Le Revo-Rama teste la composition musicale avec NOISE et les BLOCKS de ROLI.
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Le Revo-Rama teste la composition musicale avec NOISE et les BLOCKS de ROLI.

August 24, 2019

This Revo-Rama is presented to you by Rêves Connectés Companies, Enchant your connected experiences And Souvenirs Connectés Let’s write and share your story and your memories Hello and welcome to this new episode of Revo-Rama dedicated to our family test of the ROLI BLOCK which is a strange object enabling you to create music… differently So, what are ROLI BLOCKS? WELLLLL THAT! It’s a block (the name kind of gives it away) When you press it it makes music. It’s a pressure-responsive surface which enables you to create music by pressing and sliding your finger, and which works with an iPhone application. What are you holding Aliénor? I have the ROLI LIVE BLOCK to record, to control the volume to do LOTS OF THINGS! You can have several pressure-responsive surfaces with optional modules which we’ll show you NOW! NOW! NOW! The ROLI BLOCKS have finally arrived! I’ve been waiting impatiently for them. I’ve always been interested in composing music on the computer Rebirth, Reason, and even Cubase a little bit. When I saw the videos on their website they looked really cool it looked really easy to compose electronic music. We ordered them through the Apple Store because in France they’re only available in the Apple Store, either on line, or in physical boutiques. Which is usually also a token of quality. And so they’ve arrived! They all have the same boxes. It’s funny, they look like iPhone boxes. They’re squares or rectangles (for the accessories) Here’s the first one, the “Lightpad Block” So it’s a square and you press it to make music. It doesn’t make the sound itself the telephone does. That’s right, the block connects to your iPhone in Bluetooth. I don’t think there’s an Android application yet. Then, when you press on the “Lightning Block” the sound comes out through your iPhone. Not always very loudly. That’s how it works on principle. Then on the sides you can see that there are magnetic plugs enabling you to plug in as many Lightning blocks as you want or additional control blocks which we’ll show you. That’s a really good idea. It means you can have as much playable surface that you want. There are two buttons. A mode button, and a power button. I have to admit that I get mixed up like… all the time. The mode button is the big one that lights up Power is the one that doesn’t light up. As I’m forever getting mixed up I feel there should be a little symbol to help out. This is the “Loop Block” (I can’t understand the symbols on it at all) These are the symbols that enable you to create loops For example there is recording the metronome All of these controls are also on the application and you can make music with the mobile app. The blocks are supposed to give you more freedom on the one hand and on the other hand, to give you more possibilities depending on whether you use more or less pressure, whether you use your hand, or your fingers… It’s supposed to give you more possibilities than a standard screen (I don’t agree). And it’s prettier with the lights. Let’s talk about the sensations Especially as it’s more to avoid sliding your finger on the telephone than anything else. That’s the second additional block more for the LIVE. So for example (what’s the live?) to play live! (in French) You can choose a scale play harmonies play arpeggios change loop you can do all that on the fly, to play your own piece. “Music Is the universal human language. It’s a language that everyone understands, but very few people can speak. Let’s change that.” I love their philosophy. It’s like programming (we’ll talk about that in another Revo-Rama) Music is not easily accessible everyone should be able to make music. We don’t all have to be Mozart We can simply play for ourselves or share on the Internet or, if you’re lucky, become “a star”. But everyone should be able to make music. I haven’t had any lessons ūüėČ DJ @leopoldine_ !

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