Keeping older students engaged with composition
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Keeping older students engaged with composition

September 10, 2019

Hi it’s Janice Tuck here with another
fun idea for primary or elementary music classes. Today I’ve got a really really
special one for you because we all have this question of, well we’ve got to teach
this curriculum, and we’ve got to teach children music, but what do we do with
the kids that don’t really want to do it and especially ones that are are in the
upper grades which are really hard to convince sometimes. So this one is one
from our “compose” lessons from grade 6. It’s a lesson I’ve grabbed from the
middle of the unit so as is a part of a larger project if you like. The
students in grade 6, what they do is they choose a short public domain movie
clip which means that they can go and choose anything they want from this
particular place and they create their film score for it in entirety. So you see
with this we’re meeting them where they really are at. They’ve all got technology
in their hands these days so we show them how to use that technology, how to
improvise some ideas and how to record the ideas in a real sequencer program.
Then how to put it all together to form a real piece of music. Most
importantly we encourage them to reflect. They think about all the things that
they’ve done and how they can improve and how they can change it. You know this is another aspect and an important aspect of all curricula these days that
we’ve analyzed and that is to have students really think about their
creative work and then to go ahead and self evaluate. You know there’s a reason
this curriculum is a requirement in this because I think it’s actually one of the
most important things that we can do as teachers. We’re not just encouraging
creativity; we’re doing that, but we’re also encouraging more of it when
the students go home and do their own things after they’ve finished school, a
long long long time down the track. So anyway click the link below to check
out the compose lesson from this grade 6 program below this video. As well as in our curriculum program, this program of composition lessons is available in our 2018 composition masterclass series, coming up very soon. Now this is a
series of seven online workshops which is one for each of all the grades
ranging right through from Kindergarten straight through to grade six. Plus youre going to get access to all the trainings, all the background information, and 70
complete lessons just like this one. All the worksheets and assessments to go with it. Not only do you learn our method for teaching composition but you get access to all the materials you need for one full year. So don’t delay and
click now

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  1. Hi, this is interesting – good luck with vids.
    But can you suggest some games that would also work with adults?
    I edit where we gather game pieces (closer to free improvisation area of music). Could you recommend something from your resource vaults for inspiration (or maybe even, if you wouldn't mind, inclusion in the library for the reference)?

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