Kent State Girl FORCED OFF Ohio University by Students!
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Kent State Girl FORCED OFF Ohio University by Students!

February 22, 2020

Kent State Girl recently visited the University of Ohio and was booed off campus and it’s causing a lot of uproar online From reach TV studios, you’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Shira Lazar Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily when Bennett is a graduate of Kent State University he first came to know her in 2018 when she posted this photo the day after her graduation within Strapped around her shoulder. She made the statement due to the fact that students could not carry a on campus while in college Unfortunately, we’re having to blur out and censor all of that because we’re trying to not get demonetised, you know So we can all make a living here Her video is doing woman on the street interviews have gotten her a lot of attention on social media Let’s let her to becoming basically a meme people even dress up as her for Halloween Following her initial protests of Kent State then it became a correspondent for info wars beyond Infowars though She now creates videos as a reporter with a group called Liberty hangout I’m gay. I’m disabled. I hate you. You’re you’re horrible person yet root for that Have you seen yourself? Many people have compared to his ha meal Aaron who started out on her own and making it up edit videos bashing the left then moving over to the blaze and now she’s at Fox News yeah, that makes sense for her trajectory. We live in a system. We don’t We don’t yeah, you read the new Jim Crow. We don’t we don’t live in a society I see different colors of people all around me every day But as the face of Liberty hangout Caitlyn is known for going to college campuses and asking pointed conservative questions to college students But most oftentimes it backfires on her I mean if a dude wants a tampon for some reason he can have a tampon. That’s not my business What would he use it for? I don’t know. That’s his problem. Well, we use a pad for his problem Do you think they should seek medical advice if they’re having bleeding? I? Mean if they want to I don’t really care and that I guess is part of the entertainment just this week Bennet posted a video of her visit to Ohio where she was booed while walking around campus and Leaving in a car with protesters throwing beverages at her and banging on windows. There’s still throwing stuff She posted this video to Twitter saying this is what happens when a trump supporter visits a campus And due to the protests caitlyn thinks that the students should have been arrested and that the school should get their funding ripped from them Caitlyn even claims in the video that her friend’s truck was vandalized hot coffee was poured on her and a lot of violence happened with no police help One user wrote Miss Bennet you have a right to your opinion and a right to voice it these college students do as well Calling them terrorists because they utilize their right to assembly in speech is both dishonest and shameful another wrote. Hi I hate to intrude and although I don’t agree with how my school acted today She did know that Athens is a predominantly liberal area and her visit wasn’t going to bring anything good I can old my party accountable for uncalled actions. You should do the same personally I don’t think two wrongs make a right and I think there was a way to protest what she was doing without Getting to the level that they did or even some protest signs but like throwing things at a car I just think that’s asking for something bad to happen According to the college news source campus reform then it was going to shoot a President’s Day video Planning on asking students trivia such as who were the first three presidents The Ohio State Police have made a statement on the incident saying an activist appeared unexpectedly on the Ohio University in Athens and engaged in constitutionally protected Activity she drew a large crowd of people many with opposing viewpoints who also chose to exercise their First Amendment rights Contrary to allegations circulating on social media The incident did not rise to the level of a riot there was strong language and allegations that some unknown Persons in the crowd splashed water, but there were no reported injuries or violence and no one was arrested during the event And as of this time the university has not made a statement of their own So who actually took it too far here. Was it Caitlin or the students? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more of what’s trending and we’re also on instagram at what’s trending and I’m at Shira Lazar

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  1. U fucking bullies, about time this was put forward. Well done kaitlen for never fighting back to these triggered folk.
    Crazy ironic.

  2. She's just there to start trouble anyway. So karmic lesson for her to learn. Such a pretty girl to be so ugly on the inside.

  3. Walking into a lion’s den and daring the lion to not do what comes naturally when provoked. Then feigning ignorance, playing the victim, and calling for the “lion” to be punished… Seeds sown… The reaper will always collect his due.

  4. That’s what happens when you invade University Campuses for your stupid Alt-Right Interviews to students.

  5. These students believe in tolerance and diversity right?? Talk about tolerance and diversity of THOUGHT. Which many of the students got together as a mob and scream at the top of their lungs hopefully that she would go away. Talk about silencing free speech. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  6. The students absolutley showed how immature they are by acting like 3byr old having a temper tantrum. If they dont like what she stands for they could have left.

  7. Man this generation of people,youngins, politicians and liberals are all fucking up the whole nation we are all divided they are demonitizing freedom of speech you guys are all dumb and fucking up your own country it's pathetic

  8. How crazy! So much for the tolerant left. All she was doing was asking questions about Presidents’ Day. Why do you blur and bleep the word gun? Grow a pair

  9. Yo whats wrong with people and racism. Can you leave that shit in the past. It’s obvious that these communists are the problem. They have major issues. The left has gone way to far, always censoring people… Can’t believe that the extreme right are more sane than the extreme left. It’s sad lol.

  10. She's getting a taste of her own medicine. It's fine that she has different views, but if she disrespects people , she should expect that behaviour back.

  11. I agree that some of the students took this too far, but… She should not be going to places where people do know of her and don't support her viewpoint and are in her age range. That's asking for things to happen that are preventable. I understand she wants to go and produce videos, but she isn't doing herself favors by her approach.

  12. This was a very good video. All Shira’s videos are quality. College students have truly gone nuts these days and the Left has fallen.

  13. The reaction of this brainless students is the reason why the 1st and 2nd amendment was written

    Everyone benefits from it…. Apart from criminals and tyrannical people of course

  14. Thank you kaitlin for exposing to the world how mentally unstable these leftist university ohio kids are. I am from Singapore. In Singapore, university students would have challenged kaitlin into a debate and not acting like a group of hysterical violent mob. I don't think anyone could call this a university anymore.

  15. The left cannot live by its own convictions. They tell everyone that there are tolerant, but when a true different Pointe of view confronts them they turn to violence. Instead of engaging her in dialogue they turn to violence. My daughter wanted to go to Ohio University not anymore I'm afraid for her safety.

  16. While I don't agree with what the students did such as throwing water at her and banging on the car windows and flipping them off.

    She should've expected something to happen, well I suppose she did considering she had a security guard with her. Still, something was bound to happen since most students are liberal and don't agree with her.

  17. Um, why would you even ask the question? Did you see the video? The students took it too far. That was not about political parties or beliefs. Kaitlyn has a large following, and that was about social media, tik tok, Instagram and twitter. They wanted their 15 minutes of fame, that's why they had their cellphones out. They wanted to be the person who owned the Kent state gun girl, but guess what it didn't happen. They wanted to go viral but they fell flat.
    Debate the girl, but instead they followed the sheep before them and repeated recycled material that she hears all the time. Not one of these Ohio U students brought anything creative or new to the table. Because the diapers and toliet paper bit have been done and it's old. Start using your brains and raise your debate not your voice. They should be ashamed of themselves, hey I'm ashamed for them. It's so sad that they are enrolled in universities and they don't know how a debate works, let alone base their beliefs on actual facts, but solely base them on emotions. #crybabygeneration

  18. Protesting is fine, protest all you want. It's something else to be mobing around somebody, this is disgusting behavior.

  19. it was more than being just booed… that was crazy? did u even watch her video? two wrongs don't make a right, there was only one group that was wrong.

  20. ANTIFA : we've got a university for that. Children of the corn university. Crazy Sodom and Gomorrah mob. Triggered NPCs college. If it wouldn't have been for the guns, huge bodyguards, high resolution cameras they would have killed Kaitlin Bennet. They probably would have ate the body. These "students" should be taken somewhere where they can't hurt anybody. That university should be shut DOWN.

  21. This was TOTALLY UNSAFE BULLYING!! Kaitlyn has Total rights to interviewing students with questions! Bullying & deep discussions are different

  22. the left mentality has gotten way out of control. pathetic individuals who dont think anyone should be allowed to have a opinion that differs from them . they are the true meaning of hypocrisy

  23. People can make you completely outraged when they disagree with you or downplay sensitive subjects, but people need to remember that everyone has their own opinions. It's not okay for people to trash others for what they believe in (political views/rights/sexuality/etc). I wish people could take a step back and ask themselves "Is this person even significant in my life?". I personally would have just shrugged her off because I feel as though we all already have so much negativity that it is just easier and healthier to walk away from a situation I know won't end well. I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but there are limitations and a line between stating your opinions and trashing someone because of how they choose to live their life.

  24. 3:12 That's the same as saying a woman who wore a low cut shirt deserved to be raped. People should expect to walk on a cheap shitty government funded college campus and expect not to have coffee thrown on them or have their freedom of movement blocked. She wasn't expecting to be entering a Ku Klux Klan gang hideout, which is exactly how this mob behaved. Public space is public space. Want private space, go home.

  25. I live in texas…. that "come and take it" sign specially in trucks is a "i have guns in my truck, break in" sign pretty much. Yeah they claim its defense but around here its really becoming a magnet to go after your guns. So iys like you get guns to defend yourself from people trying to get those guns.They break in cars and dont even bother with radios anymore.

  26. The students were the problem. If they didn't like her they could have simply refused interviews and minded their business. That's what I do with media I don't like. It works every time.

    What those students did was terroristic and downright fascist. Ohio State does not seem interested in disciplining students or curbing violent behavior on campus. Maybe it does need to be defunded and discredited? Most campuses do have basic rules and a code of conduct. Nowhere is mobbing people, screaming threats, and vandalism a protected form of free speech.

  27. It’s a shame – WT cant report on this topic from a neutral position.
    WT has slowly become less enjoyable. Used to look forward to the daily uploads.

  28. I see a lot of idiots commenting on this video. Oh what a world we live in. When colleges are producing criminals with an ideology that mirrors radical religious extremists.

  29. …only one conclusion to be drawn from this is the Campus Police are in with the "marxist left students" and on this side of the corrupt University Administration, they want a right leaning student to be beaten or eventually killed, b/c that is where this is headed…

  30. Just a head up liberals, the way those people reacted, by yelling, screaming, and trying to stop her free speech, is one of the reasons Trump will be reelected in 2020 and Ivanka in 2024. Thanks for helping Trump get reelected!

  31. Lmao I hate both sides of the agenda but I woulda poured milk on her just because she’s an irritating, problem-insinuating nitwit

  32. They threw things at her , poured hot coffee on her and blocked their way out of there to leave when they were telling her to leave so that’s just ridiculous. These kids while I understand don’t like her (nor do I) acted completely disgusting and ignorant. Y’all clearly did not watch the whole video and of courseeeeeee like all clearly bias pages leave out very important info to sway your audience . It was 100% a riot , and no one was arrested because the cops didn’t do their job when students were blocking her way out and being aggressive , throwing things at her and cars including others cars not just theirs and beating on their property when they were trying to leave.

  33. These kinds lost all sense and reason, exhibited wild behavior. Complete madness. The university should be held accountable for what is happening to the minds of these young people.

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