Landscape Photography – Composition & Light [VLOG]

September 30, 2019

OOOOOH, spoooky. Good morning everyone. Where we’re going today is actually up to my local mountain, it’s what I like to call my therapy place. I walk there every day if I don’t walk there start feel bad it’s kind of my drug. Well I told you we’re at the top, still dark. No idea what the clock is, no idea how much time I have, probably a lot especially seeing as it isn’t a single break in the cloud. So as I said I’m at the top of this little mountain now and I’m starting to look for compositions here. The real challenge here is really that we are above, everything else in the landscape. So looking out over everything we’re on top of it nothing is higher than we are. And in the foreground here, the issue that we’re having here is that, well it just stops. So we we have this fall it just falls straight down here. And the issue with that is that the foreground is going to stop very abruptly, so I need something to put it into context that we’re on the top of a mountain And we’re looking out over this landscape it’s beautiful but it’s gonna look a little bit smaller so I need something really strong here in the foreground to really emphasize to the viewer that we’re standing on a nice view point and we’re looking out over this nice landscape and The way I think I’m gonna do that is by moving a little bit further back taking in more of the foreground and putting some nice trees In the image as well I think that’s going to give it a little bit more context and really emphasize the beauty that is this scene Time to get things rolling Tripod off with ye, off with ye! Easy now! camera So what lens is on then, wrong one. Careful now! Take the wide angle snap it on there and push it on That is what I call I don’t know smooth, but it really wasn’t that smooth. But I got the camera let’s find a composition over here Here we have a composition nice little swirl in foreground but it leads more into trees rather than the landscape itself that it’s more towards the East that is more than northernly kind of composition Yeah I think it could be nice but I’m not really sure that is what I’m looking for we really not have to look further Here we could have a good composition here, we have the trees and we really have the Background the landscape itself that I’m looking for so this really is a good option as a composition But I’m gonna look around a little more to see if I can find something that is even better Yep I decided upon me composition it’s the one that I showed you last I think that is the one that Really shows the scene here It might not be the best but it shows it in in a good way Careful now,. there we go But we’re not gonna get We’re don’t got to get anything during sunrise, it’s very thick cloud coverage It’s gonna it’s not even gonna be that moody because the clouds aren’t that low But as I said One needs a little bit of a fix now and again what’s your fix mine is going up on this mountain day in day out every day But I haven’t really photographed it properly so that’s what we’re gonna start doing Mix the fix with the productive Create true happiness Well the light isn’t really going to get any better than this today, so You know I think I found a pretty good composition here but I need better light so what I’m gonna do about that is come back tomorrow And whoa, we’re back second day And the light is looking much better today I need to set up the composition again I’m gonna try to experiment a little bit see if I can enhance it from yesterday and yeah let’s get going Yes I did find an improved version of the composition it’s the same scene just a little bit improved I moved the camera forward a bit use a wider angle I was able to separate the trees a little bit better and get a little bit better flow into the landscape so a little bit of not a leading line exactly but a better flow so almost leading line but it’s not a leading line and the sky is looking alright right now I have some color in the sky and The only thing left to do is to shoot it until Until the light is at its best I’m not sure it’s gonna be when the Sun rises above the horizon then we’re gonna get some more sunlight out over the landscape or if it’s now when the sunlight is hitting the clouds and we’re getting this softer reflective lights I usually like the softer reflective light that happens when the Sun is below the horizon but we’ll see A lot better than yesterday at least Yes this is the moment the moment that we’ve be looking for the sun just starting to rise above the horizon now and it’s gonna cast some lovely light out on landscape least here in the foreground That’s great And My time today is coming to an end don’t really have too much time to spend here so can’t wait for the Sun to get any higher and what’s the point in it anyway the higher it gets the worse it looks But I got a really nice photo here and well it just shows how important good light is even if you have a solid composition a good scene it won’t really matter unless the light is right as well Yeah I’m happy I’ma pack everything up hike back down and I’m actually looking forward to it because that means that I’m gonna get my body moving again and get up some body heat it’s actually surprisingly cold today not like it was yesterday Yeah Anyway thank y’all so much for watching and I hope to see you all soon again Remember to subscribe I have a awesome longer film coming out of my autumn trip to the Swedish national park Called Tiveden so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for that one that one is miles better than this type of vlog Anyway as I said thank you all for watching and I’ll see y’all soon again good bye You

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