Lawrence: “Melania Trump Has Done Nothing For Our Children” | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Lawrence: “Melania Trump Has Done Nothing For Our Children” | The Last Word | MSNBC

August 25, 2019

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  2. This POS needs to be sitting in PRISON.
    I have hatred towards 45.
    Chain migration runs rampant in Melania's family. Parents & her sister benefited from her marrying 45. I have no respect for this person either.
    I do care about the child. He's the innocent throughout all of his parents misgivings.

  3. My Russian stepdads accent isn't even that strong it's like she only speaks Russian even in America I miss the white house being pure Americans (right before trump) who honored and respected the privilege of running our country

  4. She’s done nothing; but here’s what she is going to do after being an illegitimate First Lady. She’ll write a tell-all book after she dumps Trump (or after he dies of brain rot) and make millions off low income people who will continue to pay to be poor.

  5. Melania is too busy avoiding all AMERICANS will she helps her husband rob all hard working Amercians. She will find a way to rob the real first ladies of the past, just like she did with Michelle Obama's speeches. She is just like Trump steal from others and try to take credit for the good work others did.

  6. Wonder how many of those kids were shipped to epstein pedo island and his legal child abuse team. And all their pedo buddies

  7. It took over 2 years for delusional donny to doctor melania's immigration statue…"the art of the deal"…not to mention her "anchor baby" barron

  8. Trump has a thing about east European model trophy wives….but they just can't match the power and allure of his real love Vladimir

  9. Lisa Kelly you and all Trump’s racist followers are the one who is delusional, because I used to be on the Trump train and I supportered Trump in 2016.

  10. Lisa Kelly I had toget off the Trump train because that man hates People who are not of the cocacion race, and I’m so against racism because we all bleed the same blood and we are all of human race. Trump has to go

  11. go., because his racist comments has caused innocent people lives to lost, and I will not support a man who promotes racism in this country.


  13. I saw on TV that they DID unite a few kids with their parents. So, are you wrong? Oh! This is an old video. Jesus!

  14. I'm no dummy I guess every generation has its demons and he is definitely one of them he has a lot of power, it's going to take someone who knows how to look something like that thing in the eye and see it and call it for what it is and don't be afraid to do it

  15. Who gives a s*** how the president's wife guide you why is this guy making a news report a big thing about the president's wife what is that bulshit news

  16. No Michelle Obama because the only thing Jackie Kennedy had going for her that was her fashion for the sixties.Just like Melania is trying to coppie her in the fashion world 🌎

  17. Join the always Trump movement the unstoppable TRUMP train we are all about love and kindness and stamping out Fake News and HATRED the voter's choice in 2020 fore more fantastic years of non-stop WINNING Keep America Great. What a wonderful President we have God bless our President and his beautiful wife and family

  18. i loved how liberals scream about children being ripped from there parents,this policy has being going on for decades.its great parenting that these parents have done done bringing there kids across the border.if you were an american citizen you would have been charged with child abuse.these tv people and congress people go to the border with all the media screamimg they have no clothes they have no diapers,yet not one of them took a box of pampers not 1 box of food not 1 piece ofclothing to help these so called VICTIMS ,WHO THERE PARENTS PUT IN JEOPARDY,but according to the media these people are victims.WHAT ABOUT ALL THE KIDS HERE WHO HAVE NO HOMES ,WHO HAVE NO FOOD,WHO ARE BEING SHOT IN CITIES RUN BY DEMOCRATS,THAT HAVE EXTREME GUN LAWS ,WHAT ABOUT THEM, WHY ARE FOREIGN ILLEGALS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THESE AMERICAN CITIZENS

  19. How can she stop kid bullying when her POS husband bullies on line daily. Melanie did come illegally she came on tourist vies and worked.

  20. Lawrence, like Trump pushed the Birther Issue, push the 1st ladies illegal immigration status. #Illegal Immigrant _1st Lady.

  21. Melania probably met trump at one of Epstein's parties for millionaires and billionaires🤑. After all she was a "model"💃🤔.

  22. Hypocrites, the "Stable Genius" D.D.T (Dictator Demagogue tRump)…CyberBullyinging means NOTHING when your HUSBAND does what he does AND YOU STAND BY HIM WHILE HE IS DOING IT.
    IS MELANIA TRUMP LEGAL? HYPOCRISY continues…MICHELLE OBAMA needs to run for President!

  23. I don't recall the press ever once suggesting that Melania was illegal. I do, however know for absolutely certain that Trump's grandfather came to the USA illegally. No one mentions it much because no one but Trump and the Nazis are obsessed with this sort of thing. We all know what it's about. Melania and the Trumps are white. Simple. Easy.

  24. #TITTYBOYtrump marries average breasts FOR TRUMP SALES,
    #TRUMPbuysBIGSTORMYBOOBS because he's a needy weirdo needy boy.

  25. #MELANIAdopeyTRUMPselfish "WHO CARES" on her jacket amidst america's suffering. hun mail order model bride + her dad'$$$$$

  26. What she did as first lady ? What ? all we heard from her inglesh ( be best ) all these years she couldn't improve her inglesh this family is a joke

  27. But Melania's parents came in as what Trump calls "chain immigrants"…which Trump made
    Illegal a few days later. But thank God her parents got in!

  28. I don’t know anything about Mrs.Rosevelt and what she did as First Lady.i Just know about Jackie Kennedy and the First Lady after her and Michelle Obama did more for the community then any other First Lady.

  29. Lawrence is that all you could find for your segment. Melania has done nothing.??? Listen little girl don’t miss the afternoon tea! And what did Michael do? She and her husband destroyed the FBI, headed Spygate, sold our uranium to the Iranians, gave them our money to continue to be their ally, and on and on. That is what Barak and Michael did and more. Besides why do you want her to any more? For the Fake News to criticize her? Get a life Lawrence!

  30. Lawrence this man is dangerous. And as you said he is the bigest bully and she dont even know the truth. Because she is sleeping with the. Demon because she manipulated buy the demon and the nation are bullyed buy this demon

  31. The only this relevant statement this mannequin has made in the last 3 years was her jacket saying "I really don't care".
    It's 100% accurate

  32. Melania can’t even speak English properly. I mean her children’s charity “be best”? What does that even mean? Be your best I think she means

  33. At the very least she could use her "skills" to keep her distracted more often. Instead, she's hiding at her parents' house in Maryland. We need to tell her to do her "job", or "send her back"

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