Ken Starr says secrecy is inimical and inconsistent with Constitution
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Ken Starr says secrecy is inimical and inconsistent with Constitution

October 18, 2019

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  1. Did not obams hold back money if certain nations did not accept homosexuality? Holding back aid to accomplish an objective is how all policy is done

  2. Democrats will NEVER impeach because they don’t want to give the power to McConnell and the Senate who will deliver POTUS a monumental victory via acquittal!

  3. Bill Barr isn't trustworthy. He refused to investigate the whistle blower, even though it was backed up by the transcript.
    Trump's swamp at work.

  4. Hey what military aid did Obama give to Ukraine when Russia invaded. BLANKETS AND PILLOWS. Were the Ukrainian troops supposed to throw them at the Russian tanks? Any chance Obama could be rightly accused of having withheld aid???

  5. When the Democrats have something to hide they start the bologna of doing it in secret especially when they have nothing.

  6. HEY! Faux News don't forget to report that the reason for secrecy is because criminal complains were filed to the justice dept and Barr refused… so as in all grand jury evidence is secret, also Republicans are there present …don't forget to report that

  7. I thought Trump said no walk backs. You can't take it back. What is the truth, the first statement, the second statement? Or do we still have a third statement… Trump does not have to use the aid as quid pro quo, Trump holds all the power, he just asked to ask for the favor. How about president of Ukraine telling Trump he stayed at one of Trumps properties. Corrupt!

  8. It has been like with the Bible. After researching more and more we start to find errors and contradictions, but the Cultist/Fundamentalists keeps on screaming "-No, the book is perfect with it's 'unmatched wisdom' just perfect. believe me,,, whatever proof you have that goes against it, is just fake news"

  9. No investigation into corruption of the 2016 democrat party in Ukraine is the real issue Diversion blame your opponents for the crimes you do

  10. Sen. Lindsey Graham said if this impeachment nonsense makes it to the Senate it's DEAD on arrival…..Good luck libturds…LMAO!

  11. Yes change their policies such as human rights etc. etc. not too meddle in US elections Trump is Putin‘s puppet and Putin certainly is getting his money‘s worth

  12. Well when it comes to the democrat party facts and the truth don’t matter just their narrative.
    They want this be quid pro quo so bad they ignore all the facts and the truth. The Ukraine President said there wasn’t. All the people involved said there wasn’t. But the democrat party says there is and so does their corrupt mainstream media allies.

  13. Ken start should be ashamed at himself. Fact 1 no quick pro quo. The money was already flowing BEFORE the call ever took place. Fact 2 the Ukrainian a were unaware the money was even held up. Talk about stretching a story our of nothing.

  14. Ken Star? Must be that time to roll out the dinosaur turds, again! Fock Snooze using turds to make up stories nobody wants to hear…

  15. Republicans must be held accountable for protecting this foreign agent and traitor it is obvious to the common observer Trump is compromised he is Putin‘s puppet and Putin certainly is getting his money‘s worth

  16. How long till Giuliani is fired by Trump? It’s coming!
    Rudy was paid $500k as a consultant for two men arrested last week on campaign finance fraud! He is a great guy that Rudy!

  17. I don't believe the Democrats have anything. If the Dems had anything real they would have brought it out this quick as they could. This reminds me of a defense lawyers tactic to delay and create fog and confusion and "Reasonable Doubt" in the voters Minds

  18. Democrats just wait for the Testimonies be publicized. Whatever happens, the Republican senates who will vote to impeach are the only ones who matter since they won’t be able to refute the report.

    All you democrats just make sure you vote. We are 2/3 stronger than the rest of the Republican cult dumb shits in the country.

  19. Also, Trump has not wounded himself one with this "self infliction" nonsense. The wounds are on those who are on the other side.

  20. that's what happens when you try to be nice and answer a bunch of crazy questions for 30 minutes, might as well just type up everything you need to say, say it, and walk off the stage as Acosta shouts something stupid

  21. I think the Dems are behind closed doors because they are beating their heads against the wall from a bad case of TDS.

  22. I could care less about that… Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Twist words blah blah blah

  23. Democrat-Controlled House Passed Bill with ‘Quid Pro Quo’ on Election Interference
    In other words, the Democrat-controlled House would suspend transactions — both public and private — with Russia’s government until the U.S. can be satisfied that Russia had not interfered with the most recent federal election.
    That is exactly what Mulvaney said Trump had wanted Ukraine to show, as part of its commitment to fighting corruption — namely, that it was not involved in documented efforts by the Democratic National Committee to use Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.
    That is exactly what Mulvaney said Trump had wanted Ukraine to show, as part of its commitment to fighting corruption — namely, that it was not involved in documented efforts by the Democratic National Committee to use Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

  24. The entire impeachment "inquiry" is completely illegitimate. Schiff For Brains is just nervous about getting caught in the net of Barr's investigation.

  25. Hey FAUX NUZ fans, now the RUSSIAN ASSHOLES have decided DJ TRUMPSKY was not good enough to assist with their goals! Now they are "GROOMING" a Democrat, TULSI GABBARD! What a shucky darn shame!!! "IT" was just not good enough for them!!! Well, I have to add her to my list. Niether DJT of TULSI will ever get my Republican vote!!!!!

  26. Kenn star is funny. Lol.. he has no honor. Republicans do not believe in honor anymore. Republicans only believe in win at all cost. Mitch McConnell held up a democratic Supreme Court nominee pick when that was a Democratic president in office. There will be no vote until all the evidence has been collected for the articles of impeachment. What comes around, goes around!

  27. This Gang of Criminal Mobsters are demolishing America in front of you, and you cheer and support them. Do you have kids to worry about? Do you have money problems? Do you have any health issues? Do you like your air and water to be clean? What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you hate America so much??

  28. How you get a crime out of the transcript is beyond reasonable. Anyone who does this, like Adam , must be injecting falsehoods into it that simply aren't there. If they claim it is "vague" that is just wishful thinking, and Not an impeachable crime. They are claiming to "know" someone's intentions and therefore think they are mind readers. I highly doubt that they are. This line of thought being pushed along by the fake msm and the lying Dems, who are hoping you fall for it in their quest to cover their corruption and sway an election before Durham's investigation drops the bomb on them. Some are easily led.

  29. How to spot an incompetent moron: President Trump’s “A Team” turnover is 80% as of Oct. 17, 2019

  30. "The criminal behavior to which Trump has admitted is much more grave than anything alleged or unearthed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and much of what Mueller revealed was impeachable," FOX'S Judge Napolitano wrote about Trump's call to Zelensky.

  31. You can try to spin it anyway you want. Idiot manchild trump is going down! This is what the republicans get for electing a criminal idiot to the office of president

  32. Ken Starr is full of B.S. "The power of impeachment is granted to the House of Representatives under Constitutional law. In Article I, Section 2, the Constitution reads, “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” The constitution says nothing about how the impeachment proceeding should be handled. The House of Reps. decides that.

  33. You can't simply reason from a conclusion that "quid pro quos are bad". Rubbish. That's literally what negotiation is. What Mulvaney certainly did not discuss was anything to do with Joe Biden or the 2020 election. That was the CONTEXT in which a quid pro quo was supposed to be bad.

  34. 1)"We've not been doing ANY of this."
    2)"Actually, we did ALL of this, get over it."
    3)"I didn't say we did ANY of this."
    (Apparently, somewhere in here is trump's defence.) Oh, and don't forget @3.30 "Rick Perry is as honest as the day is long." Did they agree his deal in the Ukraine oil company by the way?

  35. SO… let's just ignore the fact that two of Rudy Giuliani's UKRAINIAN associates were arrested at Dallas Airport another one at JFK airport and another one at his home… by the FBI with evidence in hand. Anyone seen Rudy lately…HAS HE LEFT THE COUNTRY?

  36. I am thankful for a checks and balances type system. It is amazing Democrats are doing this to try to change the 2020 election.

  37. “Let’s be very clear what’s happening here: Trump is openly asking foreign governments to interfere in the 2020 presidential election against his political rivals,” said journalist Ari Berman. “And Republicans are allowing it to happen by doing nothing about impeachment or election security.” It is illegal for any American—a political candidate, a regular citizen, or even the U.S. president—to solicit or accept “anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.” Face it Fox flunkies, your hero, the King of B.S., DJT, is getting flushed down the toilet.

  38. @Ken Starr, your investigation of Clinton was secret except for “leaks” that were likely purposeful on the part of your staff at the time. You are clearly (and always have been) partisan. More and more Republicans are becoming seemingly complicit with Trump et al’s criminal behavior everyday as more facts come to light, but are ignored and obfuscated by Republicans. Citizens will remember your behavior here. It is best for Republicans’ career longevity to recognize that the tipping point has already passed, and get on the right side of this.

  39. Mulvaney comments doesn't mean anything if they had something shifty Schiff wouldn't have to make up the transcript and keep it behind closed doors with no vote

  40. Yes, Ken Starr you says "secrecy is inimical and inconsistent with Constitution" and I agree for sure and I think that the majority of the American people also agree.

  41. let me get this straight? huge knightmare is happening in mexico police face guerria weapon ( they had to let the son of el chapo go ) and people wonder why the white house applied pressure to stop corruption? are they for real? come on ! this is not a political agenda! police were shot at in mexico with VERY SERIOUS WEAPON ! this is not chimera or fantasy ! this is real ! and mexico police are at the receiving end of it

  42. All the clowns that have been commenting are morons. Democrats are constantly doing the same thing and yet they completely dismiss it when it's them doing it. Remember Hillary and her criminal foundation asking for money to her foundation in exchange for a favor all the while she was Sec of State??? Or Obama on an open mic saying he would have more leeway after the election I do.

  43. Another day, same old nothing. It's been three years and democrats have nothing. If they did Pres. Trump would have already been impeached. The democrat suicide train is headed to the station and the republicans are trackside twiddling their thumbs. We all are waiting for Durham, Howorwitz and Barr reports. By the time they classify most of it as top secret, all that will be left is crumbs Pres. Trump and gov. need to stop the train before it destroys more of America. It's not even news any more, it's like a low budget soap opera that can't be cancelled. Going to get worse. STOP THAT TRAIN.. TRUMP 2020..

  44. Presidents taking money from foreign leaders (upcoming G-7 summit at Doral), is against the constitution, but you don’t seem too concerned about that

  45. I just threw up when I heard Ken Starr talk about values. Fox is looking under any rock they can turn over to find hypocrites who will say anything Trump's Base wants to hear. (And after kids in cages, betraying the Kurds, stabbing Mattis in the back, I'm using "base" in this sense: "without moral principles; ignoble." At this point, they've shown there is nothing they won't approve of. No Back Left Unstabbed

  46. It is illegal to ask a foreign government to investigate your political opponent. Simple. Also Republicans who defy investigators asking for documents and appearances also are breaking the law.

  47. Pretty close to it lol. Mulvaney actually admitted it. It's not normal so get over it magats. Faux views are dropping like flies on YouTube.

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