Legutko, Tajani, and Sośnierz argue about censorship in the European Parliament
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Legutko, Tajani, and Sośnierz argue about censorship in the European Parliament

January 26, 2020

As you can see here this chamber is hopelessly predictable. The title of your speech was the future of Europe but apparently no one is interested in the future of Europe here. They are indulging in their favourite pastime, which is Poland bashing. I suggest that you start putting order in your own house. Yesterday, yesterday, we were prevented from having an exhibition on Joseph Pilsudski one of the founders of Polish independence. There is a censorship, that is not the first time, there is a well established practice of cencorship in this parliament, and you seem to be quite serene about it. You do not really care! Because this censorship serves the interest of the majority. People are being punished here, fortunately recently the court reversed the decision of the European Parliament, but that continues. So, I suggest before you really start finger pointing Poland, please make this house more open and more receptive place for all points of view to be debated and considered here. That is my request, I know that has no chance whatsoever but I just had to say it. Mr Legutko, since you mentioned my name for the Korwin-Mikke question, could I remind you that I applied a sanction to the member of parliament not because the member was Polish, as you know I never, ever granted a favour to one group as opposed to another to one member as opposed to another I have always treated the members of this house on an equal footing in an identical fashion. Those who voted for me, and those who did not. You mentioned an attack on the Poles, I sanctioned Korwin-Mikke, and whatever the court decides I consider unacceptable that a member of parliament in this house says that a woman is an inferior being simply because she was born as a woman. I would never accept that. I would not accept the ruling, I respect it but I would not accept it, and I would not accept that somebody says that someone is inferior because they are jewish, christian, or another colour, or they are Polish. All human beings are equal! I know that you are a christian, and I’m saying this as a christian, a practicing Catholic, I do not wish to polemicise today against Poland and the Poles. I respect all Polish citizens, and here I did not sanction Korwin-Mikke because he was a Pole, he could have been Italian, French, German or Luxembourger, I would have applied the same measures. Now you refer to this attitude, vis-a-vis the Poles, this is not at all true. I never adopted a negative attitude vis-a-vis Poles. That should be quite clear. I just wanted to say something about this, I am a deputy of Mr. Korwin-Mikke, and you talked about him breaking the law, you should resign, because his rights were violated, he was accused unfairly and somebody should answer for that. Heads need to roll and you should resign. You have broken the law and you shouldn’t be in your post. A member has a mandate and can say whatever they like and express their views. You are maliciously twisting his words, you are not entitled to do that because as chair and president of this house you’re supposed to be neutral. I have always been neutral, dear colleague. If you want heads to roll, fine, but I don’t like to do that. I don’t want any head to roll. Now, I stick to what I decided to do. As a human being women are on an equal footing as everybody else. Our colleague Korwin-Mikke said things that simply cannot be accepted. Let’s proceed with the debate. On behalf of the ALDE group, Mr. Verhofstadt.

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  1. Korwin-Mikke did nothing wrong (and the ECJ agrees). Tajani's continued mischaracterisation of Korwin-Mikke suggests that he either lacks a proper understanding of what was said in the chamber or he is completely disingenuous. His comments, behaviour and temperament raise serious questions about his suitability to be president.

  2. “Of course women must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent, they must earn less, that’s all” — Janusz Korwin-Mikke

  3. Pan Legutko to najlepszy polski polityk jakiego dotychczas widziałem. Płynnie mówi po angielsku, dobrze reprezentuje kraj i jest inteligentną osobą, co sie dziwić jak poza polityką jest profesorem nauk humanistycznych i filozofem

  4. Szatański parlament eu jedną z mistyczek dawno mówiła że Unia Europejska runie jeszcze z większym hukiem niż komunizm….

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