Kim Solez Leonard Cohen Borderline Treaty and the Future and All That Jazz
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Kim Solez Leonard Cohen Borderline Treaty and the Future and All That Jazz

November 20, 2019

Let’s get started and we’re also getting started off with Dr. Kim Who has provided us with these lights. Yeah. And shoots video for us every Tuesday, pretty much. And always has awesome stanzas as well. So I think I need to get it to this part, but I figure we can get into it now Before every poet comes up What you got to do is you to put your fist up yes? No, not like that, but more like it’s like like not like a 90-degree but more like with an explanation mark. And then then I’m gonna count down and at the end of that countdown you say “breathe” And that is you can inhale experience in breathe out poetry exhale poetry okay? Okay Well on Monday November the 6th I Went to the Leonard Cohen tribute concert in Montreal and that’s the reason that I wasn’t here on the Tuesday the 7th We didn’t have any lights and no videography it was very primitive so The surprising thing about the Leonard Cohen tribute concert many things are many famous artists there’s I will just name a few Elvis Costello Lana Del Rey Feist Philip Glass Sting Seth Rosen Ron Sexsmith, and on and on none of them talked They just got and performed was so cool so it was really fast paced but completely professional and this book program book Contains only two Notebook pages from Leonard Cohen’s notebooks but then showed pictures of the notebooks There are like 40 of them in the course of his career and thousands of pages So I have no idea how they picked these two pages but the thing is those pages were written shortly after I visited him on a three-day weekend, and I talked to him about medicine you know you’d Be so bored with us, but he had more questions for me than I had for him by far So we’ve talked a lot about the Banff classification I created and especially about Banff Borderline changes, you know what you’re not sure whether it’s this or that So I’ve never occurred to me. He would put that in a poem this poem that he wrote in 2006 contains the word borderline five times and the thing is That it then took in ten years to finalize this and it became the song Treaty which is sort of related to what you were just talking about Treaty begins I wish there was a treaty We could sign and in 2016 when he finished the song It only contains the word borderline once so I got rid of of a five Borderline over there in the first draft that he wrote after he met with anyway So if you think about the word borderline and the us-canadian border there’s another concept, which is just the line between the US and Canada and Sometimes it can be hard to get across that line now as you’re aware I’m organizing big performance of the Future and All That Jazz poetry and music in Charlotte, North Carolina And we’ve been thinking That there are nine of us and be really nice if all nine gets successfully across the border so I know you all have other concerns than this one But and most of you are writing about you know romance this that and the other thing But what concerns me is getting all nine of us across the border, so that’s what this poem is about on the occasion of the friendly FAATJ US invasion so FAATJ is the Abbreviation for the Future and All That Jazz razzmatazz Borderline with science clout not border swine worth keeping out of The US of A. We have something to say with music and poetry World-saving you see We are nine strong and we can get along with US border authorities Compliant with all technicalities for poetic entrance on the 2 December date and musician entrance two days laaaaater, nothing should deter us no fuss no muss. Just let us cross all nine of us no poet or musician left behind 9 is the perfect number to find in Charlotte’s TERMIS life-saving infotainment Please allow passage of this perfect arrangement the FAATJ nine perfect any time Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much That was awesome Yeah property is a funny thing borderline I’ve known a lot of people to have like very deep beefs over fences Like anyone else know people like this, like deep deep beefs over borderline And it’s funny because it’s like this thing. That’s like a microcosm

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