Landscape Photography – Experiment with Composition
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Landscape Photography – Experiment with Composition

October 24, 2019

So, I’ve just finished that shot. What I said recently was that I promised to
talk a little bit more about composition. I think this is a good time because I’ve
captured the first shot and I’m happy with the way the cliffs and a bit of that water
is leading you into the image. Like I said, that water is is quite clear
and you can see down to the bottom. I think that is really good and I’m happy
with that image. But what I’m going to do, and that is the
beauty of digital photography is, I’m going to do a wider shot I’m at about 24 mm at
the moment. I’m going to go out to 18mm to 20mm, maybe,
just to get that wider shot to let me get some more of the sky in the image. Just more clouds and more movement in the
shot. The beauty is you can take one shot in one
composition, zoom out, move closer. Adjust your composition a little bit to capture
the image that you want to get. You might come away with two or three really
nice images of the same scene or you might just get that one perfect one that you’re
looking for at the start of the day. Try different things. Try it out. There is never a perfect composition, maybe
there is, who knows? But, to find that perfect composition, you’ve
got to experiment a little bit, so, sometimes, and try out different things. Don’t be afraid try different things and experiment.

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  1. Great tip Adam . That's the beauty of digital you can try these different compositions and see what works best . What I find is you don't always see what your looking at when you take a photograph then when you upload your images into Lightroom you see that if I'd just moved slightly to to the left or maybe included a certain rock or tree in the image it would have looked better.
    Anyway another great video looking forward to seeing more in the new year have a great Xmas Adam.

  2. Great tip, Adam, and your two images proved it. The wider angle was a lovely image but, to me, the tighter one was something special! Have a lovely Christmas and look forward to your videos in 2017.

  3. Brilliant tutorial. Do you feel that while using the tripod…one tends to limits his options regarding composition and framing, because one tends to keep it extended enough in order to NOT contort and bend much…?

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