Legalese: Victoria Nourse on ‘Constitutional Crisis’
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Legalese: Victoria Nourse on ‘Constitutional Crisis’

August 28, 2019

Vic Nourse: People are talking alot about
constitutional crisis these days and basically we are in a constitutional crisis when the
departments or the branches don’t agree and they’re in a standoff. So the legislature is saying, “You can’t fire
the special counsel Mueller for reasons 1, 2, 3.” And then, The President says “I’m firing the
special counsel Mueller for reason 4.” When congress says “Don’t do this” and you
do it anyway and you say, “I can do it under my power.” That’s a crisis and it’s likely to happen
if there is a firing of the special counsel. We should care if we’re in a constitutional
crisis because this country is built on a cultural attachment to our constitution and
to the rule of law. And so if people think the president is violating
the law or the congress is violating the law it creates a lot of instability. It can create instability in the markets. Who is in charge of our country, is it congress,
is it the president? Probably the most importance however is abroad
because if no one knows who is in charge of the biggest super power in the world, the
rest of the world is going to start worrying about us.

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