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Ken Johnson – The Bible, The Constitution, and the Founding Fathers

October 11, 2019

Thank you for joining
us for this edition of prophecy the news im your
host Dr Kevin Clarkson our guest today is
Ken Johnson is that a researcher
author lecturer. He’s done a massive amount
of study on ancient documents from the early
centuries of the church but he’s also bringing
that which we’re going to look at today
some scholarship and insight into the
founding documents of the United States that
is our Constitution. Our our amendments. And we’re going to be
looking at those as they relate to scriptural
principles I want you to just enjoy this and can we
want you to just have the freedom to take this
wherever it leads us I’m kind of excited to
talk about this. Oh I am too it’s something
we need to understand. We always need
to obey the law. But we have to remember
that in the United States the people are the law and
the government serves the people. So you can have a criminal
on the street you can have a criminal in the
police department. You can have a criminal
in the White House. You never know. That’s right. And that’s why we have
checks and balances and we’ve just come through
this exciting election season and there’s
still a lot of. On different sides agree. All the way from grief
of the Nile to X. The same day and
celebration so it’s interesting to me how
people are brought to remember as as the tides
change and rulers change how suddenly people that
were concerned suddenly have a very renewed
interest in the constitution We really had to take a
growing executive branch that was all
out of balance. I believe there were some
unconstitutional actions taken for instance
agreements with the rod agreements. Perhaps moving toward
trade agreements that totally bypassed
any city approval. Treaties are to be I
could just go on citing examples. never in force right
and the new new interpretations were
imposed and this was all done. Not with respect to the
codified law but to the we have as if it was
in the office right. It is one side
of our nation. I hate to say sides but
that’s really a fact. So let’s let’s realize we
are some ways very very much in at variance right
now months of viewpoints but certain sides
applauded those moves and now that Mr Trump
has been elected. They’re suddenly this
reduce interest in oh my goodness. What’s good for the goose
is good for the gander I would say not that we need
to turn him loose to equal what we saw in the last
administration but we are not a pure democracy
where Republican right. And it’s important to know
that it’s not so much Democrats and Republicans And when you go back and
you study the founding documents. The conservatives
believed in creation. And the fact that we have
a fall and the nature Bible calls that it’s the
nature of the founding fathers call it a
propensity toward passion. You know that needs to be
checked and guarded and I like that and
what’s interesting. But the idea is that we
need these checks and balances we need a
republic to be able to take care of ourselves. But then we got
progressives rise up in the main point of the
progressives everybody’s forgotten is that they’ve
rejected or rejected what they call Newtonian ism
which is creationism. In favor of
Darwinian evolution. Right. So now we have grown
beyond that we’re more civilized we don’t need
checks and balances we need a ruling class
of scientists. That would be great if the
scientists didn’t have a sin nature. But they didn’t they were. Fashion’s Exactly yeah. Warming. You know they’ll follow
the money and the Bible says the bribe of them as
a bad thing from a rumor right. Well you know these
founding documents even through our declaration
of spoke of certain in angling the Bill of Rights
and as I understand that phrase It means that they
are inherent and they can not be really revoke
or take it away right. You can actually go
self-evident truths and self-evident truths and
you can actually go back to the pre-flood world
early post throughout the Law of Moses and see examples of
this inalienable right. People have a right to
govern themselves and I don’t like to do that with
you and just the kind of set the table. Maybe appeal to a New
Testament passage that many of our viewers may be
familiar with it’s in Acts Chapter five and of course Peter and
John have been brought before the Sanhedrin for
their healing the man and preaching Jesus. And you know you can tell. who are against you know
this man crippled all his life and dancing and being
well but they finally bring in Peter and joy and
the high priests and this is in the next Jeff are
five twenty eight twenty nine. And behold you to feel
Jerusalem with your doctrine and intend to
bring this man’s blood upon us and that’s a bit upon
paucity to me because they brought this man’s blood
of themselves right by crucify Jesus then Peter
and the other apostles answered and said we
ought to obey God. Rather than you and I
remember that’s the thin Hedron the. Sanhedrin is the Jewish
Supreme Court right there. Can you imagine right now
the Supreme Court says the Christians have to marry
gay and that Christians have to do this and have
to get Christians can’t talk about politics or
they’ll get their five hundred one c three
revoked and get all this kind of stuff and as
Christians we should say to the Supreme Court. Whether we should
obey God or you. You beat as you do you
decide we should obey God As for us. You know and we were going
to go to the commission. Yeah but it
doesn’t matter. Wow that’s good. When you put a lot of this
study into this book the Bible the Constitution of
the fairly fathers and we’re going to offer this
in this course of the program but. Just to start with where
you do you begin with a look at the flag is there
anything you’d want to mention about the flag as
it would pertain to the way we pledge allegiance
to it or what a symbol. It stands for. Yeah the whole concept
there was an argument on whether we should say
under God because that was added later. Well the whole concept of
the flag being the symbol for our country based
on the Declaration of Independence which says we
are one nation under God God is mentioned five
times in the declaration of his rights and we
need to appeal to him. It’s because of him and
the inalienable rights that you’ve given us that
we actually rebelled against one of
the four right. And people forget that
it’s all mention their very clearly just read
the Declaration of Independence
it’s very short. Well OK starting
with the documents. You begin to look at the
declaration and then spoke about self-evident
truths and in the Bible and natural law all kind
of kind of take those concepts with us for a
moment as well for why you have a view. Yeah no idea. For of of inalienable
rights and as it says there’s a God given right. You’re a human being. You have a right
to British air. They could pass a law that
says you have to breathe water but it doesn’t
change anything right. You know. So we need to go. There’s a lot of examples
you gave one were Peter actually told the
Supreme Court. No. No. And
even if the Supreme Court decides it’s not constitutional. In the Constitution or the
Congress decides not to pass a law. We invoke an Article five
and do it ourselves. We’ve done it before
and people forget them. But from the
Old Testament. KING So now it’s all the
rector we ordered his troops to and nobody would
touch it except for the pagan the pagan have the
concept of just do what the king said everybody
else is this is not proper god will punish us. You can see examples like
a damn pills that I will not eat the king’s food. It’s not what you do you
know what while not bake a cake for a homosexual
because that’s not what Christians do. It doesn’t matter what the
that law in that we serve a God that has given
up commands and we’re actually supposed to
be the government. There’s lots of the AMPAS
of Moses for instance. Had to add to the last
thing that we in can inherit. And it’s not because
everybody forgot about women. It’s always been
that way until some. Politician in a certain
Providence decide. Over those really say that
they were to say that they can’t inherit. The epic pass another law. the right to vote. They’ve always had it when
you go back and you look at it they had it
was taken away. They got it back. They got it
taken away again. Made it. And it’s just because
everybody knows every adult should be able to. Vote but somebody decided
there’s nothing really written and we should be able to
do that than the article nine in ten the
constitution make it clear anything not mentioned
in the Constitution has nothing to do with the
federal government to the right of the people and or
the state right because they knew they couldn’t
dissipate everything that arise. Right but they left the
laboratory of that the government at the
state level that. government’s business. Well we’ve had a status
rule now for us a jury that the progressive
movement really got started the early ninety’s
that under the just never stopped growing you
brought in the amendments which you cover
all about it. Come tax removal
the admitted it. Seventeen that removed
election of senators by the state legislatures and
that was a very bad one that was a bad with my
you know that people are supposed to be represented
by representatives of I have a bit of a problem. I’ll call my represented
able going to build together. You know my
representative. That’s what I’m supposed
to do the senators are supposed to represent the
state as I waited for it. Yeah the states almost
been minimized to nothing. Yeah that’s what it was
they’re supposed to be able to send someone in if
they don’t vote the way they’re told they’re
immediately polled a new one put in. That’s how the states
have some sort of say. So you know them or
they’re just taken and voted on some actually
five popular vote. People have two
representatives in the state have none and see
it’s always been my contention that Obamacare
the formal Care Act. Never would have passed
the Senate had been elected by the state
legislators because of the year that was passed. I think Republican houses
are Republican Chambers had at least thirty of the
states if not more and they would. Ever have voted as a
Senate to confirm. Obamacare they would have
been the majority because they would have protected
the states’ rights at that. So we need to repeal with
seventeen and then yeah probably. What do you observe just. I mean I could
specifically ask you questions or you could
perhaps throw just some stuff out and see what
sticks to go over there just so much here. Oh definitely. What they the Constitution
the articles you’re going through the mid MIT’s. I’ll let you cut it. Yeah every group in the
United States needs a representative and it
read in including unborn children they did OK and it is the same problem
we had with slavery you can’t have a republic and
have a group full that don’t get to vote and
have representation. So slavery is wrong. It’s always been wrong
right and some people will argue and say well the
Bible teaches slavery. Well it teaches that we
have captors from crooks and from other armies and
things like that but as a matter of fact and
actually says in the Old Testament law and you can
see this with the six hundred thirteen
Monody long. That slavery is wrong and
if a slave makes it to my nation. I can take care of him and
if you come a looking for your slave I
will kill you. They were as wrong as
capital at the capital punishment offensive. Rape is capital
punishment. Period. You know. So these things have
always been for some reason and now it’s like
well whatever you know right. Well the whole thing we
will always forget about jury nullification. If you’re sued for being a
Christian because you are you. You didn’t bake a
cake for homosexuals. And you’re being sued you
got a right to trial by jury. I’m all of the jury. And that’s just the way
it is that’s not me. Breaking the law. That’s my right that’s why
I’m there and that’s in the law. Yes the jury no if
occasion has always been. Founding fathers talk
about that and and and state know if they were
reason or not instructed that way you know they’re
not and I’ve heard of state will occasion but a
lot of our folks may not be familiar with it. Go ahead and elaborate a
little bit of your own is a matter of fact if you if
you try to tell somebody that while they’re on
a jury they say that’s tampering with the jury
and you can get put in jail is that right. You know but it’s it’s
that’s the way it is and you can’t they say they
have no obligation to tell you that you can do that. But they can’t do anything
about it because it’s standard law. But so those things. There are very specific. and so the whole thing
started with the slavery they didn’t want blacks
to have weapons so they started saying you can’t
conceal carry you have to open carry. So I bought you
while you’re coming. And then each state. Some states in Providence
has decided we don’t want you to open carry because
there are people. And so then you get a
situation where you can’t carry a weapon to
defend yourself at all. You know and so recently
we fix that by doing the concealed carry movements
and and path in constitutional theory in
several states right. Now that President elect
Trump says he’s going to nationalize that
which makes sense. I have a I have a license
to drive a car in Kansas and it’s good
in any state. I won’t get arrested if I
go to Florida to drive a car right now if I have
a concealed carry permit from Kansas I should be
able to protect myself. We’re going to go. You know. Those things are being
put back the way they originally were or if
we have some sort of an invasion of Islam or
anything else in this country. We need to be able to
take care of our rights. Right. School shootings wouldn’t
happen if the teachers carry weapons. And protected the kids and
that’s what we need to do. Well they will house. It is that it. Granted it was a it was
a machete or that the individual. Ran the car to a crowd of
death good stabbing people but there was an off duty
of either stay an officer there and within of it. It was over. You know you have. And I’m sure he gave them
a warning to drop the weapon I’m sure he would
have done you know appropriate advance
notice but evidently this individual was he gives
out as an agent of Yod and so he does press the head. And that was that when you
hear stuff like that in the news when it’s a
policeman which is a good thing right. But there’s a lot of times
where a just a citizen. and they really do not
report that on the T. V. Yeah. Fascinating. He’s a real specialist
in ancient documents and early church father
writings and in that last books but he’s really
taken a look at the Bible the Constitution of the
founding fathers from a biblical perspective and the fascinating stuff
here and I think there’s a renewed interest in this
because it’s that we come to this election cycle. There seems to be an
interest in all sides as to you know how does our
government work what can we do to maximize the
effectiveness of the people in it. The
Bible the Constitution of the founding fathers thirteen ninety five plus
shipping and handling you can go to the Web site
prophecy in the News dot com and check out the
bookstore or as always. Oh I don’t know what
your favorite amendment. Other than with an
amendment you know I think it’s one you don’t need
until it’s attacked Exactly well the First
Amendment is actually my favorites and
you’d shield. Yeah but my first the
First Amendment is that I have the right it’s really
want if you think about it but I have the right to
express my opinion in writing books. You know in talking on T. V. In talking at my
local supermarket. I need a permit. To do these things I’m
an American citizen. That’s fine but if we’re
both in a grocery store. You don’t want to hear
what I have to say to some world. You know we have a
right to do that. So we should be able to
stand up and say I am a Christian. And I want to talk to you
about Jesus and you say no walk away walk away. That’s fine. Well so OK Those
those are good. How about the tip of the
ninth and tenth amendment are probably the least
looked at that are there actually some of my
favorites too I call tend. They resulted in the Bill
of Rights and then there are more there have been
added I mean a lot more that we had it’s very
difficult and admitted but Yeah we’ve got
seven or more. Yeah it’s quite a process
to get admitted through today it would. Well it should be. I don’t say which a good
act of Congress but it takes more than that but that what we have
Article five to do so Congress refuses to do
some They’re going to push it there. It passed the Republican
there the house rather but it lost in the
Senate by two votes. And the state said no they
didn’t Article five made it law anyway. Yeah that would be a great
idea and then let us address of things you know
is the wrong people that get in charge of that for
all states participate in it so it should
you balance it Oh you know and
things like that. Back to
the night and to it because we. They don’t have unlimited
power anything that’s not mentioned specifically
in the Constitution as a right of the state or
a right of the federal government is a right of
the people right now we have all these things
like the the yelling I’m telling us we can’t do
things with her one that’s unconstitutional it
shouldn’t even exist. Now you mean the Bureau of
Land Management yet not black lives matter. You know
like the cases of the ranchers that have been told right
to stay in bed. Oh yeah they’re doing
something in Oregon. Now I got to the
poll this morning. So they’re just
doing stuff like A. T. F. Why do we need somebody
telling us why do we have to pay hundreds of dollars
for a silencer for a weapon when we’re supposed
to have them anyway right. Is for you know we don’t
need all these extra groups. You know I. If I had a business and
we were making plenty of money but I hired fifteen
managers to manage one guy. It wouldn’t fly and that’s
the problem that we’re in and we need a balanced
budget and we need these other things but yeah the Ninth and
Tenth Amendments are really really should be
looked at because we have a lot of things and
state rights too. Someone asked me well. If the federal government
doesn’t tell you you can do that you would that
states have a right to tell you that. You know that you have to
do it outside of the not and it’s like well no
think about it and alienable rights by God. So the federal government
can’t tell you the state can’t tell you the
city can’t tell you. We’re talking about God
Here God gave you a right to live and breathe and
do the things that you’re supposed to do and you’re
not supposed to be limited by the. And we’re supposed to
approve anything Congress. Right very good. and I would even argue
from Genesis would the creation mandate that God
slap freedom of it’s there when he said have to be in
that world in that it’s a freedom under God
you are not free. Out from God because then
we become involved edge right but under
God he says to rule The Bureau of Land
Management coming against the ranchers because
of the tortoise. OK but think about it you
know the tortoise did not evolve on its own it’s not
becoming a god or anything Risen of evolution. So that means there were
original tortoises. This little inbreeding
are not deformed. So what they’re doing is
because of their belief in evolution making a freedom
of way of people that have a right to exist for
something that should not exist. but what did you tie
there to the scripture and the right to property
it’s the same thing you have a right
to your things. We’re not
supposed to steal. Oh how can I steal it. If you don’t own the
thing if it’s community property. I can’t steal That’s
exactly right. You know. And so this whole this
whole concept is you know and that’s in the know
what Heide laws it’s in the Ten Commandments and
in the Jewish and the Christian writings of
the New Testament in the Constitution. It’s always. It’s been and always has
been and the more you look at this stuff you’ll see
how far back it goes. And when we first started
calling anything this country. There was the. There’s a trial. Judith Happel most
probably most people probably don’t remember
it but she was accused of having getting pregnant
on the way over and then killing her baby. OK. And so the the governor
that was was doing. Have over the situations
that well she deserves a trial by jury
of her peers. So we will get an
all woman jury. If she’s never been
pregnant she couldn’t kill the baby that she gave
birth to you know and she was promptly acquitted. You know. And so that again it’s an
example of a jury by your peers and that card of
yours has always been and that was one hundred
years or so before the Constitution. You know and so we could
go back through a lot of documents and enter and
showed the stuff but then. Representative government. Yeah Israel elected tribal
leaders who represent the people write the whole the
whole thing it’s all it’s all this book. We don’t have much time
maybe about a bit but you do have a section on the
founding fathers what’s. What leaps up there on
of that they were all Christian people talk
about Jefferson being out. Non-Christian but go go
to Washington go to his monument look at all the
bible quotes that are on there. You know they talk about
Benjamin Franklin young a deist. Have you ever read
the human Franklin’s autobiography that small. He says that he was he
grew up on a profiteering and. Found a book on DNS I
thought he’d be a good excuse to go party realize
that that was a big mistake you hurt yourself Well you know if you
actually almost a start a start down the nomination
called the Society of the free. Meaning you follow the
laws and of Christ to make sure you’re out of debt
and not addicted to food or alcohol and whatever
and you can live your life free to God an amazing man
going out of the US You know one of the one of the
wisest founders for sure. Wow Well this is
fascinating stuff. And I love it. This is up my alley Ike
I love prophecy but. I don’t see
America as I do. Israel God’s not done with
Israel but America at this time in history was raised
up I believe with an agreement with God to do a
lot of more missionaries to go to the world than
the other nation has ever seen it really to be a
light to the nation that. I don’t know the age of
my church about to get it right and then I also see
it as they are to native rebel we keep pushing is
really on and there is prophecies about it. You know which is
different than the one you will reign in different
the now so that has to happen. I don’t know the Lord’s
probably blessing us in spite of ourselves but we better do it like
this time a movie that we get in trouble they may
have well said Well thank you for being
with us today. Our guest has been Ken
Johnson’s been fascinating one more show to do with
kid and it’s going to be on some of the the in
times doctrines as taught by the early church
fathers don’t miss it. It’s still there and
we keep looking up Give your life to Christ
live for what matters. God bless you. Thanks for being with us.

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