LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty review! 21042
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LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty review! 21042

December 10, 2019

hello everyone this is the Lego
architecture Statue of Liberty set and I have a couple of thoughts about this
right off the bat first of all in spite of the fact that
it seems most of its almost 1700 pieces our little one by one than one by twos
and plates at that and tiles and little cheese slopes it’s still a pretty
substantial build comparing this to the collectable minifigures series minifig
version of Lady Liberty yeah thing has some some real presence in a room it
really commands attention and in addition to that from any kind of
reasonable distance it’s a pretty respectable representation of the real
thing you know just the overall shaping and also the proportions
especially the vertical proportions horizontal maybe off a little bit
depending upon how you choose to to look at it and to judge it the build was
interesting as well and if you’re not included want to be clear about that
you spend a lot of time a lot of time on the pedestal which is only kind of the
upper part of the pedestal the real thing has several more layers beneath
this but I think they included plenty of it but yeah so much time goes into this
because there’s so much bulk there and they use some interesting building
techniques for instance to get the larger rounded shapes here they are
using inverted round tiles so you’re actually looking at the undersides of
plates here with the inverted round tiles attached and you can see just
little vestiges of the undersides of the plates that are used there they use one
stud wide plates throughout that to give the texture that they want there’s a lot
of offsetting with jumpers in and out and around corners as you go through
this there is also quite a lot of repetition especially with small things
especially using and the one by ones and plates and such stuff like this is not
fun to build fortunately as long as you have a hard flat surface to
build upon you can very quickly and easily push all of those parts kind of
into alignment by just pushing them against the surface different techniques
are used for each layer and I feel like they are effective I think they work out
pretty well looks like you could put some nano figs around the balcony here
and that would look pretty good and then we move on to the actual statue itself
now this set introduces so many recolors yep I haven’t checked the numbers but I
feel like this set has more first-time recolors of parts in a single set than
any before it there are so many little pieces that are included here in San
Greene that I’ve never seen in San Greene before including even these these
handcuff pieces representing the broken shackles and chain
down at the base those are not even the regular ABS that’s a softer material
there you’ll see a lot I believe it’s somewhere on on the order of 80 there’s
just a little bit less than 80 of the 1×2 curved pieces that are angled you
know with that 45 degree angle they use so many of those all around this to
create the the weaving of different folds of the fabric all around and
they’re also used for some of the shaping for down around the base of the
ropes for where the feet are and such there’s a little bit of dynamism to the
pose you know they’ve done some some hinging to angle sum of the parts so
that is good so much interweaving it’s very
impressive the the end result here I mean this is the type of stuff that you
I don’t think you’ve ever seen done in Lego from the company itself officially
and you couldn’t have done it with this color previously because they’ve just
introduced that color for so many of these parts and I like how the arm was
done as well that’s another part that is angled up so it has just a nice pose and
at the very top that’s actually a minifig hairpiece colored in pearl gold
to represent the the flame of the torch there one thing
that I do not like about this entire model is the face or the lack thereof
the neck feels a little bit long to me I think proportionately it may actually
be correct but the face being just that single flat five sided originally Nexo
Knights shield power or peace just doesn’t work for me there is just so
much work done throughout to this entire sculpture real sculpting work and to
just finish it off with a single flat surface feels like it doesn’t do justice
to the rest of the model I feel like from a distance you should see kind of a
t-shape in there from the brow and the nose it’s very prominent on the real
Statue of Liberty and that’s just completely missing here and obviously I
haven’t tried to do anything but I feel like it would have been possible at this
scale as large as it is the crown is done fantastically well I couldn’t ask
for anything better than that even has the correct number of spikes and the
correct positions and look at this as you go around different sides of this
this is not a model that has just a single camera-friendly side
this is camera-friendly all around it is finished to the same level of detail and
same level of completion from every angle
without exception so a very thorough job done to make this a completed display
model that you can just set up wherever you want it doesn’t need to be against a
wall doesn’t need to be against a backdrop it is a full sculpture and
ready to be displayed anywhere most of the build that you see involves
studs on the side construction because the very core of this when you first
build the center of the statue and the pedestal is fairly fairly traditional
and how it’s built with pieces on top of pieces but then once you get to the
statue you first build this bristling core of studs on the side bricks I mean
look at the it’s just a column and those those studs
on side are all the way around and see if I can get you to another page that
shows this yeah from the opposite sides so those are just studs everywhere and
even there’s an indent you’re on on the back on this this side here on the right
rear side is an indent and just more studs on the side there and you just
spend the remainder of this this instruction book just adding and adding
and editing on to the sides except for the arm and the leg even those have tons
of pieces that are added on to the sides but you just add on and that the pieces
layer and they start to interweave as you put some of these angled sub
assemblies together they they they come together at different levels a plate or
two apart from each other and they really interweave together in in a great
way I feel and it’s it’s not at all frustrating to put this together it did
have a number of repeated steps for the pedestal and that wasn’t fun but it
didn’t get frustrating to me because you make pretty good pretty fast progress
there and things really slow down when you get up to the important stuff the
most important stuff which is you know all of the sand green here so I feel
like the building experience is appropriate and the level of quality is
of the finished product is appropriate for the amount of work that goes into
assembling it ultimately with this being purely a static display model featuring
a single subject there isn’t but so much I can really say about it you know it’s
all about the build and how it appears pretty happy with both with the notable
exception of the face like I said looking forward to hearing what you
think about that though and what you think about the value or what you get
relative to the price feel free to leave a comment down below if you’d like to
and I’m pretty much done with this one so I’ll be talking to you again soon
thank you very much for watching and I’ll catch you later you

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