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Killer Composition Tools Tutorial

October 23, 2019

Imagine painting in perfect symmetry with a
mirror and kaleidoscope. In Corel Painter, you can create a symmetrical
painting by using the Mirror Painting mode. When you enable the Mirror Painting mode, a
plane appears in the drawing window that lets you paint one half of an object while
Corel Painter automatically replicates a mirror image of the opposing side of the
object by reproducing the brushstrokes. For example, if you want to paint a symmetrical
face, simply paint one half of the face and Corel
Painter automatically completes the other half. You can add a horizontal plane… Or change the color of the lines… and you can add a rotation angle or rotate the
planes manually. Corel Painter lets you to transform basic
brushstrokes into a colorful and symmetrical
kaleidoscope image. Select the Kaleidoscope tool… choose from anywhere up to 12 segments… and start painting! When you paint a brushstroke in one kaleido-
scope segment, multiple reflections of the
brushstroke appear in the other segments. Set the scene with 1-, 2-, and 3-point
Perspective Guides. Enable the Perspective Guides in the Property
bar. You can choose from a selection of Perspective
Guide presets, which include different
configurations of the Perspective Guides. Increase or decrease the opacity of the guides… You can also configure and save your own
perspective guides. Adjust the Density to reduce the number of guides. Click Add to save your preset. Before starting to draw, make sure that
‘Perspective-Guided strokes’ is enabled. The Perspective-Guided Strokes straighten the
appearance of brushstrokes while constraining their position to direct them
towards the closest vanishing point. You can hide the Perspective Guides when you
no longer need them. Paint just like Da Vinci with the help of the
Divine Proportion, golden ratio tools. You can show or hide the Divine Proportion
guide by clicking the Divine Proportion tool in
the toolbox and then clicking the Enable Divine Proportion
button on the property bar. To set Divine Proportions options, go to: Window>Composition Panels>Divine
Proportion. The Divine Proportion panel appears. Change the orientation, size and rotation as
needed. Divine Proportion helps identify where to place
focal areas in artwork by using classical
composition. When planning your artwork, you can use the guides to create a sense of proportion, which helps maintain interest as the eye of the
viewer travels across a drawing or painting. This non-printing layout is primarily used for composing artwork before you begin drawing or painting, but can also be used for cropping an image to a new composition. Ensure that your composition is both interesting
and dynamic by using the Rule of Thirds. The Layout Grid provides an easy way to divide
your canvas into compositional sections based on the proportions of the canvas, so that
you can plan your composition. For example, you can divide your canvas into
thirds vertically and horizontally to use the
compositional rule of thirds. From the Layout Grid panel, you can access
grid settings, such as the number of divisions,
size, angle, color, and opacity of the grid. You can adjust these settings while you work
and save them as a preset for future drawings
and paintings. This nonprinting grid is used primarily for
composing artwork before you begin drawing or

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