Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Trump Is Guaranteeing His Impeachment
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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Trump Is Guaranteeing His Impeachment

October 11, 2019

George Conway, conservative lawyer and husband
to white house counselor. Kellyanne Conway said earlier this week in
an interview with former us attorney Preet Bharara that Donald Trump is actually doing
a brilliant job of impeaching himself. Now Conway, George Conway, not the Kellyanne
one, was talking about the letter that a Donald Trump’s lawyer, Pat Cipollini sent to the
Democrats saying, we’re not going to cooperate in any way whatsoever and this is what Conway
had to say about that idiotic letter. He said, the thrust of the letter is that
there are some kind of constitutional obligations that the house has failed to meet that therefore
render it’s impeachment inquiry, illegitimate and unconstitutional, which is complete nonsense
because all the constitution says is that the house has the sole power over impeachment
and if you’ve been paying attention to us this week, you know that we have been saying
the same thing. The house of representatives can play fast
and loose with whatever impeachment role they want to do. They could do it any way they want to do it. They don’t have to play nice with the white
house. They don’t have to pay play nice with the
minority party. The Republicans can pretty much do whatever
the hell they want to do. It’s in the Senate where things get real,
where things are more structured, where things have to be completely fair because it does
become a courtroom and George Conway being a lawyer, even a conservative one actually
understands this. He continues. It’s hard to count the number of ways that
this letter is constitutionally and legally garbage. This letter in and of itself is an impeachable
offense and he’s actually not wrong about that either. This is a letter spelling out to the house
of representatives that even though you have legal authority to do this, we’re not going
to comply. We are going to obstruct justice. We’re going to tell our people they’re not
allowed to testify and Conway’s right. That’s impeachable. So he is doing a wonderful job of impeaching
himself. He is the most incompetent lawyers on this
planet. A lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who now himself is
looking at going down for this scandal too, and the criminals he’s been hanging out with. Donald Trump is too stupid to get himself
out of this mess, and what’s even better is that he has somehow managed to surround himself
with people even dumber than he is, who are more than happy to take him down with them. That’s the beautiful irony of all of this. If Trump had hired any kind of competent lawyer,
if he’d hired a guy like George Conway, who, again, I don’t like George Conway, he is a
conservative lawyer who wants conservative judges installed across this country to strip
us away of our rights, but he’s competent. He knows what he’s talking about. He just doesn’t care about average human beings. Guy like Conway probably could’ve gotten Trump
out of this mess, but instead he chose to go with Rudy Giuliani, the worst attorney
in the country, and now that’s going to sink this administration even faster than if Giuliani
had never been busted. This is great. I love it. I like what George Conway has to say, but
trust me, once this administration is over and done with, we can all go back to disliking
George Conway for, again, really corrupting the justice system in favor of big business
and against consumers. Let’s not lose track of that. This man’s no hero, but occasionally he does
call one right about Donald Trump.

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  1. Kelleyanne looks like a heavy meth user compared to her younger pictures, but i guess that's what the trump brand administration will do to you, suck the life right out of you.

  2. I still think he's going to get away with it, despite all he's done and even with his recent throwing the Kurds under the bus he'll probably get away with it.

  3. And the House can take as long at it wants to gather the evidence it wants. Conway has called for the Impeachment vote to take place in a couple/few weeks but the House doesnt have to do that.

  4. George Conway was asked to work for Trump. He refused. Maybe by seeing all of these disgusting acts by Trump, maybe George will have a change of heart. You never know.

  5. I always had this feeling that George says all the things that Kellyanne wants to say but can’t. It would be so cool if she was one of the whistleblowers.

  6. feel bad for this guy, he had to listen to this bitch every single day. maybe it's time to ditch that family value shit and divorce the bitch:/

  7. Is it me or does Kellyanne Konwoman look like something from a horror puppet movie. don’t trust none of the Konman’s, there so corrupt it’s all distraction

  8. I said it before, give a man enough rope and he will eventually hang himself.Donald Trump is doing a great job of hanging himself

  9. You have to wonder why George didn't turn like most of the republicans have. Was there not enough money involved or did he just not want to smoke the orange veined Havana?

  10. Keep going the name that is too nauseating to mention. It's a guarantee he will. Keep talking your way to impeachment fool

  11. I don't trust Mr.Conway's judgment. If he had such good foresight. How in the h*** did he end up married to Kellyanne?

  12. We'd rather fight over all these little details and get the dramatic show of impeachment going than face the reality our society faces and do something constructive about the big issues. Trump is small potatoes beside what we are really doing to ourselves.

  13. Mr.Conways right.Paul Bagalia who worked for Bill Clinton told Clinton just keep your mouth shut and work for the prople.Clinton did both as advised and left after his second term the president with the highest approval rating ,balanced the budget and left money in the Federal Treasury for Bush to go blow for nothing on the way to the worse recession in decades!!

  14. Farron, please at least try to modify your salt and sarcasm. You're fast becoming the anti-Tucker and that isn't good.


  16. Fat jowles hanging in there somewhere behind the scenes has made a fair ANALysys of the trumpass !! LOL'S…
    DOESN'T MEAN A DIP IN SHIT 2 ANYONE !! Just another 2 cents !!

  17. George Conway knows law and he is competent that is a lawyer should had have. If Trump had George Conway as his lawyer then he would be far more dangerous.

  18. I don't trust Conway. Even though, his comments are on point, I question why he's doing this and what is he an Kellyann up to. I'm sure they discuss a lot in private together about trump and this administration and she acts as if she would die for trump rather than go against anything he says, so why is her husband stating just the opposite..Is he truly an adversary or an ally? If he is against trump and his policies, why doesn't he draft legislation to be introduced that opposes all of trump's unlawful actions..

  19. I would not be surprised if when the last gun is fired, we find out that " The Leaker" is Kellyanne. To infiltrate any group you have to play the part. It would be good to find out she really does have a soul.

  20. But when are they going to be held accountable?? They are literally refusing to comply! At some point someone needs to be arrested and forced to comply. How many times can they just say "we are not going to testify" even after being subpoenaed?

  21. Can someone please tell me how these two met and decided to not only get married but stay married since they have such opposite views of Trump and George is so vocal on his views?

  22. George Conway is to Trump as Martha Mitchell was to Nixon. Trump did not hire the "Best and the Brightest" he hired the "Dumb and the Dirtiest ." This is the problem with surrounding yourself with yes men, you start to believe them. Trump should remember the words of Confucius; "If You Seek Revenge, Dig Two Graves."

  23. 2:45 I didn't know about George Conway before this. Did he really already have an established, well known reputation for being a scumbag? I mean besides merely being a conservative.

  24. I love all of your frequent updates. I just had to become a member, because it's almost scary how much we think alike. I'll spout something off and mere seconds later, you say exactly the same thing. Yikes! Enjoying your interpretations of what's going on during the Beginning of the End (fingers crossed!)

  25. Your clip of drumpf’s MN rally where you used the RACIST phrase, “let’s call a spade a spade” outs you as RACIST. I can’t be the only one to realize that. Your racist arrogance is appalling, dooood.

  26. This Conway relationship is a prime example of the political games republicans play with people's lives. Its fucking disgusting to say the least but what white folks enjoy and get a sick rush from obviously. They been doing this ignorant and disconnected shit for YEARS..

  27. I love ROF
    I watch multiple times a day
    But i am sorry Trump wont be impeached as the curuption is accross both partys and no one will be held accountable #USA dictatorship

  28. Funny how everyone has forgotten about Rudy and 9/11. They could not let Trump investigate 9/11 and so they created this mess. Trump still thinks Rudy is on his side.

  29. Hey Farron! I cannot believe anyone is this stupid. has to be trying to get thrown out of office for some nefarious reason I mean come on no one absolutely no one could be that clueless.

  30. While I begrudgingly agree with George (he is, after all, a Republican), how are you supposed to take him too seriously given who he's married to?

  31. We're now reaping the benefits of the OrangeTurd-in-Chief's lifelong policy of ripping everyone off. He burned his bridges with reputable banks, lawyers, contractors decades ago. His fragility lies in that he has been a crook for so long he can only attract low life crooks to act as his inept minions. Everyone else who has stuck with him at this point has a dog in the fight. With the current swamp creatures that remain in his fetid cesspool it's about power and greed. Either they're grabbing all they can or holding on desperately to what they already stole. The lid has just slightly been lifted off this filthy can of worms. Buckle up, good people. In the next days and weeks even the jaded among us, too fatigued to be shocked… The swamp has to blow something up now to try to distract us from what needs to be done.

  32. Conway supported Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. They’re perfect for each other. He is correct on a lot of stuff, though.

  33. im sick of hearing of Trump all the time he mess up the lifes for millions who wants justice and that lifes gets back to normal again. Take him out of the WH and lets people smile again. Please americans do some action in this matter.Now!!

  34. Hey trumpets, why won't you read the Constitution? The reason why 83% of service members, and Veterans can't stand this Idiot, is because we've read it numerous times, and OBEY IT

  35. No one but incompetent, corrupt and shady lawyers would want to work Trump at this point. Even if he had competent lawyers, he wouldn't listen to them because he's a stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom.

  36. I don't care. As long as she gives good head and swallows, it's all good with me. No political affiliation is going to stand between me and a nut.

  37. Conway is a very caring husband,to the point i would divorce his ass. He,s so full of hisself that he wants
    To ruin his wifes job. Just shut ur face and watch. What happens. GO KELLYANN GO.

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