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  1. Mr Kahn is an attorney who represents the Muslim brotherhood who wants to bring Sharia Law to America..This guy is a joke listen to him..

  2. Taqiyya, legally practiced today by most Muslims.
    The Quran and the US Constitution are polar opposites of each other.

  3. We all know this is political game both party playing. Republican used Benghazi victims' mother and democratic used mr. Khan. The difference is Mr. Khan got more coverage than mom of Benghazi victim.
    Watching politics is like watching porn, we know it is all dirty, but we still love watching it….

  4. Kahn Is a Immigration attorney who want more Muslims in America , He made himself fair game he also supported the Clinton Foundation

  5. you can hold the constitution up once you issue a statement that most Americans are not infidels in our mind

  6. he keeps it in his pocket to eventually destroy the US with Sharia Law. lol "Know your enemy" the art of war.

  7. A direct quote from Mr Khan regarding the USA and Sharia law.

    “Commitment to the Quranic concept of Geography: The land belongs to Allah, his religion is Islam, and every country is already in the House of Islam—now in the present time—since they will be in the House of Islam by force in the near future. The whole of humanity is a Muslim Nation: it is either ‘the religion of the nation’ which has embraced this religion [Islam], or a ‘proselyte nation’ we are obliged to conquer.”

  8. Khizr Khan Con is working a stealth jihad on behalf of the Moslem Brotherhood, much like Hillary's lesbian lover, Huma Abedin. 👳🕌🕋☪

  9. Hey Kahn, tell us about sharia law. We know all about the Constitution. Don't give us your BS that is was a last minute decision. You rehearsed it well but now we are on to you.

  10. the election is rigged. trump will win. prepare now. save water and food and medical supplies. I've mediated and seen the coming destruction. there's is so way to stop it. politicians will cause it. half earths population decimated. prepare today. move to less populated areas. away from big cities. prepare now. meditate and connect with the universe and you'll know I'm not lying

  11. Right away the Trumpsters-Branded Trump’s Eurotroll Brigade backcheck the poor Gold star father and son. Spreading Vile vulgarity and smearing Campaign against him. Trump is following the foot steps of politicoZion evil within his camp and threaten the whole future for America and the world he has set out to obtain. And of course we can imagine what future conflict is going to occur within the Trump movement's empire when/after Trump’s supremacist supporters embrace their interests of Nationalism-Zionists agenda and the Russian's Caucasus minions

  12. he should condemn Muhammad of islam, instead of trump, the false prophet of islam is an evil man having a satan soul, millions of innocent lives have been killed because of his crazy political ideology like Islam.

  13. Please, YOU WENT TO THE DNC telling a real American to read the Constitution. THAT was disrespectful. I'm a new immigrant and understand I am an American,mbut you have SOME NERVE SIR! No wonder Trump said what he said. You baited him on pourpose, shame on you. And shame on people for not wanting to acknowledge the world doesn't need us fighting and arguing about racism. No racism is not ok. But the bigger problem is terrorism, and why nobody is talking about it or trying to come up with solutions. All they do is like this clown here, trying to cause more confusion. Mr Khan, as an American why don't you help us fight terrorism. Why can't we deal with the real problem? Instead we are talking about predjudice and racism. The lack of talk about the real issue is becoming the problem. I was in NY on 9/11. And Nice, France this year on Bastille day. But nobody wants to talk about THAT. MY PATENTS AND HUSBANDS PARENTS didn't know where we were for a few hours and were worried on the other sid

  14. Is he a politician or gold star Vip for liberal media ? Too many interviews by Muslim fighter .

  15. I'm sure the caliphate will be very pleased. Hillary's next check… um… er… speaking engagement will be arriving in the mail shortly. Is 600K alright?

  16. He knows the constitution like the back of his hand, but doesn't know there is no right to immigration to the country… This guy should stop before he's lost all credibility.

  17. Khan is a hypocrite,his son dies fighting for rights and liberties and his father supports and encouarges Sharia laws and Islamic religious beliefs.All he has done is make a mockery of all the fallen soldiers,and he sells US citizenships to anyone who can afoord $750,000.00 per person,this is done through his Law Firm in NY.Amazing.

  18. Hahaha. Last minute. Probably could say the same about how CNN makes these kinds of news.

  19. gosh, when I walk into CONS home it feels just like walking into an American home. A Mormon home. A Methodist home. A Jewish home, A home where constitutions and Betty Crocker share a space together. Lemon goes down on the con.

  20. Liberal Logic: 2nd Amendment should be restricted but not abortion since it's a constitutional right(even though it's not listed in it). People defending this guy probably couldn't give a rats ass about the constitution.

  21. Give me a break, nobody in office athear to the Constitution. If u truly want to honor your son do a little research on 9/11.

  22. I am a new U.S. Citizen and a proud one to say the least. That being said, I don't think Khan represents the few of migrants and new U.S. citizens like me. I wish Trump allowed me to voice my view about Khan and i would do it. I would also like to thank Khan's son for serving our country but that is not an excuse to troll and use the constitution and a pretext to validate your trolling Mr. Khan 🤔.

  23. This guy supports sharia law and people in Killeries camp think it acceptable to parade that nonsense. A true American parents view on this man. Please read.
    TRUMP 2016

  24. Khan held up a copy of the constitution, but does he know what's in it? He wrote a book promoting sharia law so he obviously doesn't support the constitution! Because sharia law directly conflicts with our constitutional law! Khan is nothing more than a public hack trying to milk sympathy for the Clinton campaign! He is an attorney with ties to the Clinton foundation! Khan you should be ashamed for using your sons death as political propaganda fodder! Trump did not send your son off to war and Trump did not kill your son! Why don't you direct you anger toward those directly responsible? Radical Islam, Obama and Hillary!! You tarnish your sons sacrifice!

  25. FUCK OFF . We already know your wicked mission. Marry 4 wives , give birth 24 Muslims and invade America. WAKE UP , AMERICAN GIRLS , NEVER MERRY THE MUSLIMS. Later they will input their stupid Sharia Law to press down on Women.

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