Keto 101 – Ketones and Body Composition

October 13, 2019

let’s talk about body composition for a second when you look and say let’s you start dieting right what happens to your metabolism unfortunately you go from high metabolism to low metabolism after your diet and it sucks right and after that you rebound so we go through these yo-yo diets and a lot of the reasons why Brian I’ve been doing a lot of research on us our whole careers but why do a yo-yo what happens to our metabolism right why is that the case that can we prevent it so muscle is responsible for a large part of our metabolisms so it’s not just about weight loss it’s about the composition of that fat loss ketones spare muscle so the way the first study we did on this was we basically took people and we put them on a normal ketogenic diet where they had we’re keto from Monday all the way through the whole week and then we put another group on a cyclic ketogenic diet that’s where basically you eat ketogenic diet Monday through Friday and on the weekends you carve up and we looked at blood ketones so one group had high ketone levels one group has low ketone levels they both lost the same amount of weight but as weight the only thing that matters no so let’s look at how much fat they lost the ketogenic diet lost basically all fat and the group to hate carbs on the weekends that had low ketone levels lost only a little fat what’s that mean they lost a lot of muscle so now back here we did this study really ketones weren’t even out this is like pre prove it now fortunately now we can actually sustain ketone levels throughout our whole diet even more in a stressful situation that’s very important to maintaining muscle mass so we looked at the molecular level like we actually took muscle and look what happened when you gave ketones or you gave like moderate ketones or higher ketones where he took like two to three packs equivalent a day and this was showing basically when people first start a ketogenic diet because that’s when it’s hardest right and so we looked at basically the ability to increase protein synthesis in the muscle it’s the building process of muscle so we looked at the molecular level so it’s actually increasing muscle growth processes so that’s very very important when we talk about like sparing muscle when you’re dieting ketones you can use ketones to decrease storage capacity so feed efficacy is how much fat we store per gram or calorie of food that we eat for example have you ever looked at cake or chocolate or pizza and gain fat whether you’re in that state you have high feed efficiency you become less efficient at storing calories when you’re taking ketone to the head what we found also in the dose response the higher the ketone levels the greater this effect was the thing about brown fat is that it’s like a third it’s basically like a furnace so the the more brown fat we have the higher our furnace is the greater our ability to burn calories is and we also did a study where we found that giving ketones increased brown fat so basically it’s making efficient its sparing muscle and it’s increasing brown fat that’s everything we want when we’re dieting [Music]

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