries or what we read in devotional
magazines, and I mean and devotional studies and that, and it’s all relational. And it’s
not foundational. Daniel 11:32b was written in a critical time
of Israel’s history. It was the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, a forerunner of the Antichrist.
And people had been seduced to come over to the side of the Greek and Hellenistic lifestyle.
Jewish men were actually, hang on guys, Jewish men were actually going and getting their
circumcision reversed so that they couldn’t be known as Jews. And I think today that the
word so wants to intimidate you, that you are afraid that many are afraid not all of
you, I don’t mean that please, that many are afraid to show their true colors and the true
colors are the word of God, the cross of Jesus Christ, the fact that you are a blood bought
son of God. In Deuteronomy, in chapter 32 in verse 44 to 47, Moses is getting ready
to die – he’s ready to hand the baton to Joshua, and this is what he says, “Take heed to all
these words in this book.” He says, “For they are your life.” Are you living by what the
government is saying, are you living by what others are saying, or are you living because
you know, that you know, that you know that this is what God says? You’ve read it, you’ve
studied it, you’ve observed it, you’ve handled it accurately and you know, that you know,
that you know that the fear of man brings a snare, that we are to fear God, that we
are able to fear Him who is able to cast body and soul both into hell. That we fear the one who is the ruler of all
the universe, the one who has a plan, who in the fullness of time sent forth his son
to be born of a virgin, to be born without sin so that Jesus who knew no sin, could be
made sin for you and me, so that you and I might have the righteousness of God in Him.
Do you know that? Do you believe it? Do you live it? And when the enemy comes to you and
he brings up your wretched past, do you know how to handle it? Do you know what he says?
That if any man be in Christ, he’s a new creature. Old things have passed away, behold all things
have become new. And do you put your past behind you, and forgetting those things which
are behind you, you press on towards the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Are you living by every single word? Do you
know that there’s not a situation that can be thrown at you, but what you have the answers
in the word of God. If – if the word of God does not have first place in your life, you
don’t have a solid foundation on which to stand, and if the word of God does not have
first place in your life, then I would tell you this, God does not have first place in
your life. Because in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word
was God. He was in the beginning with God and all things came into being by Him, and
apart from Him, nothing has come into being. The words that he speaks are spirit and life.
He prayed for you, “Father, I don’t ask you to take them out of the world, I ask you to
keep them from the evil one, Father sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is,” what?
Do you know? Shout it! Thy word is what?>>AUDIENCE: Truth!>>ARTHUR: What?>>AUDIENCE: Truth!>>ARTHUR: Do you believe that? Do you believe
that it is truth? I know that in this university, because it is such an outstanding university,
that many have been drawn here who do not know the Lord. This word, this book is more
important than any education you could get at any time and any place. These are the words
of life. They are spirit. They are truth. And they will surely come to pass, and what
God says will be watched over and performed, and not one word of His will fail. So if you’re
going to choose, if you’re going to be God’s man, God’s woman, if you’re going to be used
in this nation and for this time, and in this world, then the word of God has to be priority
in your life. The second thing is, you are to live a crucified life. You need to understand
what it means to say with Paul, in 2 – in Galatians chapter 2, verse 20, “I have been
crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me, and the
life I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God,” the Son of God who lived and who
died for me. If you’re going to be man’s – God’s man, God’s woman for this time, you’ve
got to live a crucified life. Three scriptures in Galatians where he tells
us about the crucified life -number one, I just quoted. It’s Galatians chapter 2, verse
20. In Galatians chapter 5, and I would like to read to you Galatians chapter 5. In Galatians
chapter 5, he says, “Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with
its passions and desires.” Are you watching pornography? Are you fooling around with the
same sex, or the opposite sex? You say, “I just feel that way, I have that desire; I’ve
got to do it.” Are you experimenting with alcohol, are you experimenting with drugs?
Are you experimenting with things that God says are wrong, that they are a sin? That
they are an abomination and you need to know exactly what God calls a sin and an abomination.
Are you fooling around with it? The only way, listen, that you can be set free, and I believe
with all my being that that can happen today, and that is by God – by saying to God, God
I am crucifying my flesh, I am not going to give way to my flesh, I am going to do what
you tell me to do, and then, number 3, and this is what I want to show you, number three
is, it’s by His spirit. So there are three things, three things that you need. Number
one, you need what? What do you need? You need the word, you need to eat the word, you
need to digest the word, He sent the word and heals us, and delivers us from all of
our destruction. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path; it is the very
words of God put down so that you might know your God, and the people who know their God
can stand firm and take action. So you’ve got to know the word. We live, and
Jesus said it, by every word and the Old Testament was complete and they knew what it said by
every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The second thing that you’ve got to live
by, Precious One, if you have to live by a crucified life. You have to live at a cross.
Christ living in you, Christ crucifying your flesh, the passions and desires, and finally
in Galatians chapter 5 in verse, in Galatians chapter 6, verse 14, this is what he says,
but may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, which
the world has – through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.
The world wants to intimidate you. The world wants you to be politically correct, the world
wants to make you fear, the world wants to make you fear for your job, for your safety,
for your security, for your acceptance, for your life. What’s the answer? No, I am crucified;
I will not be conformed to this world. In Romans chapter 12 he says, “Be not conformed
to this world,” don’t let the world squeeze you into it’s ugly mold, “But be what?” They
told me to stop doing this – they said, “You’re too old, and it takes too long for it to get
back up.” Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you might prove and put to test what
is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Crucified and living by faith. Crucified
and saying no to the flesh, crucified and saying to the world, I will not be politically,
or socially acceptable, I belong to Jesus Christ, and to the kingdom of God almighty,
and I serve the King of Kings. And no man can do anything to me, except it is filtered
through my father’s sovereign hands of love, sovereign fingers of love. God holds you in
your hand. When I came to know that truth, when I came
to understand that nothing could come into my life, but what it was filtered through
God’s fingers of love, and therefore all things would work together for good to those that
love God, to those that are called according to His purpose. It was one of the words from
the word of God that I had read that God gave me on my knees when they told me my husband
had committed suicide. It is the truth of the sovereignty of God that has held me, and
caused me, and enabled me to stand firm through the sudden death of my daughter in law – daughter
in love, at the age of 48, through the stroke of my son, through the fact that my oldest
son has walked away and doesn’t love me, and won’t speak to me. And it’s all right, because
God is in control. I am not the savior, I am the messenger, and I have given him the
message and he has to decide if he will follow God because I am not going to do what he wants
me to do, and that is to forsake God to be everything he wants me to be. This is the
confidence, Precious Ones. This is the confidence when I get the word that my husband has Alzheimer’s.
This is the confidence when I get the word that my husband now has cancer, and it’s aggressive.
This is the word, “I know my God, and the people who know their God will be able to
stand firm and to take action.” So what are the three things? Number one,
what? The word, number two what? The cross, and number three what is it? It’s by His spirit.
In Galatians chapter 5, in Galatians chapter 5, in verse 16, this is what he says and just
really quick, when you come to know Jesus Christ, a miracle happens. God – my handkerchief
is the Holy Spirit – God seals you. If you want the Holy Spirit come and see me. All
right. God seals you with His Holy Spirit. It’s like a glass of iced tea or instant coffee.
Have you ever punctured it because you can’t get the label off? I mean you can’t get the
seal off? And it comes up in your face like this? You’re sealed with the Holy Spirit until
the day of your redemption. You are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He says if any man does
not have the Spirit of Christ, He’s none of mine. But the Holy Spirit bears witness with
your Spirit, that you are the child of God. And if God be for you, what? What? Who can
be what? Against me if God is for me! If God is in me! If my body is the temple of the
Holy Spirit, do you think I can go on watching pornography, and horsing around, and doing
things with my hands and eyes that are displeasing to God, and not be taken to the divine woodshed
and get the tar waled out of me, and we needed to do that a long time ago with our kids.
I wrote this down and I didn’t know if God wanted me to share it with you, but generally
speaking, generally speaking your generation has been un-parented, compensated with worldly
treasures and convinced that the world centers around you. Your image, your needs, your wants,
your satisfaction, your happiness and by the way, whether you win or not, you get an award.
It’s time to change. I’m not retiring; it’s the time of war. In Ecclesiastes it says,
there’s no discharge, there’s no retirement from the time of war. And if God answers my
prayer, I’ll be back here and have a good and glorious heart attack in front of you
all; be absent from the body and present with the Lord, and you will give an invitation
– that’s the way I’m telling God I want to die. With a large crowd, and an invitation.
Listen carefully. In Galatians 5:16 it says there’s warfare. The spirit and the flesh.
And the flesh lusts against the spirit and it says give me, give me, give me what I cry
for. And the Holy Spirit is saying, holy, holy, holy and He says if you will walk by
the Spirit, today, now with the Spirit of God inside of you, you will not fulfill the
lusts of the flesh, although the lust of the flesh is saying give me, give me, give me,
you will not fulfill the lusts of your flesh because the Spirit has been given to you and
He is power. It says that the Spirit of God gives us power, vrmmmm! If you’re not going any place, if you’re exhausted
from pushing your car around town, your Christianity around town, maybe you need to check under
the hood and see if there’s an engine there – if there is power. It’s by the power of
the Holy Spirit. The word, the word, the what? The cross and what? The Spirit. And this is
what he says, and this is God’s word to you today. If you live by the Spirit, Galatians
5:25, if you live by the spirit, if you’ve got eternal life, if you’ve got Jesus Christ
by the Holy Spirit coming upon you, and indwelling you, then walk by the Spirit. And know this
– that His power is perfected in weakness, and you and I can glory in the power of the
Holy Spirit. For when we are weak, we are strong. This is your hour. This is your day,
this is the time for you to choose, whom will you serve? Will you serve the gods of this
world, will you serve political correctness, or will you serve the one who loved you, died
for you and was raised from the dead and is coming again in all his glory and all of his
power when every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that He is Lord to the
glory of the father. It is war, you all. It is war. We are in warfare. And it’s time to put away your toys, and your
self interest, and your lusts that are ever clawing at you and crying for attention and
satisfaction, you’ve got to put it away, you’ve got to love His word, you’ve got to feast
on it day and night – it is the very bread by which you have lived, and you have got
to say, you died for me, and I will die for you. Yet I will not die, but I will live by
your power, by your spirit and for your glory. Will you, this is my question – this is my
question. Will you stand firm for the Lord? In the power and in the strength of His might,
will you put on the full armor of God? Will you take the sword of the Spirit, which is
the word of God, and would you wield it in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation,
not fearing the face of man, but fearing God almighty, the sovereign ruler of all the universe,
for He who is coming will come and His reward is with Him. If He came today, where would
you be? And what would you hear? Will you stand? Will you stand for Jesus Christ? Will
you make this your total and absolute priority? God has spoken, why do you prefer the words
and the intellect and the teachings of men above you sitting at His feet and listening
to what He has to say? Just remember this. This is our life. Let’s pray. Oh God, oh Father
– search our hearts. Would you ask God to search your heart? Would you ask God to show
you if there’s any way of pain in your life, anything that is causing you pain, anything
that is causing Him pain, anything that is keeping Him from being strong on your behalf
because you will not be and do what He has called you to do. Would you ask God to show
you whether His Spirit is in you or not, to show you if you have a religion without a
relationship? Would you ask God to show you? Would you, precious ones tell God that no
matter what He wants, no matter where He takes you, even if He slays you that you will trust
Him because you know that the thoughts that He has for you, like Israel are thoughts of
good and not thoughts of evil, and that they are a promise of glory. And a kingdom to come,
and a world where all the nations bow the knee, and Jesus Christ only is Lord. Oh father,
give us the strength for today. Give us the wisdom, give us the words, and keep our eyes
on you. May we fear you and you alone. In your name we pray, amen.>>NASSER: Amen, can we thank Ms. Arthur?
Phenomenal job, thank you ma’am – appreciate you. Two things, amen thank you for that.
Two things I do want to let you know, that this Wednesday with Ben Carson being with
us, and him being the front runner for the, you know the Republican side, that that’s
going to – wait hold on, listen to me, that’s gonna change some of the way that we’re gonna
be able to come into this room with secret service coming; you’re gonna probably get
some emails and information about how that’s gonna relate to you in the way that we’re
gonna prepare ourselves for Wednesday’s convocation. I’ve asked Kay just to stay for a few seconds
to let you know if you want to be a part of some internship opportunities, and also tonight,
she’s brought some folks from her team here to help you in learning how to study the Bible.
Give your attention real quickly to Ms. Arthur, she’s gonna let us know about something that’s
happening tonight, and if you want to be a part of Entrust ministries and Precept ministries
this Summer, real quick.>>ARTHUR: At 7:30 tonight in the Art DeMoss,
or the DeMoss Hall, Jeremy Lucarelli, who is our director of training and a graduate
from Liberty, will be teaching on how to use the inductive method, how to get truth for
yourself so that you know that you know that this is what God says. If you’re interested
in coming, just go to www.precept.org/liberty and you can give us your information and we’ll
be in touch with you. Also, we have an Entrust program, a discipleship program that’s a year
long, and we have internships at Precept Ministries and we have boot camp, and so we need boot
camp counselors every Summer where they study a book of the Bible on their own. So we would
love to have you come, and love to get you involved so that you know, that you know,
that you know thus says the Lord. Thank you.>>NASSER: One more time, can we thank Ms.
Arthur and Bethany Phillips? Both of them, thank you.

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