Lensbaby Part 3 composition
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Lensbaby Part 3 composition

October 12, 2019

As you can see, I’ve got a beer, glass of wine for Jayne, Cheers, Welcome. Packet of crisps, we’re just gonna see if we can make a picture here, so, see what we can do but this will work brilliantly when you get in close with some flowers or some plants, or something like that so i’m just gonna see what we can do here now, it’s a shame that the suns gone in because i really wanted to try and get some light coming from over there from behind the liquid, it always makes liquid look really really good. Excuse me, shouldn’t have done that. Put the crisps in the background like that, move the ash tray out the way of it now what will work quite well is the shallow depth of field, so i’ve still got my F-four aperture in there, pop that back in see what we can do just to line up a bit of a shot. Now that actually looks quite boring, because i’ll just take it quickly, and i’ve got the wrong exposure because i was showing the man in the pub how the camera works so manually set my exposure as i’m doing this by hand, earlier i said it’s best to use your tripod and it probably is but I don’t
want to get wet so i’m just kinda rushing it, let me just take a shot even that doesn’t look too bad was gonna bring it up a bit because I
i’m just gonna brighten it up a bit because i have noticed with my lensbaby that sometimes the shots look a little dark according to what the light meter says, that’s better, but it is a bit boring. because I’m just looking at tarmac, i’d rather see something a bit more attractive. if we had the light coming this way that would have worked but let’s have a look and see what it looks like with a bit og=f the pub going on in the background. I’m also doing it quickly because i want to drink the beer, and a very nice beer it is too. that’s much more interesting now i’ve got the arch way of the door going on up there and the beer here and i’m just getting down in low, that’s much more of a puby look, gonna geta a bit lower still. because is a fifteen a lens it’s not
terribly wide. i like that. So let’s do our lensbaby thing, what i want is a bit of the drinks down here in the bottom right of the picture and the kind of arch that i don’t know what you call it, the porch, over the door up on the left there. So, i’m gonna look at my shot and i’m gonna do it on that way up, portrait way up but i want to put it on a little bit of an angle a little bit of a sideways tilt, so i’m gonna have the drinks in the bottom right corner and that is where i want my viewer to look. So, if my lensbaby composer is straight like that if heit’s gonna go to the bottom right of the picture which is sorta down here the obviously i need tot push that down and to the right a little like that, do you see what i mean, so i’ve just angles it down a bit and to the right thats just at my starting point so looking trhough the viewfinder set up my shot, now im just fiddling with the focus ring here on the front to get
my front to back focus but you do have to
tweak them both let’s have a look that’s not quite right
that’s better oh yes that’s good the Beers nice and
sharp the back of the pub, i like that. I like the window boxes little bit closer just recheck that
focus perfect now check my exposure I’m doing this through the viewfinder, you can’t take away it away from your eye and just look in the back becaus enow my camera’s pointing down there and my exposuyres happenig up there. So that’s what you’ve gotta do. through the Finder and we go focus on
that beer my exposure looks to be right it says 320th of a second, looking in the back, that’s not bad i’m just gonna brighten it up a little bit, so to brighten up my shot all i have to do is slow down my shutter speed so i’m just gonna brighten it up by two thirds of a stop, i’ve gone froma 320th to a 200th of a second just reshoot that picture, let’s get that nice and focused. There it is. There you go, and straight away you can see what a strong impact that is having on the beer. Now you can of course do this with flowers, you could do it with almost anything I’ve used it photographing interiors of hotels, food you name it lens babies I think are a
brilliantly creative little tool and their not that expensive going online and have a look and post your pictures onto our facebook page there’s a link at the bottom here would love to see what you come up with
as always enjoy I’m gonna have a beer.

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  1. I just came across your channel. Loving it. I've spent an hour so far, watching some of your videos. I love the way you explain things. I am so glad I came across your series on Lensbaby. I have the Composer and haven't used it in a long time because I was getting a bit frustrated when I first got it so it had been sitting in my camera bag for months. But after seeing these videos, I am excited to give it another go. Thanks Mike! Thank you also for all the wonderful videos. 🙂

  2. Probably the best instructional videos for using the lensbaby on the net. Well done sir. I have the lensbaby composer in a K mount. The green button on a Pentax system allows for semi auto exposures as the camera takes a light reading for you and adjusts the shutter speed to match your required exposure setting. Isn't there a way to do something similar in Canikons?

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments. To be honest I don't know if you can do something similar with a Canon because I've only used one a couple of times and never with a lensbaby. If anyone else knows please post a reply. Mike

  4. Cool – Would love it if you could share some of your Lensbaby pics on our Facebook page. There's a link at the top of our channel page.

  5. I stumbled over Lensbaby on your vid for the first time. Now I own one for some months and I must say, this is the lens I learned most with. All exposures have to be done manually, this slows down the pace your shooting, but makes you think so much more. Thanks for your easy to follow videos!

  6. That's a great lesson learned. I always think it's better to go slow and come home with three images you love than 100 that are mediocre. Thanks for posting

  7. If you're using a Lensbaby there's no choice because a LB has no electronics – manual only. If you mean in general it doesn't matter. Just use which ever mode you prefer to work in.

  8. This is a great accessory to get some really creative shots Mike. Thanks, for £85 at Jessops and possibly less elsewhere, it can give you the edge and produce brilliant shots. Again, thank you so much for these videos, I feel that I have learned a lot just by watching your videos, so many ideas swirling around in my head. 🙂

  9. Mike awesome ….thanks to let us know this information .soon will buy LB & share with u some pictures. Thanks buddy…I am big fan is you—

  10. 4:12 Nevermind about the beer. That upside down image of the pub in the glass of wine is brilliant!

  11. I've just been watching your videos to help decide whether to get a Lensbaby composer/ sweet 35 from a friend at discount price…. you've made it all look quite fun and a good excuse to get back into the more technical elements of photography that I've fallen out of in recent years.

    I think I'm going to go for it. Thanks! I'll be referring back to these videos once I have my hands on the thing.

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