Kenyan MP forced out of parliament for bringing baby into chamber
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Kenyan MP forced out of parliament for bringing baby into chamber

December 10, 2019

The honourable Zuleikha, you must
get out of the House immediately. What was I supposed to do,
miss parliament and miss my duties
just because of the baby? So that’s why I just came with her.
I knew that I’d stay here for a while and then later, when my situation
is better I could. But if there was a room, a creche
or a nursery here, I’d be able to then put my baby.

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  1. What in the hell women if you don't stand up for your rights I don't know what's going to happen to us. What an absolute stupid male thing to do!

  2. What's wrong with bringing baby? You were all babies once upon the time or having babies in your houses . Stupid move by those speakers .well they are

  3. An MP that can't abide by simple laws surely isn't fit for office?
    She missed the sign that said Parliament and thought it said crèche.
    It's work not your own personal child care facility.

  4. Kenyan MP and baby ejected from parliament session ►

  5. how to become a hero in 2019: be the victim while giving reasons why you should not be held to the rules you signed up to be governed by. Unlike everyone else in the house who has ever had to deal with their own emergency situations, she wants everybody else to deal with her emergency situation!

  6. while everyone else in Kenya who has a career or a peanuts paying job to do while raising an infant gets to pay for a nanny or a creche, an entitled public representative earning over USD50.000 every month plus housing allowance, vehicle allowance, mileage and other insane perks demands everyone else in the house put up with her own baby while they are trying to do their job. Victim of the year!

  7. If MP stands for Millitary Police then she had no business trying to do ANY security work while caring for an infant. Doing so completely compromises her ability to do her job and puts the people she's supposed to be protecting at risk as well as the baby. As a woman, I get off the feminist train when it comes to rediculous situations like this.

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