Korg MS20 Mini ambient composition by DreamsOfWires
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Korg MS20 Mini ambient composition by DreamsOfWires

October 21, 2019

Korg MS20 Mini analog synthesizer Single-synth recording All sounds are from the MS20 It’s a flexible instrument… particularly good for ambient drone & sound effects and it can make pretty sounds when needed with warm ‘analogue’ character Not just bass lines and squelching, squealing chaos …which it is also very good at but be careful of the filter resonance… It’ll take your face off! I wish they’d re-release the MS20m desktop version… If anyone wants to give me theirs, please feel free 😛 Please subscribe for more videos See the decription below for links to my music And turn off CC’s if they spoling the pretty pictures 😉 Just click the subtitles icon in the play/transport bar

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  1. Glad to see your experience with the instrument 🙂 spotted it on ebay recently and hoped ya had recorded some bits before selling it :p

  2. Funny. I just got one of these last week. It's a lovely, creative little machine. It can go places my other synths can't.

    Great video. I see you're making use of the lovely overdrive feature.

  3. A new video, it is like an early Christmas present. Different set of timbres for you as well for the first part of the track. Nice work as always.

  4. You make the most incredible music. Very inspiring. I just bought a Moog Sub phatty and am new to synthesis. It’s so much fun. I love ambient stuff. I had the ms-20 and sold It as I needed the money at the time but plan on getting it again. I also want the Minilogue and arp odyssey.

  5. Such a greeeeat job! I just got into your cool sounds.
    btw I want to buy this ms-20 mini, but you know, this is monophonic and there are many other better and advanced analogue synthes… like minilogue or something polyphonic synthes. I like minilogue also and I know it may got more posibilities and expandabilities than ms-20 mini, but I don't know why, I really love to get ms-20 mini one.
    I just wonder what would you do if you were me. Thanks for cool music again.

  6. Is this made with just the MS-20? I haven't been able to make any sounds like this (just got it), but maybe I should actually read the manual.

  7. So soothing and mysterious. I just ordered mine. Please keep making these moments…people are touched by the vibes including me.😊🛫

  8. Super chill track dude, thanks for uploading. Can I ask how you recorded it with iPad? Using a iRig or something similar? Cheers

  9. Question: If you had to choose between this MS 20 mini, or a Moog Grandmother, which would it be and why? Or is there another analog that is out today that would sound better?

  10. MS-20 and Moog Grandmother and I would be set. The two sounds I‘m after, Moog phatness and the incredible character and special sound of the MS-20. this video explains why the MS-20 is so wonderful. Your aesthetics and imagery plus the wonderful soundtrack fit so well it evokes heavy emotions in most of those who watch this…

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