Leon Panetta: A Drone Doesn’t Warrant A Direct Strike | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Leon Panetta: A Drone Doesn’t Warrant A Direct Strike | Morning Joe | MSNBC

August 25, 2019

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  2. As soon as you say "if " you have entered the world of make believe . If this,if that , you want to play the if game? Try this one , where would we be IF Clinton had won the election. ….. Trump must depend on the intelligence community, the same guys that have spent 30 months trying to bury him ,just how stupid are you ?

  3. Lindsay Graham stated that when Israel attacks Iran, we will back them up. The stars point to war around March 2020. Thank goodness for those "bone spurs" growing out of our kids heads from looking down at their phones so much. They won't have to go to war, just like spanky bone spurs. 8P

  4. this is sad , nobody is taking about that  the USA started this conflict by  canceling the deal with the Iranian and forcing sanction after sanction ( which was working) . Drump wanted to destroy everything Obama accomplished period

  5. He's arguing that this time we got it right. Iraq is not Iran. Personally I think economic restrictions for the monetary loss of a drone is a proportionate response.

  6. If Panetta was there he would want to send a few billion dollars to Iran to bribe them, just like Obama did. Whatever the case, Panetta works for the Meathead nowadays, and gets paid to attack Trump. So pretty much everything he says is disingenuous, in deference to his employers

  7. Its painfully clear that the president doesn't need an administration. He is capable on his own. Ask him he'll tell you.

  8. I just can't see this as anything other than a political stunt. Iran is not outwardly hostile toward us. Do I believe trump would start a war just to get re-elected? Absolutely. Any amount of human life is a price he's willing to pay to stay out of prison. And Bolton is an extremely dangerous individual. A war-hungry, blood-mad murderer and nothing more.

  9. The President questions intelligence because the United States has been suckered into other military campaigns as a result of faulty intelligence. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is one such blunder. Combine such blunders with the deep state being so entrenched in government, and any honest president would double check intelligence to ensure that fraud and manipulation is not being used to A: damage the presidency B: bait the USA into unnecessary military action C: knowingly damage the United States by acting with ulterior motive. This whole discussion, and Scarborough in general, are just hacks.

  10. This dude dosnt even hear himself ,lol.
    The first option is to deploy more force and the fourth option as the last one is the diplomacy??? What kind of government work did you do ? lol

  11. Leon Panetta is a Killing Machine, one of the worst People on Earth. He Loves a Good, Long, Deadly War.

  12. Republicans aren't elected to govern. They're elected to downsize the government so that it can't govern.

  13. Well as I’ve been saying, this is bigger then Donald Trump, he’s just following orders to a Foundation that was already in place – Trump is the fuse to the Last World War…

    Israel is playing a bigger part then anyone expects.
    They once funded Iraq during the Iraq Iran war – financed by our Military Budget.

    That’s how Cheney thought the weapons of mass destruction were still there
    – but they disappeared, and I wonder where – since Nothing can be Hidden

    As the New World Order is almost in Place, Donald Trumps reward will be to become the Ruler of his own Private Prison Camp

  14. A great time to invest in green energy, Iran messing around in the strait of Hormuz…again. Like they've done since the 70s


  16. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell stated and reaffirmed, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." National Journal, Oct. 23, 2010.


    Over the course of eight years, republicans in congress have gone to unprecedented lengths to undermine the respect and authority of President Obama. Other world leaders saw this as an opportunity to divide and conquer U.S. leadership.

  17. Hey stupid reporters, Trump thinks this is a game. it's all for and about him. Stop distracting and start the narrative that NO ONE IS GUARDING THE COUNTRY!!!

  18. Openly questions our Intelligence, is a no, no?

    No wonder we've lost thousands of American lives and millions of innocent civilians around the word!

  19. Leon Panetta..another ole Hillary pal that got wheeled out to take potshots at Trump on the network that has ratings lower than Garfield…

  20. Allies ?? For all we know Moscow called in to Trump to cancel the Strike. You have no friends as long as Trump is in the White House. The American Public might be choking on Trumps 10000 lies but the rest of the World is not. There ain't enough 02 going to your heads Y''all.

  21. Just think about every country on earth having a nuclear weapon. With each having there own interests. When a conflict arises who wins?

  22. An illegitimate election results in an illegitimate president. Impeachment shouldn’t even be necessary to get him out of the White House. Why is everyone tiptoeing around? He is clearly incompetent. Several psychologists have said that he is mentally ill. Why is he being allowed to destroy our country and our international relationships? Everyone he has hired and everything he has done should be declared null and void!

  23. That imbecile in the Whitehouse has been goading Iran for years. He pulls out of an international agreement and then demands that the rest of the world break off trade with them. The U.S. has NO right to start bullying anyone anywhere. You clowns haven't won a war on your own EVER . Stop the hypocrisy and deal with the worlds worst autocracy SAUDI ARABIA. THEY MURDERED AN AMERICAN JOURNALIST AND YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. You have screwed your allies around for too long. TRUMP talks about the lack of contributions being made to the U.N. Check your facts, you lot have paid less percapita than anyone else yet you expect your allies to help you out while you screw the rest of us up. Get your own rotten , selfish ,gun crazed society in order before you start shittin on others.

  24. The White House has a secretary of defence but was dismiss because he spook the truth, as Sean Hannity said you have a banana republic and manage by a clown

  25. we had a peace deal with IRAN///
    what did they get?
    what did we get?
    obama the worst President of my life time.

  26. It’s obvious why Trump said the Queen had “The best time ever” with him. She was so grateful to have avoided Alzheimer’s when she was his age. Americans are so forward thinking, most people place dementia patients in a cloistered community. In America they let you lead the country.

  27. Do we have proof whether the drone was in Iran airspace yet? My instincts say that it was. Iran is not stupid and they have said repeatedly that they do not want war.

  28. The deal in place was a complete farce. Iran would have had the bomb legally in 10 years. The state sponsor of terror gets the bomb, give me a break. Trump is right.

  29. On my opinion
    didnt strike.
    get serious people
    He called it off.
    Maybe ya just dont understand.
    Sent a huge single
    Sent to strike and called off.
    And Israel has one of the best airforce in the world.
    We wouldnt be alone.
    Fool somone else.

  30. Obama launch air strikes or military raids in at least 7 countries . Afghanistan, Iraq , Syria , Libya , Yemen , Somalia , and Pakistan . He is the only President to be at war for the full two terms of his Presidency . Yet this Democratic war munga Leon Panetta ,stands bold face and says , A strong steady hand , and a clear strategy , that's what America has not got with Trump ???? Only MSNBC would listen to this has been .

  31. Israel is going to get us in trouble. they need to settle down. the government i mean, not the people. they probably dont have any say so in their government ,just like us.

  32. Leon
    Regarding the Jinx on Car 54 Where Are You was that your doing or your "russian affairs" officer with same last names idea?
    I was looking at comedian Steven Wright HBO Special. Some might say it was Few Good Men training. Others might blame it on UFO probing. I'm looking at similarities in myself and it looks like your work. MKCIAsphereLeon Ultra Applicant Vetting. In a Columbo sort of way do you remember this applicant? Did you say he was not ready for the intel community on tv too. Bazingabusted. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to make Robert Mueller write a book and Classify Calvo. Snicker Snicker.
    Independance Day Movie and skunkwork OSD "we know how to bring those ####### down". National Security coverup is too weak to code red. Sorry.

  33. that drone cost 180 million of YOUR dollars. if trump is not going to defend our assets, then spend that money on healthcare. oh wait a minute-that money could be spent somehow on brown skinned americans. that would be against gop principles. trump is a paper tiger. iran has much more credibility in their statements. all trump does is lie-about everything. it is no wonders our former allies want nothing to do with him- a liar.

  34. Translation: someone called Trump and told him that if he doesn't want the senate to remove him, he better step back from war on Iran

  35. He will not understand because he is so so foolish to understand that, the Americans Should stop thinking that Trump will understand he's there for 2 to 3 years now still he doesn't so when do u think he will?

  36. The US says the drone was "here", Iran says the drone was "here"…….so lets see the satellite imagery of the strike point.
    And let's not be silly – if they can get satellite images of the commercial aircraft that Russia shot down over the Ukraine then there WILL be satellite images of this event.

  37. I think trump should send his family members – Bolten should send his family members and then if they want…start the war.

  38. Never mind about the environmental arguments, a very good reason for reducing as much as
    Possible dependence on oil is that we do not have so much conflicts in the Middle East over access to
    It. To rely on oil so much from the world’s most volatile, unstable and war prone region is very
    Dangerous indeed.
    For those advocating war without very good reason, would they still be keen on war if they, or
    Their children, were ordered to fight in it? Curiously enough, if that were the case they might not
    Be so enthusiastic about war after all.

  39. Trumputin rejects information he does not like. He pulled back because he never intended to actually do anything. He is a child who likes the sound of his own "important" voice. He announces an invasion and gets a thrill. He announces how he has changed his mind, and has another thrill. Immigration round up? Thrill 1. Immigration round-up delayed? Thrill 2.Trumputin is a baby who now needs his diaper changed.

  40. Trump chickening out on this attack probably saved the whole world from another huge war; something on the order of WWI

  41. He keeps saying "defend our forces"…. is he really unaware? Strengthen our forces over there so we can defend our forces. Why do we need forces? To defend our forces. What a trap.

  42. Tonkin, Tonkin, Tonkin…the USA attacked these tankers, through their local gangs they own, , the usa flew into Iranian air space…Iran is in good right to defend itself…your allies, mr. Trumb, have a deal with Iran, a deal Iran kept, and you mr. Trumb broke..

  43. Send a strong signal to Iran, like this: ARREST TRUMB, and his whole gang, restore the rule of law in the USA.

  44. Trumb needs a war, it raises oil prices for his handler mr Putin, and it would help him to grab power in the USA…, Iran does not need a war…follow the money..

  45. trump's gutting of the Washington staffers, especially in key positions was/ and is a tactic in Fascism. The Breitbart News Confederacy, formally headed by the far right Evangelist Steven Bannon has been able to cripple and marginalize our most gifted American leaders, trump was used by this rouge's Nazi infiltration and propaganda: little did Bannon know or understand trump's wretchedness, and all encompassing ego. Leon Panetta ultimately understands this. we are living in an abbertion of Historical vulgarity. trump- and his minions will not be treated kindly by history.

  46. It is worrisome that Pres. Trump is inexperienced in defending a shooting upon our country. His threat of "fire and fury" at N. Korea was an example of his off the cuff threats. Threats that he doe not understand the consequences of.

  47. John Bolton, a man who avoided the draft along with his boss – keen to send others to be killed . Disgusting

  48. All of these American officials are talking a bunch of foolishness; why don't you tell the truth about what this build up is all about? It has absolutely nothing to do with any nuclear treaty but everything to do with the support of the petro-dollar which was first threatened by Saddam Hussein, then Muammar Ghadaffi and now the Iranians. They all wanted to sell oil in a basket of currencies which is a direct threat to the US dollar that has nothing else backing it but oil.

  49. Trump waiting for Revolutionary Guard boats to harass our ships. Then shoot their motor so they have to paddle home

  50. Had it. Trump broke it. Now we need to bring force to get it back? Anyone else see how backwards this is?

  51. Iran showed radar traces of the drone flight path.  I was not only above their territorial waters, but also over their land.

  52. You know what I like best other than Google and utube silencing alternate news sources and opinions and controlling the information aiding in government propaganda brainwashing? Nothing…that's what I like the best…

  53. Leon Panetta is a leftover pile of "S"…US government is a pile of "S" all of them are a pile of "S".

  54. Pres. Trump evaluates the world, not by what is good for America, but by what is good for himself and his fellow grifters , both inside and outside the White House.No intelligence there at all.

  55. Certain types of businesses e.g. restaurants, hotels…have soft openings. But it is short lived and not meant to continue indefinitely! Whoever heard of the party elected into power have a soft opening? And describing it as a 'soft opening' is being extremely generous! This administration is soft in the head and it appears there's no plan to change that! Only way is to vote in 2020!

  56. Mr Panetta. No one should believe a thing you say! I only have 1 question for you, Why did my mother have to get a restraining order against you? It is time to bring this out. You are a monster too.

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