Laws Broken: Home Alone
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Laws Broken: Home Alone

December 13, 2019

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  1. 👮‍♂️Should Kevin go to jail?
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    FYI, I got "Kids Die Hard" from my friend Patrick Willems. Check out his video on why Home Alone is Great:

  2. Also, what do you think of the theory that Kevin's dad left him there on purpose? He ordered far more pizza than is reasonable if you're leaving for another country the next day, and he reassures the mom when she feels like she forgot something. Did he order the extra pizza to feed Kevin so he could leave him behind? If so, what are the legal ramifications?

  3. How does he keep his shirts so nice and tidy? I feel like my shirts would be all folded and weird even if I ironed them wayyyy too many times.

  4. Verdict: your case on the parents….dismissed….the parents didn't knowingly leave Kevin behind and kept making attempts to reach Kevin when he was discovered missing….on Kevin….dismissed because his life was in danger….leave it to a lawyer to try to ruin a funny movie

  5. What about Old Man Marley? Would he get off safely of battery charges when he attacks the Wet Bandits due to his attack being in defense of Kevin?

  6. What about the fact that as soon as she was able mom called the local police and they were completely negligent in going to check on him and see if we was ok

  7. You'd think they would have called and found someone to keep an eye on Kevin until they could make it back, we know there is at least one sad-sack left in the neighborhood. I guess we wouldn't have much of a movie then though.

  8. 7:22 Wait, you don't mean the "kind old man" would be on the hook for attempted second degree murder do you?  It was unclear if you were talking about him or Harry.  I assume what the old man did was legally justified.

  9. Harry impersonating a police officer doesn’t make that much of a difference for his character, seeing as he’s already a criminal.

  10. "Everybody knows". He's 8. I think you have to convince a jury that an 8 year old who is, as you admit, incapable of packing his suitcase by himself, is aware that calling the police is a reasonable option. In fact, if the Wet Bandits had reasonably thought it was possible or likely that Kevin would have found another house, like any other burglar would.

    From the moment they announced (implying a threat, I'd say) that they knew he was in there and that he was home _all alone_, this went from a burglary to a home invasion. No way you'd convince a jury he didn't have every right and reason to believe his life was in danger. As you said, Illinois has a castle law, and since they've already threatened him, the little psycho is perfectly warranted to use lethal force against his attackers.

    When he cut the rope, he was attempting to flee and his attackers were attempting to go after him with clear violence in mind. If the threat to his person and property were enough to use lethal force prior to fleeing his home, the fact that the Wet Bandits tried to attack him in the home only made his reason to fear for his life greater: It was clear that he was the personal target, not the property.

    The little psycho is going to walk, and not just because it's Christmas.

  11. I'd be interested in your take on the Australian film "The Castle". Not being an expert on Australian law or court procedure, I'm curious how you think the case depicted in that film would have gone down if it had happened in the US.

  12. objection your honor. I would argue that Kevin only resorted to deadly force because of his family's negligence of forgetting him. that's why I think any reasonble judge and/or jury would agree that Kevin's (a minor) crimes would reflect on the case of his parents' negligence.

  13. This is the first time I've ever commented on a YouTube video. I just needed to thank you for the (subtle?) Sarah McLachlan homage.

  14. Ther parents immediately called the police. Could the parents sue the police for abandoning the child? A child home alone would typically know not to answer the door. Also, the police gave up on Kevin too quickly and never followed up.

  15. There is a little game i have seen on Steam [and is likely elsewhere too] Called The Castle Doctrine, you set up your homes defenses, that you have to be able to get by. then go out to try n raid other ppls homes etc xp

  16. Could you do a video about Jury Nullification? The videos I've seen of it are from people that like it, it would be nice to see one from a lawyer that I'm certain would not like it.

  17. Good luck finding a judge who will convict an 8 year old who protected himself from home invaders and abandoned by his family over Christmas

  18. Objection: Given that he believed his family no longer existed and that Harry was introduced to Kevin as a police officer, Kevin could reasonably believe that he had no other source to defend his home.

  19. Objection! It’s hardly safely leaving your home if it’s to a tree fort on your property that the home invaders are following you to. Clearly their more focused on retribution than theft at this point.

  20. why did I make a moat filled with
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    because the
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    kept wandering away

  21. OBJECTION: As Marv had previously dressed as a police officer, and Kevin had seen him in that outfit, Kevin had reason to believe that calling the police would just be alerting Marv that he was on to them and wouldn't actually help.

  22. 5:25 HA and everyone keeps saying conspiracy theories aren't real. Well THERE YOU GO SHEEPLE!!! CONSPIRACIES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No reason they wouldn't also happen in all the governments in the world!~ Secret Societies rule the world!!

  23. When I watch this movie with friends this holiday, I'm going to annoy them with all of these facts. Thanks, LegalEagle. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

  24. Objection: you forgot when they were on the plane, the flight crew was trying to call the people at the airport about Kevin being missing when the parents found out kevin was missing

  25. I am so glad I live in Alabama after hearing some of the laws in IL. You see here in AL, we believe in the following: The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither the judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim. Case where an young kid thought a 60 year old ladies house would be a good target, he did not know she had a baseball bat, he broke in, she swung, Home Run! There was an actual case where the judge asked why a man shot another 15 times, response was he did not have a 16th bullet.

  26. most of Keven's so called crimes would be protected under castle doctrine i really though have to address something he said most of Keven's traps weren't deadly just humiliating i saw a video earlier this week a group of medical experts examined some of Keven's traps specifically the heated doorknob the paint can to the face and crowbar to the chest first the doorknob trap was debunked its impossible to get a doorknob that hot in the time in the movie second the paint can would defiantly inflict heavy damage likely paralysis or death third crowbar to the chest can break a few ribs and collapse a lung so yea Keven's traps can defiantly kill

  27. i really want you to cover Home Alone 2 and 3 especially 2 though i feel like since he basically got off scott free hear he definitely would not get off that easy in New York credit card theft fraud threatening hotel staff destroying someone else's house sexual assault the list goes on and on

  28. any one else wondering how many laws got broken in each of the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies starting from the first in 1990

  29. I want to see how Kevin would fare after committing credit card fraud, trespassing, breaking and entering, attempted murder, and more in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

  30. Objection: Council is acting like an expert on psychology without entering into evidence credentials for such testimony. Psychosis and Psychopathy are not the same thing.

    Psychosis is a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. This is often to be a symptom of several disorders, which include, but are not limited to psychological catatonia, schizophrenia, etc.

    Psychopathy is lack of ability to feel affective empathy, though this is not a formal definition by the DSM, either DSM V or VI. Instead, Antisocial Personality Disorder is the formal usage, though some professional do try to separate sociopathy from psychopathy. This is a diagnosis, not a symptom.

    I enter that the council, therefore, as getting the facts of this wrong and having no evidence of basis in psychology cannot enter any claim about Kevin's state of mind, mental health or ability.

  31. the part where you argue that the castle law doesn't apply in the scene where he cuts down that rope and Harry and Marv drop: wouldn't the castle law still apply bc even though he isn't in the HOUSE, he's still on his own property? It would be different if he left his property completely and went into another person's yard, for e.g.

  32. You forgot the willful destruction of property by the Wet Bandits!

    (720 ILCS 5/21-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 21-1)
    Sec. 21-1. Criminal damage to property.
    (a) A person commits criminal damage to property when he or she:
    (1) knowingly damages any property of another;

  33. Judge: Given the circumstances, it would be incredibly inappropriate charge young Mr. MacAllister with any crime.
    Prosecutor: Also, his copy of Angels with Filthy Souls was bootleg.
    Judge: 30 years!

  34. You should do another Better Call Saul episode! Especially the trail when Jimmys brother sues Jimmy in season 3! The episode is S3E7 I think!!

  35. 5:01, Man, do I (not a lawyer) have to lawyer a lawyer that dressing as a cop is NOT illegal, so long as you make no claims to be a cop or make the effort to correct anyone who addresses you as a cop? Obviously, it's not advised to dress as a cop, but if it were in fact illegal to dress as one, then how can actors play a cop on a closed set where everyone knows they aren't a cop?
    The illegal part comes from impersonation, as in assuming authority that has not been earned/granted. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  36. Why even destroy the victim's homes, wouldn't that add up unnecessary charges and potentially prison time if they're found guilty?

  37. Objection: given the circumstances that he was not knowingly left unsupervised, which you brought up, and the multiple attempts to get beighbors and the police directly involved in caring for kevin and providing supervision, but ultimately all failed, since all neighbors were miraculously away and the police failed to contact kevin, since kevin was too scared to answer the door due to harry's impersonation of an officer, AND the extensive meassures taken by his mother to return home as soon as possible, i would argue that the system failed more than the parents. Why did the police not try again at another time? The abandonment charges should be dropped!

  38. Hey legaleagle, you should really do an analysis of the court room episodes in the Arrowverse, such as the arrow episodes.
    State Vs Queen
    Docket no. 11-19-41-73
    Or the flash episode: trial of the flash.

  39. OBJECTION! Could it be argued that the treehouse is an extension of his house, considering the two structures were connected by a zipline, and the zipline was his only method of traversing between the two?

    OBJECTION! If you insist that Kevin tried to kill Harry and Marv outside of his house, he was doing it to protect himself. If he had succeeded, wouldn't that be, at most, voluntary manslaughter—not murder?

    OBJECTION! Would Harry and Marv really only receive 5-10 years for robbing DOZENS of houses? Shouldn't it be 5-10 years PER HOUSE? You didn't include destruction of property in their list of charges, either.

    OBJECTION! Will you do Home Alone 2, keeping in mind that the McCallisters are on probation and the others are repeat offenders?

  40. A first time for everything. Here I go xD

    Objection: Cutting the rope was self defence. He had been driven into a corner, was grabbed by them before and of course the young child would fear for his life and escape to the treehouse and cut the rope to stall these two gentlemen to where he had his last safe place. And a safe place members of the court, is that not a home too? And although Kevin was not in the main house of the property, the tree house is still on the property of said child's parents, making it a part of their home. His home. A home he wanted to defend.

  41. the response time of the police is long enough for the robbers to burn kevin with a blowtorch and kill him, or do whatever other bodily harm they want. had kevin placed no traps, he'd be fully at the mercy of two malicious actors. the response time of a trap is one second at most. we simply cannot function as a society if we have to rely on police for everything.

  42. Question: What about the (mis)conduct of the police force? They went to his house once, rang the doorbell and left. For all they knew he could have been unconscious within the house. Were they not legally obligated to force entry to check on a minor who would be alone for days?

  43. objection! since kevin is a eight year old all alone in the middle of winter couldnt it be argued that he could not retreat since he had no where to go and no survival skills. also for at least a thrird of the movie the wet bandits are just hanging out around his home

    also since after the first few traps the theives start to threaten kevin. would that make his more lethal traps self defense?

  44. Objection. I don't think Kevin had the intent to kill. He is 8 years old I think you could argue that he lacked the mens rea.

  45. Am i the only one on this channel who thinks "Duty to Retreat" laws are really dumb, example, i live in California which does not have "Stand Your Ground" laws, but does allow to conceal and carry a firearm with a permit, so if i'm walking down the street and someone jumps out with a knife and demands my money or else, i am not allowed to draw my gun in my own defense cause as the law states "if you can safely avoid the risk of harm or death by fleeing a threatening situation, then deadly force is no longer justified" so even though i have a gun, and would probably draw it and tell the thief to GTFO, and would only shoot if he tried to rush me, i would still be guilty since i "could have just given him the money or tried to run away" why does it feel like so many laws are there to protect the criminals more than the law abiding citizens?

  46. Objection: the defense could argue that Kevin, being eight, did not fully grasp the severity of the injuries his traps could cause.

  47. Though Kevin wouldn't go to jail he would likely get years of psychological support as well as, I hope, a serious investigation from the social services.

  48. Objection, I blame the false and loose accounting of the elder daughter Heather. She didn't do a proper assigned visual inspection / headcount and mistook a nosy neighbor boy as one of the family while all other relatives were face forwrard for her count, then told the parent(s)Eleven, including me. Five boys, six girls, four parents, two drivers, and a partridge in a pear tree.” "" The parents were given what would be wrong info. The parents sport some blame, in their rush, to not get a second accounting but that daughter also.

  49. Fun fact I read on reddit like two days ago – Kevin's brother's girlfriend whose picture he "whoof"s is actually a boy in a wig. The director or producer or something didn't want to actually make fun of a little girl.

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