Killing the Constitution

October 6, 2019

Announcing book number three of the Crackpot Conspiracies Series, Killing the Constitution by Martin and Patricia Reott
it”s now available at Amazon Have you ever wondered exactly what Barack Hussein Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally transform the USA? Well now we know what fundamental transformation actually means… It means the dismantling and total destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the total elimination of the rights and freedoms Americans have enjoyed for over 200 years With massive executive orders and special assistant Czars Obama is destroying the balance of power between the three divisions of the federal government that has been established by our own Constitution looking at this graphic you can see how Barack Obama is pulling unprecedented power into the office of the president using executive orders
special assistant Czars and other techniques. In the meantime the Supreme Court gets reprimanded by the president
and Congress gets bypassed completely worse Barack Hussein Obama is allowing infiltration into the highest levels of our government by people who want to destroy us from within, by our own hands yes Obama is allowing communists, socialists, and Islamic supremacists into sensitive positions of National Security and National Defense Also Barack Obama is secretly giving away the sovereignty of the United States… to the United Nations of all things Obama’s money man George Soros has been working toward a One World Government for years and it looks like he may be on his way to success But worst of all, Barack Hussein Obama is helping Islamic supremacists both financially here and in the Middle East
and to gain power in the USA. So is Barack Hussein Obama transforming the USA into a One World Government?
or into an Islamic caliphate? Find out for yourself by reading Killing the Constitution by Martin and Patricia Reott Get your copy TODAY of Killing the Constitution.
It’s now available at

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