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Language Rights Support Program (LRSP)

September 14, 2019

Language Rights Support Program PADL-LRSP Welcome to the Language Rights Support
Program, the LRSP. As Canadians, you have constitutional
language rights relative to both official languages which are English and French. We’re here to give you information and
promote these rights. To access these rights, you must first know what they are. Constitutional language rights include: Educational rights, in other words,
having access to education in the language of the English-speaking or
French-speaking minority. For example, if you live in a province
where the majority speaks French then you have the right to receive an
education in English, under certain conditions. Also, there are legislative rights. For example, a member Parliament has the right to use
English or French during debates. Thirdly, there are judicial rights. For example, your trial can be held in
English or French before any criminal court in
Canada. Finally, there are rights to services and communications from the
government, which means, that you can receive services and communications from institutions of Parliament or the
Government of Canada in the official language of your choice,
under certain conditions. And there you have it! An overview of your
constitutional language rights. But what can the LRSP do for you
specifically? The LRSP offers useful information about
constitutional language rights and promotes them across Canada. If you think your rights have not been
respected, the LRSP can offer funding to
individuals or non-profit organizations to help
promote respect of these rights in two ways. The first way is to receive funding from the LRSP for alternative dispute resolution methods or ADR, as we call it, like mediation and negotiation to help resolve the conflict without
having to go to court. The second way is to receive funding
from the LRSP for legal remedies to go before a court. If the first way failed despite efforts in good faith, then you can apply for funding from the
LRSP for legal remedies such as a trial. Contact us for any questions you may have about constitutional language rights We’re here to offer you support. Language Rights Support Program

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