Keeping Records – Making Sales In California

October 12, 2019

[music] Hi, I’m Donna. Welcome to “Keeping Records.” As a business owner selling, leasing, or using
personal property in California, you are required by law to keep complete and accurate records. These records are necessary to determine the
correct amount of tax you owe. It is also required that the records be available
to review. Some examples of sales records that you’re
required to keep include sales invoices, cash register tapes, point of sale records, sales
journals, general ledgers, and bank statements. If you make non-taxable sales, you must keep
records to establish that they are not subject to tax. Some examples of these records include resale
and exemption certificates, purchase orders, and shipping documents that show you shipped
an item outside of the state. You must also keep documents supporting sales
to the U.S. government such as U.S. government purchase orders or copies of U.S. government credit card numbers. You also need to keep purchase records of
inventory, equipment, supplies, and any other items sold or used by your business. All records must be kept for at least four
years. This includes electronic and paper records. A knowledgeable staff member can go over your
records with you and determine if the records you are maintaining are adequate to support
your returns. To take advantage of this service, contact
your local office to make an appointment. You can learn more about your responsibilities
by exploring our website and watching our other video guides. Thank you for doing business in California! [music]

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