Law 101: How a Lawsuit Works
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Law 101: How a Lawsuit Works

November 20, 2019

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  1. Episode idea: the latest episode of the good doctor.

    Is Dr Shaun worthy able to sue his boss for wrongful dismissal under the ADA act?

  2. 3:40 Objection! Video games are software. So the phrase "video game manufacturers" only makes sense if you are talking about the companies that manufacture the hardware that runs video games, which you are not. The correct term is "video game designers."

  3. Since you're covering Lawsuits, I'd be curious to hear your opinion on Sandman v. WaPo and – now – Sandmann v. CNN. I'd be interested to see what your legal opinion would be on how much responsibility a newspaper and news agency has in these defamation cases, and if Sandmann's age at the time of the event play into his lawyers' case against the media. (and presumably, eventually, Mr. Phillips and possibly the initial instigators of the event, "The Black Hebrew Israelites" as they called themselves)

  4. Funny thing. I used to follow groklaw ( i think they stopped to post some years ago). Most of the lawsuits that go to court seem to be corporation vs corporation, mainly because they got a lot of money to burn in the process (an in a sense a war of attrition between them), the settlement money is huge and the out of court consequences are really important. Injunctions, royalties, etc.

    I work with software and 2 cases always stroke my mind, SCO vs IBM, because it lasted 13 years (by the end SCO was a mere corpse) and Google vs Oracle, because Oracle was about to f*** the software industry in a single case.

  5. Objection: Could you explain why our system of law allows any evidence to be excluded before trial, in particular, a trial before a jury? It seems disingenuous to have a legal system in which most laymen sitting on a jury are assuming that all evidence presented is all the evidence that exists when that is factually not the case. How can any just decision be made without ALL the facts?

  6. Objection! I love your channel and well I no longer want to be a lawyer(not because of you), I am still interested in learning more about the law.

  7. I absolutely love your channel. My dream job was video game developer but along side that I wanted to go into law. Life lead me to having opportunities in games but I do think about what might have happened had I pursued a legal career, and your videos make me consider it even more. Wonderful presentation and excellent information!

    Stay amazing.

  8. Dear leagelEagle, Dear sir can or will you explain what is going on with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. I know you may not be able to address an ongoing case that is so loaded with powerful and dangerous men who will attack anyone who they see as a threat to themselves.

    how do they get away with so much "risk exposure?" (if that's a good way to ask my question) for their ethical actions to defend Epstein?
    the seemed to have "Gamed the System"?

    Alexander Acosta Now a Trump appointee who was reject for ….Acosta's name was being circulated as a possible successor to Trump Administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Epstein case became a focus of Congressional concern…[1]
    a much worse actor*********Alexander Acosta*********
    In 2007-2008 served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida.
    note, Most tragically ironic here is the civil rights bits

    Source : Wikipedia [1]
    Jeffrey Epstein non-prosecution agreement
    In 2007-2008, while serving as the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida, Acosta approved a controversial non-prosecution agreement [29] (Jeffrey Epstein case).

    [2] Source:
    Judge: Prosecutors broke law in deal with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein
    Ruling says team led by now-U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta violated the victims' rights by not informing them of the plea agreement.

    Moralist Ken Starr Explains His Help For Billionaire Pervert Jeffrey Epstein

    Aside from the convicted Jeffrey Epstein, there is …
    Famed educator and legal scholar Ken Starr led a forum last week at the National Press Club to inspire faith-based instruction — and then was asked to describe why he had helped billionaire Jeffrey Epstein avoid Ken Starr Baylor Universityserious prison time in 2008 on allegations Epstein had molested dozens of underage girls.

    The president and chancellor of Baylor University, responding to a question after the close of a forum he led Feb. 4 on “The Calling of Faith-based Universities,” told me he was “very happy” to help serve a client of his former law firm, Chicago-based Kirkland & Ellis. Starr, a former federal judge and U.S. solicitor general, is shown at left.

    Thus, as so often the case in public life in the nation’s capital, a stark contrast arose between high-minded rhetoric and subservience to the wealthy.

    Today’s column summarizes the perverted practices of the globe-trotting Epstein, 62, shown in a photo at right. We next examine Epstein’s powerful friends, allies, and lawyers on a legal dream team that included Alan Dershowitz, Roy Black, Jay Lefkowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, and Martin Weinberg.

  9. Hey LegalEagle I thought I'd ask have you heard about this game developer called Digital Homicide, it's old news at this point but they tried to sue 100 Steam users I've heard all about this but it would be cool to hear if this right or wrong (probably wrong) this is from an actual Lawyer.

    Keep up the great work dude love the videos

  10. I absolutely love your channel and I am delighted to have found it! I often write crime fiction, or stories that take place in court, so this is a really good reference. I would be very interested to see a episode on how criminal lawsuits actually work, but I will watch pretty much anything you upload because it’s all so interesting!

  11. Sooo……
    Like Insurance claim lawsuits? Where one tries to sue the ins co of the other guy?
    Back when we still had phone books there would be about 30 pages for only attorneys!

  12. If someone files a defamation suit against you and the facts are incorrect, once this is found out are you allowed to turn around and file defamation right back, since they basically tried to make out that you're a terrible person by lying about you?

  13. I think what most people are worried about is what the lawsuit itself might cost them, both in time and money, even if they win. Or not having any idea what the riks and numbers are before actually hiring a lawyer.

    For example, if you know you are in the right and there is a good chance that the law is on your side, how likely will you still be paying just for getting justice?

  14. I want to know if I should listen to the advice of my family
    Short story I fell when I was younger got a concussion and skull fracture, in the hospital they only checked my head not the rest of my body I spent 10 years in pain until a doctor finally found a giant fracture in my spine 7 other doctors didn’t see (was so annoying because I said I was in pain and they all said scoliosis didn’t cause pain they just said I don’t know what’s wrong with you do some pt)
    Do you think I should sue someone for that (my family wants me to sue the original hospital)

  15. When I was in 6th grade, one of my classmates intentionally tripped me (he kicked my feet out from under me while I was walking). I have a condition where my bones break easily–and it was no secret at the school–so when I fell, I broke my knees. We ended up going to court and the Judge ruled that the kid who tripped me had to serve time in Juvenile Detention, write a letter of apology, write a 5 page essay on my disease, AND his family had to compensate my family for the medical expenses related to my injury. We were only going after misdemeanor assault, but the Judge saw no remorse from my assailant, and there were a few other factors that led the judge to upgrade the charge to felony assault.

    I think something that helped my case was the witnesses who testified on my behalf were just people from my class. They weren't friends of mine. A couple of them I barely knew. The witness the defense provided was his girlfriend and their stories were so similar they had to have been scripted and rehearsed.

    Also, I thought it was interesting that my attorney wanted me to play up my injury a little bit when I walked into the room. Maybe give the judge a specific image to hold in his mind of the kind of pain and disability I was caused.

  16. It's sad that in order to be considered a lawyer or any kind of authority figure , you have to wear a suit, or a uniform, which are uncomfortable AF! Would you agree that people like you should be allowed to wear whatever they wanted?

  17. 0:12 Love your channel and I'm sure lawsuits are vital to your profession, but "vital to our society" is a long stretch. The vast majority of people will never be part of a lawsuit and never have been in the history of civilization so just come right down off your high horse.

  18. Tfue is one of the most popular internet personalities, and it just came to light today that he is suing his org, "FaZe". I would love to see a break down from a legal professional.

  19. Im a new Legal Eagle. And I would like your advise on a serious Legal matter regarding my Legal options.
    I don’t wanna ask it in this open forum. Is there another way to reach out to you ie Email or other private forum

  20. Im a new Legal Eagle. And I would like your advise on a serious Legal matter regarding my Legal options.
    I don’t wanna ask it in this open forum. Is there another way to reach out to you ie Email or other private forum

  21. Love this muthaf*ker. I've known and had some superb attorneys work for me and I can tell you, Mr.Stone digs his art.

  22. You said that most civil cases have a monetary compensation attached to it…. But how does it work if the plaintiff doesn't ask for money?

    Say the plaintiff's complaint is defamation suffered at the hands of a group that have constantly been spreading rumours without evidence about the plantiff, and the plaintiff has turned to court to legally enforce the group to produce evidence or admit the falsehood of their stories?

    Since the compensation is a public revelation, could that be granted through a motion for summary judgement? Or would such burden of proof have to go through trial to air the truth publicly?

  23. You have said in the past that depositions can last 8 hours. What happens if someone giving a deposition wants to leave and no longer wants to speak. (As in a normal witness, not a defendant or prosecutor.)

  24. I know this is a serious thing but I have a joke “what do Lawyers wear to court…………… A Law suit” lol

  25. What is your thoughts on the famous OJ simpson trial? where the one lawyer, told him not to take his arthritis medication so his hands would swell, so the gloves that he supposedly used to kill his wife with. was that illegal? unethical? how do you personally feel about it outside of a strictly legal point of view, or you have to give your client the best possible representation point of view. To me, this is the equivalent of perjury. Falsifying facts.

  26. Fun fact I learned during writing an essay (in Medieval History) a Semester ago: What is now considered criminal lawsuits were handled exactly the same way as civil lawsuits are still. The fact that society was hurt was only considered during the process, but there still had to be a complaint by a private person. So if noone in the know wanted to charge Adalbert for murder, he'd get away with noone else the wiser. This is highly generalizing, there obviously were changes over time and discrepancies in different regions. What I stated above was merely the average MO in the middle to late Middle Ages in central Europe. Fascinating stuff still.

  27. Objection!

    You say a criminal lawsuit is where "you have committed a crime". Surely you are completely innocent until, at the end of the trial, a jury or judge finds you guilty.

    Or does my legal knowledge (watching episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey) deceive me?

  28. Hey LegalEagle.
    As a lawyer myself, and follower of your channel, could you make a video about the diferences beetwen USA law and german/roman Law??
    I'm a Portuguese lawyer by the way, so it's very fun, and instructional, to see you talk about the procedual matters.
    Thanks in advance, and keep the good work, so that everybody doesn't think lawyers are bad persons.

  29. Objection: torts are typically used in order to seek monetary compensation, but could also be sought for preventing further action (typically, not always associated with monetary compensation), or in stride to seek a civil justice. An example of the final reasoning might be suing a company on behalf of a Lake or Natural Environment, although rare.

  30. Not an objection but i've been part of 5 civil lawsuits where there was no "Plaintiff." This role was always labeled as "Complainant." Might be a state thing though.

  31. I had a question. sueing my employer for never giving me my final check. my attorney told me to make no contact with former employer. my employer ended up harassing me at my new job. showed up to my work yelling trying to get into my office. What's going to end up happening now?

  32. Great video once again. Future video ideas……some of the widely known cases either on going or just adjudicated..

  33. Three questions

    1. What happens if either side no shows?

    2. Why are judges immune from a lawsuit?

    3. How would you define a frivolous lawsuit ?

  34. A contractor came in my room and broke my door and beat me up but not serious injuries just a black and purple on my face. the funny part is he's the son of the landowner. I'm renting a room for. So I tried to replace the door but the owner doesn't like the door. She said lol. So I'm trying to sue both and idk if I'll win. Like , her son stole my phone and this all happened when I was trying to pay the rent but I cant because I gotta buy a new phone in order to get jobs. Her son pretty much destroyed my life big time. Now I gotta start all over.

  35. Objection to the opening. “People think lawsuits are complex, but in fact it’s important” does not help. Lol

  36. Confusion about how the law works in the US? None mate. You buy it. Buy a legislator. Easy. Justice? Nice mollifying BS. It's 100% how much of it you can afford. Get real.

  37. just subscribed, can't find a contact button / link.. so gotta be here.. review your expertise on "To Kill a Mockingbird" / "Darrow" or " Inherit the wind" / or "Twelve Angry Men (fonda)"

  38. Im wondering,

    How do we determine if a government is legitimate and not illegal

    And was the Confederate States of America’s declaration of independance illegal?

  39. Do a video on television judge shows and how they differ from the real process!

    I went on the show once and I can't imagine that's anything close to how real small claims works.

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