Keir Starmer says parliament should be recalled after Scottish court decision
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Keir Starmer says parliament should be recalled after Scottish court decision

November 17, 2019

It was obvious, I think,
to everybody that not only was shutting down parliament
at this crucial time the obviously wrong thing to do –
we should be sitting each and every day to resolve this crisis –
but that the prime minister was not telling the truth about why
he was doing it. And this is really important.
[Applause] The idea of shutting down parliament,
I think, offended people across the country
and then they felt that they weren’t
being told the truth. And that sums up the man. I’m really pleased with this result. I’m surprised because for a court
to make a declaration like that on an issue like this
is a huge thing for us. It vindicates everything we’ve done
last week and I think what I can do and what others need to do
is to get back to parliament, see if we can’t open those doors
and get back in and get Boris Johnson back in parliament so we can hold
him properly to account. Thank you, Congress.

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  1. Inb4 a sea of comments about Scotland having no say in the 'United Kingdom'..

    You'd be surprised how many real life Brexiteers say United Kingdom or Great Britain, when they mean 'England'

  2. Said the spunk trumpets who are refusing to hold a general election.

    We the people are very much looking forwards to holding parliament to account.

  3. We got an extension in July but  what was the first thing MP's did?

    Go on holiday, if it was so important they should have stayed in Parliament at that time.

  4. Scottish judges rule PM's suspension of parliament is unlawful ►

  5. This means that the Queen also is complicit in the proroguing of Parliament she sanctioned or authorised it after Boris asked for it, are we to see the Queen and Boris share the same jail cell in order to cut down on costs.

  6. I really do hope Kier Starmer gets booted out at the general election …love to see the smirk on his face wiped off ..This guy is certainly getting his 5 mins of fame before the suspension of parliament no bugger knew who is was

  7. You have had 3 years you clown to get this done. All you will be doing if still there would be hatching up more closed door sittings with the Scottish Nationalists, EU paid puppets and Liberal Non Democrats, and your own backward thinking motley crew to prevent us leaving the EU, thus sticking two fingers up too the 17.4 Million people who binary voted in 2016 to LEAVE.

  8. Corbyn is now positioning himself as leader of the remain campaign. He's effectively doing what he and the extremist left have always done – hijack an agenda in order to gain power. This is why Corbyn's views on the EU just a few years ago are directly the opposite to those he holds now. Will moderate remainers put an extremist into power?

  9. Ahh Scotland wants independence from the uk but wants to keep the pound but cant afford to pay the uk their share of the national debt
    Scotland wants to be independent but be ruled by the eu, trouble is Scotland cant afford membership and the eu aren't really interested in replacing the uk as Scotland's cash cow.
    Scotland wants independence from the UK holds a once in a lifetime refferendum votes to remain a part of the UK .
    Sorted out those rigs yet krankie or are you waiting for a loan?

  10. If brexit is such a damaging and dangerous thing for our country why the hell was it allowed to be voted on in the first place and why should we ever bother voting again if the very truth of the matter is that our vote will never be recognised in parliament unless we vote the way the establishment want us to! The people have been betrayed by europhile MPs who never believed we would vote out because they are so far out of touch with the rest of the people outside the M25!!

  11. Nigel Farage net worth 2.5 million. Jeremy Corbyn net worth 3 million. Just shows you how “ for the many not the few “ works don’t it.

  12. So i tell you what Keir….
    Lets all trundle back to Parliament then and if the Supreme court throws it out again next week bugger off again for three weeks?
    Is he stupid or something?
    He damn well knows this is not a done deal and that this Court made a decision which an English courts verdict said it was NOT illegal , he bloody well knows its for the highest court in the land to rule on , or is he as thick as he looks?
    If it does get thrown out next week you watch all these Remain Mps say it was politically motivated , which of course this courts decision wasnt at all was it???????????

  13. Starmer a liar . Troublemaker . He has no respect for the referendum result .
    His main concern is for himself . A typical remoaner.

  14. You're being played for fools. Get in line online for 'digital ration cards' you know they'll roll out slow, it's not 1941 anymore lol. 😨

  15. The English should vote in a Scottish Indy Ref – it would guarantee a Scotland ruled by the EU … and who would wish that on their worst enemy? Disclaimer: It's late and I've been drinking Scotch.

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